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Living the Fantasy is a fan site with material inspired by and for use with Palladium Books Role-Playing Games, the Palladium Fantasy setting in particular.

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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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Reference Scrolls

May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

demoWhether you're new to the site or a long time fan but can't find an old favorite, feel free to check out the Sitemap. This is a list of all the pages on this site to help navigate you through your trip into the fantasy.


Living the Fantasy is a fan site dedicated to Role-Playing Games (RPG), in particular Palladium Books and the Palladium Fantasy setting. Even if you're not a fan of Palladium Fantasy, or Palladium Books in general, this site may still provide a useful resource for new information and ideas. I've tried to include basic material, short stories, artwork, and ideas which can apply to many systems and different types of writing. If you don't know what a RPG is or who Palladium Books are, then feel free to check out their website here.

Note: Previously known as World Book: Prysus and Prysus' Homepage. The name tends to change when I do a major overhaul to the site, but some of the same content is here and still run by me.


Recent Changes

September 1, 2019

Greetings and Salutations. I've done some work on remodifying the Magic Combat and three Hand to Hand styles that went with it. Now they're all one big page, included with mystical philosophies and Sorcery Proficiencies and Limitations. You can purchase the Sorcery Proficiencies with O.C.C. Related Skills are gain them as you level up your hand to hand. This setup should allow a greater deal of customization more in line with the feel of Ninjas & Superspies. If this design is well received, I'll see if I feel up to doing more for the Men of Arms classes with a similar format.

In other updates, if you didn't know, Palladium has officially released my Exel based Palladium Fantasy® Interactive Character Sheet. I've been doing more work on a similar and compatable version to be used as a NPC Sheet that can provide quick generic NPC, or be customized for more detailed NPC. This will still take a while to finish, and there's no guarantee Palladium will want to use it. That's all for now. Farewell and safe journeys to all.


February 2, 2019

Greetings and Salutations. I finished my initial upgraded versions of the Character Sheet and NPC Sheet for Palladium Fantasy. I'm still waiting to hear back from Palladium, so I won't post more on that until I have final approval. In the meantime, I started working on some small projects to occupy my time. For now, that means adding the Relic Hunter O.C.C., a scholar type that specializes in digging up ancient artifacts and is mostly a conversion of the Legacy Scout (Rifts World Book 26: Dinosaur Swamp) to the Palladium Fantasy setting. I'm still tossing around a few ideas of what to do next, and in the meantime I'll try to do some small, light projects like the above. Farewell and safe journeys.


December 29, 2018

Greetings and Salutations. Still nothing I can post to the site at this time. I have finished troubleshooting on the upgraded PF Character Sheet. At this point, I'm still awaiting final approval from Palladium, but as this is holiday season and they're trying to release books that might take a little bit. Now that I have that finalized (barring last minute revisions), I decided to move onto my next project. So I've started work on the NPC Sheet and have made good some good progress. Using the upgraded Character Sheet as the template should make this much more versatile (than my older versions) when it's complete. Most of the work to include all the main book playable races (from Human to Wolfen, 15 races total) should be complete. The O.C.C. work will take a bit more time, primarily the skill selection. My intent is to include all the main book Men of Arms and Optional O.C.C., plus Warrior Monk (14+ O.C.C. options) and maybe one or more from other books (I'm thinking about the Optional O.C.C. from Nothern Hinterlands like Lumberjack and Blacksmith). Though keep in mind not all races will be able to select all O.C.C. due to racial restrictions. Due to the amount of work involved, I'm currently avoiding magic and psychic O.C.C., though options for characters with minor psionics (if the race has access to psionics) should be available.

Once complete, the goal is for the user to be able to change the skills for any of the O.C.C. and the sheet will auto-calculate the O.C.C. Related bonuses, know which skills can be selected by that O.C.C., and even add or deduct bonuses from Physical Skills. For the purposes of this sheet, all rolls are being considered average (e.g. 3.5 on a D6). I also have an idea in mind so the NPC will receive better crafted (Dwarven Craftsmanship) weapons and armor as they level up, as well as easy for you to change out their weapons and armor if you want something a little more customized. That's the most I can give you on an update for now. Farewell and safe journeys.



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