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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

demoWhether you're new to the site or a long time fan but can't find an old favorite, feel free to check out the Sitemap. This is a list of all the pages on this site to help navigate you through your trip into the fantasy.

Areas of the Revelation


Cafeterias: Due to the enormous size of an explorer class ship there are four main cafeterias on the Revelation. Three of them are spread out across the ship for convenience and serve the crew members. The fourth one is reserved only for officers. While the food here is diverse to cater to the large variety of races on the ship, the menus are set and the food cooked as a group, not for individuals. Effectively each is a large buffet allowing individuals to select what they want, but makes personal requests difficult and rare. Eating here is free of charge.


Mess Hall 1 is the closest to engineering and the science department. It is not uncommon to find engineers and various scientists here.



Mess Hall 2 is the closest to the bridge. While most members of Command Staff can dine at the Officer's Mess, many of the lesser bridge crews and those in the area will eat here. Commander Thomas Briggs, known as Nightmare to many, is known to eat here often. He has chosen to eat with the crew here, and usually attends at regular time periods making it easy for crew members to have a meal with the ship's commander.



Mess Hall 3 is the closest to the Flight Deck. This makes it convenient for pilots on duty and off duty, as most pilot quarters are near the Flight Deck as well.



Officer's Mess is open only to members of Command Staff, a few other heads of various departments, and through special invite. Usually inviting other crew members is an option reserved for the captain, but it is not his right exclusively.


Chocolate Cafe: Though this is a coffee shop it is perhaps better known for its excellent hot chocolate. In addition to hot drinks it serves pastries and a small selection of candy, specializing in chocolate delights. This shop is run by a female chocolate brown hare. Since this shop is an amenity and not part of basic ship function it charges for its services. Crew members can have fees deducted from their monthly pay.


The Pie Shop: A shop specializing in a variety of pies, but also can deal in cakes. Until recently it had been under the care of Pumpkin Pie, the female turkey who served on the Holiday Sweets. As one may guess from the previous owner's call sign, the shop's specialty was pumpkin pies. However, after their removal from the ship, it has been taken over by a male giant panda that specializes in cheesecake. Since this shop is an amenity and not part of basic ship function it charges for its services. Crew members can have fees deducted from their monthly pay.


Berry Delight: A health food shop that specializes in fruits and yogurts. It is best known for its fruit cups, which contain a variety of cut fruit in a cup and are easy to take on the go. The shop is run by a male cockatoo. Since this shop is an amenity and not part of basic ship function it charges for its services. Crew members can have fees deducted from their monthly pay.


Priority Two: This is a restaurant that specializes in serving couples. The atmosphere is more romantic and the quality of dinner tends to be of a better quality as it is prepared for the individual, not cooked in bulk. Though specializing in couples anyone can eat here, and they are capable of serving larger group as long as plans are made in advance for the purposes of seating. It is run by a female tortoise who likes to meet customers personally when possible. Since this shop is an amenity and not part of basic ship function it charges for its services. Crew members can have fees deducted from their monthly pay.


Work and Training Areas

Gymnasium: The ship is equipped with a full gym for exercise and training. It has equipment for weight lifting, aerobics, practicing gymnastics and acrobatics, sparring matches, and a track for the basics, but equipped with various other equipment to help train and keep in shape.


Swimming Pool: A pool built into the ship. This can be used for recreation, practice, or training.


Targeting Range: There are two areas to the targeting range. The first is a standard straight shooting range, with set targets. This helps individuals to practice their aim and train in new types of weapons. Then there is the obstacle course that allows individuals to practice against moving targets, using cover and the environment, and even practice against fellow crew members.

Some like to use live weapons in this area with safety limits keeping an energy weapon's power to low. While this setting will not damage the ship's structure the impact will still be felt and may even leave a welt. Some believe this only encourages the participants to try all the harder to avoid being hit and better helps to simulate real conditions. Usually such minor injuries can easily be healed in the medical labs. For those that prefer to keep their training light there is equipment that uses targeting lasers and equipment that registers hits.


Flight Simulators (Restricted): These are training pods designed exactly like a fighter cockpit. The images and sensor readings in the cockpit are all simulated and this is used to train fighter pilots. This can be an instructional tool, or a tool for an already experienced pilot to further improve. Current programs include a ring game that is used for practicing control, battles with various types of other space and atmospheric fighters, mission runs such as drop zones for missiles or troops, etc.

Several different environment types are programmed into the simulators such as air, space, nebulas, gas giants, underwater, and more. It is possible to program new environments and settings to further expand the already large variety of options. There are ten pods per training room, each with a gunner option, and each can operate like any Terran craft. Some, or all, of the pods can be linked together to practice with teams working together or against each other.

