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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

demoWhether you're new to the site or a long time fan but can't find an old favorite, feel free to check out the Sitemap. This is a list of all the pages on this site to help navigate you through your trip into the fantasy.

Training Grounds

In my experience, something many fans miss from the original Palladium Role-Playing Game (a.k.a. Palladium Fantasy First Edition) are the hand to hand styles. The new system is great for simplicity, but simple isn't always better. For those who want a bit more variety and customization, I've created several new Hand to Hand styles compatable with Second Edition. While I could've attempted to simply bring the First Edition hand to hand styles into Second Edition, that would be going backwards. Instead, I want to move forward and introduce something new, different, and fits well into the Second Edition rules. Each of these new hand to hand styles come with notes. To help understand what those notes mean, I've included a small list below.

Availability: All hand to hand forms have been broken up into six different categories of availability: Open, Men at Arms, Archers, Psycics, Practitioners of Magic, and Restricted. Only these types of classes (detailed below) can select the hand to hand styles. Certain hand to hand styles list exceptions.

Requirements: Some hand to hand styles have requirements in order to learn. These can include attributes, specific alignments, or special abilities, and they must be known by the character before they can learn the hand to hand.

Restrictions: Certain hand to hand styles place additional restrictions on the O.C.C. in order to select.

Limitations: These are combat notes regarding the hand to hand style. Sometimes these forms also have weaknesses, and it's important to be aware of such limitations before discovering them in the middle of a heated battle.

Skill Cost: This is the number of O.C.C./P.C.C. Related Skills it costs to learn the hand to hand style. Special Note: Mercenaries have a natural aptitude for combat The Mercenary Warrior O.C.C. may select any hand to hand style available to them at the cost of Martial Arts plus one O.C.C. related skill, regardless of the cost for other characters.



Any type of O.C.C. can select these hand to hand styles as long as they have enough skills, and the O.C.C. doesn't have special limitations.

Dragon Sword: A lethal sword style favored by warriors, especially Palladins. Training includes increased P.P.E. and a special attack against the supernatural.


Men at Arms

Only classes specified as Men at Arms can select these hand to hand styles. Archers must pay an additional two O.C.C. Related Skills, plus the hand to hand style cost, to select one of these forms. Due to the time and dedication this training requires it is impractical for Psychics and Practitioners of Magic to select these forms, but possible. The same as other O.C.C. must sacrifice skills to train in developing psionics (see Step 3 of Character Creation, Palladium Fantasy; Second Edition on page 21), so too must Psychics and Practitioners of Magic pay a price for one of these restricted forms. A Psychic or Practitioner of Magic starting psionics or spells are reduced by half, and I.S.P. and P.P.E. are reduced by 10%. This represents the time and energy taken away from their other studies.

Elongated Blade (a.k.a. Raigangi Blayse): A fighting style that utilizes over-sized weapons and favored among melee combat specialists. See Rifter 52 for details. Get the issue here (or if you prefer PDF). Note: Designed for use with the Oversized Weapons rule.



Classes such as Long Bowman, or other class that focuses on bow and arrow as a main part of the O.C.C. While these classes are usually a part of Men at Arms they have been put into a separate category for determining hand to hand availability.

Performance Archery: Training in precision and special techniques with a bow and arrow, but lacking in defensive maneuvers and more designed for show than direct combat. See Rifter 45 for details. Get the issue here (or if you prefer PDF).

Bow Combat: A strong focus on combat with a bow and arrow, both at range and in melee, but to the near exclusion of all else. See Rifter 45 for details. Get the issue here (or if you prefer PDF).



Only characters with psychic abilities may select one of these specialized hand to hand styles. These forms also require specific psionic talents to be developed to to properly utilize. The psychic requirements restrict this primarily to master psychics, though major psychics have potential to learn these styles with proper psychic knowledge. Some of these techniques also require I.S.P. expenditure, which makes it costly for the limited I.S.P. pool of a major psychic. Note: There are three other Psychic hand to hand styles I have written that cannot be posted at this time due to their current submission status with Palladium.

Surgical Strike: In progress.


Practitioners of Magic

Characters must be a magic type O.C.C. with the styles having a strong focus on spell casting. This allows a Practitioner of Magic to better customize the type of caster they'll become. A well-rounded spell caster who can also fight, or a truly dedicated caster who masters magic but at the expense of physical combat. Note: These hand to hand styles are part of the Magic Combat rules that includes philosophies as well as Sorcery Proficiencies and Limitations. The hand to hand styles come at the end of the page, are designed to be used with the rest of the material.

Mystical Hand to Hand: Includes Spell Weaver, Spell Slinger, and Circle of the Arcane. Last Edited: 09/09/2019.



These styles are restricted to very specific O.C.C., such as Evasive Combat only being available to Monk Scholars. No other O.C.C. may select these forms.

Blind Stick Fighting: Restricted to Blind Warriors and Warrior Monks. Combat specialized for blind characters utilizing a staff. Also useful for Warrior Monks to increase their expertise with the staff.

Blind Fighting Freestyle: Restricted to Blind Warriors. The same concepts as Blind Stick Fighting, but a lot more freedom with weapon choices and attack options.

Chevalier (a.k.a. Knight Combat): Restricted to Knights. A fighting style that focuses on horsemanship, lances, and overall just making the most out of the knight's equipment.

Silver Fang: Restricted to Werebeasts. This training helps them hone their already natural abilities and make them even fiercer opponents than ever before.

Weapons: Restricted to Weapons Experts. Anything is a lethal weapon in these warriors hands as they can kill with anything from a quill pen to clothing, but requires a weapon to be useful as it lacks training in basic unarmed techniques. See Rifter 52 for details. Get the issue here (or if you prefer PDF).


Spirit Knight: Specialized fighting for Cyber-Knights. This creation was born under the criticism some fans have of the Cyber-Knight updates from the original Rifts main book to the incarnations seen in Coalition Wars; Siege of Tolkeen 4: Cyber-Knights and Rifts Ultimate Edition. So for those that have a problem with the newer versions (or just want a different take), I've created this hand to hand style to offer updates with more customization. Hope you like it. Note: With some minor modification, this hand to hand style can be used for Palladium Fantasy.