While this is as close to realism as one can get with a simulator, it is important to note that there are differences. For starters, the simulator cannot accurately reflect factors such as inertial forces or impact from enemy weapons. Also, no matter how good the computer program, it can never truly reflect the ingenuity of a live opponent. Such factors cause some pilots to not care much for the simulators.

Note: This area is usually only available to pilots. It is an important piece of training equipment and not a game for recreation. For pilots it can often be both in one.


Stellar Research (Restricted): A room designed to replicate the images of space. It's hard to judge the exact dimensions of the room from the inside due to it all being black. The ceiling, walls, and floor all display the star systems. It has chairs that are particularly comfortable. Though black to help blend in, the chairs are more visible to avoid people crashing into them. Closer observation can also make out the walls and the corners of the room.

The images in the lab are taken from ship sensors, programmed star maps, and outer cameras. This allows researchers to study the maps up close without actually needing to go outside the ship. It has the ability to zoom in on systems and planets, or to expand outward and view more of the Known Universe. Anything not currently within sensor range is preprogrammed and contains limited information. The areas within range can be fed directly into this room, though it takes a five minute delay to process current information.

Note: This area is only restricted when it is in use. Schedules for the lab's use can be easily obtained. However, few others actually know of this lab unless they are in the science department or know someone that is. Lt. Junior Grade Kahl Sims is part of the science department when not serving as a pilot, and he brought Lt. Junior Grade Meredith Wynters here as well to show her his favorite spot on the ship.


Recreation Areas

Observation Deck: This is an area of the ship with an excellent view into space. It can provide a stunning view and is open to all crew members. The room is quite large which allows people to gather. Sometimes official ceremonies will be held her for the amount of room it provides as well as the view. When not being used for official purposes it is not uncommon to find at least a few people gathered here for the view or for the company. It is a popular spot among couples.


Movie Theater: This is a square room filled with seats. At the center is a large video cube. The cube is designed to transmit videos with a three dimensional image as a result of the way it is displayed. Scheduled movies can be seen here for crew wishing to watch something in public and with others. Though this could easily be done within the privacy of someone's quarters, it allows a chance for individuals to watch things and potentially meet new people as well. Normal crew members may make requests for the viewed movie, but have no direct say over which movie is being played at any particular time.


Auditorium: A large room with a stage and seats for an audience designed to carry sounds with optimal efficiency. It serves as a variety of uses, most of which involve entertainment. This room makes a prime choice for performances due to its acoustical design. Schedules for using this room and topics/performances can be easily obtained.


Official meetings are one of the main reasons this room was included on the ship. Discussions, department announcements, and other formal meetings can be held here though it is used for this purpose typically less than once a month.



A music hall is a popular use for this room. It can be used to practice or for live performances in front of the crew.



A theater hall was a one time use before the Black Shell Incident. The room was used for play auditions and practices, but before the actual performance of the play the ship met dire times and some of the cast has been lost in the following battles. Since then the play has been put on indefinite hiatus, but the possibility for the use is still present.



A dance club is a new use for the room which has only started since they left Terra after the Black Shell Incident. When used in this way the seating area can be retracted into the floor through automated systems. While this is not a new feature to the room, this has allowed for it to be used more frequently. Type of music varies from night to night. Similarly, it can be used to help train people to dance.


Arcade: This is a room that is equipped with various arcade games. Since the arcade is an amenity and not part of basic ship function it charges for its services. Some games pay per use. Other games, those with long stories and hidden features which can be unlocked, require a monthly fee to keep an account active. The more space the account uses the higher the monthly fee. Crew members can have fees deducted from their monthly pay.


Final Enclave V is an epic role-playing game that became a classic from the moment it was released. This is part of a series of games actually, but definitely the most memorable. Players can select from a variety of characters with different strengths. The story, from beginning all the way to the end, varies and changes depending on which character is being used as well as the actions/options they select. More about this game can be found here.



Amalgam Showdown is a fighting game. This game has hundreds of character selections from various games, including some of the characters from Final Enclave V. In addition to a mix of other character the game does have original characters as well, some a force to be reckoned with and others more just a joke for fun. The story is based around a villain known as Mercury who can turn into liquid metal at will.

As a result of actions taken by Mercury the dimensional walls are breaking down causing characters from all around to come together, some who wish to stop him and others who wish to take his power for themselves. It is among one of the most popular fighting games. While as a stand alone fighting game it is only good, the selection of characters makes the game well loved among fans. Not only does it let players select many of their favorite characters, but it also lets many fans see match ups they've always dreamed about.

Each character has a unique fighting style and abilities. When in story mode the players can select between scene mode or fast mode. In scene mode some characters do demonstrations, talk, try to intimidate the opponent, and other interactions. However, this can take a while, especially with several rounds and stages before reaching the boss. Fast mode limits the game to strictly the fighting part of the game. If two players are involved the preference is selected by the winner, or if both are new the first player to start.

While each character has a unique fighting style, when controlled by the computer the characters are controlled by an Adaptive A.I. If, for example, the player uses a lot of flips, the computer will adapt and use a lot of counter-flips as well as using flips against the player, and usually better executed. Most players find it is best to continue switching up the type of attacks so the computer cannot adapt. The game is also programmed with various challenges as opposed to the story mode. All the challenges contain certain types of requirements in order to pass beyond simply beating an opponent.



Aerial Rave is a game based on fighter pilots. Unlike the flight simulators this is not an exact replica of a cockpit, but designed to be easily handled by a gamer. There is a chair and joystick with only a few buttons keeping it fairly simple. It has one hundred levels, starting fairly easily and ending with a difficulty that may even cause many pilots to struggle. The story isn't very detailed, but more just a light explanation transitioning from one mission to the next. There is nothing very special about this game.

Its most notable feature is an unknown enemy fighter which appears every now and again to give the player added difficulty. It suddenly appears behind the player with the only warning a red flashing light. No maneuvers can get behind it and it cannot be seen until after a short time the mystery fighter stops attacking and rockets passed off the screen. While it is possible, at higher levels, to defeat this enemy fighter in the instant it flies passed, but this requires timing, precision, and patience. The game comes included with versus mode and bonus missions which are not part of the actual storyline.



Rescinder Game is a game created on the Revelation. Lt. Galgrave took one of the old machines which didn't see much use and reprogrammed it, replaced parts, upgraded it, and ultimately turned it into an entirely new game. Though Lt. Galgrave was the mastermind behind the remodeling, he did have help from other members of the crew, even if some of them didn't realize what that help was for at the time.

This game has two modes: story and versus. Its story mode is mostly an RPG type set up, though it does have a playing style with elements from a fighting game to keep even combat system more entertaining and interactive. The story will not change much regardless of the character selected by the players, though it does allow up to four players simultaneously. A special note of this game is that the multiplayer option is such a major part of the design that it can be virtually impossible to beat in solo play. Teamwork can make many parts of the game considerably easier, and others still quite hard.

Versus mode also allows up to four players in a fighter type game. There are only four characters which can be selected at the game start, but if using an active account in the story mode there are characters the group meets which can be unlocked and used in the versus mode. Though up to four players can participate, it is possible for a single player to use this mode and face the computer. If only two or three players are using this mode they can opt to include computer opponents or to leave it just the live players.

On the game machine itself there are stats for the four main characters that include strength, speed, endurance, and health. The four main characters tend to be well balanced, though each has their specialties and weaknesses at least to some degree. Some of the unlocked characters are more balanced, or have extreme specialties and weaknesses allowing more customized selections. In addition is a list of some basic moves for each character. Advanced moves and combos, some of which can only be unlocked with an active account in the story mode, need to be figured out by the player.

A special note about this game is that the computer A.I. is actually programmed with data from players to help predict and adapt. This aspect is basically the same as an Adaptive A.I. However, an Adaptive A.I. mostly counters repetitive moves used often. The more the individual uses it the more the computer uses it. In this case, the A.I. has the ability to continue to learn, and come up with new, original moves as well. Unless the players continue to improve the game will become harder to beat.

This factor makes it a game best played by experienced gamers and not newcomers, though even new gamers may still have fun. While it does continue to learn it is not self aware and is not advanced enough to take actions outside the confines of the game. Another special note is the game actually blocks psionics from being used on it. Whether part of the original design or a result of the learning A.I. the game actually seems to retaliate against any player who tries!



Constellation Quest is a new addition to the arcade. It is an older game, but a classic. Though it does have a story mode the game found popularity when playing with or against others. Those who favor the multi-player mode more commonly refer to it as Con-quest. Not only are there are a wide variety of multiplayer settings but it also allows players to create their own maps and objectives to be used with others or to test personal skills. Even though it is outdated it is a favorite of many gamers new and old.

The game involves several different unit types, some Terran and some aliens, and allow for players to select strengths such as natural, technological, and magical. Each combination has their own strengths and weaknesses, with some being best for beginners and some definitely reserved for experienced users. It allows for many styles of play, though it is primarily a game that works best with strategies using various forces together to outmaneuver the enemy combinations.

While a home version was created it is the arcade version which was installed on the Revelation after the Black Shell Incident upon special request. It contains a domed sphere around a chair with controls. The visuals and information is displayed directly on the domes along with a small circular device that fits onto the temple of the player. This helps players to process information faster and from 360 degrees, as well as allows the use of limited voice commands.