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September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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September 05, 2015

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Ritual: Curse of the Undying (Necromancy)

Range: 1 mile per level of experience.

Duration: 100 years per level of experience.

Saving Throw: Standard.

P.P.E.: ???, plus permanently sacrificing 2D6 Hit Points from the Necromancer.

A lock of hair and a drop (or more) of blood from the intended target are mixed into a concoction (along with a few other easily attainable items), and must be drunk by the Necromancer. This is followed by chanting over a dead body (must be of the same species of the intended target) to harness the power of spirits. At the end of the ceremony the Necromancer sets the corpse ablaze in a funeral pyre and then cuts himself (typically the hand), letting his blood flow into the flames. As the blood is engulfed in the inferno, the fire turns crimson red and then extinguishes in a brilliant flash of light and smoke.

If the intended target it within range of the ritual and fails his/her save, the character will feel a tinge of pain in the chest. Victims of this curse find their Hit Points depleting by 1D6 points per day. When every last Hit Point is depleted, the character dies. In most cases, this would be the end of the story. However, Necromancers are masters of the undead, making this not the end but the beginning. 24 hours after the character dies, his/her body will turn to dust and vanish.

At the site of the ritual, upon the spot where the funeral pyre was lit, the character will re-emerge, alive once again! The character will not remember dying nor know where they are (unless they've been there before), and confusion is natural. Unbeknownst to them at the time this begins their new life as a member of the Undying, trapped in the limbo between life and death.

The character retains their original mortal form, and at first nothing will seem amiss. However, the character will start to realize they require very little food, water, and sleep. The character need only eat one pound of raw, uncooked meat once a week to truly be sustained. Cooking the meat, even a little, removes any nourishing qualities the meat would otherwise provide. Though one pound is the minimum, the character will suffer from a growing hunger for more. An apple a day will help to alleviate the hunger, but only help keep it more bearable. Some prefer to eat a pound of raw meat every day, which removes the gnawing craving all together. Failure to eat a pound of raw, uncooked meat once a week will result in becoming weak and frail. After a week the character suffers 2D6 damage per day, cannot heal by any means, loses one attack per melee, -2 to P.S., and -1D6 to Speed.

A single hour a sleep a day will be enough sleep, though staying awake for a week straight with no penalties is also possible as long as the character eventually rests. The difference in habits will draw attention, causing some to eat extra meals out of habit or just to try and blend in. Over years, they will even start to realize they never age!

During stressful situations, such as being attacked or friends and/or family in danger, a Save vs. Insanity (12 or better) is required. Success results in nothing unusual happening, while a failed save results in the character turning into an Undead form. At first, the Undead form appears relatively normal except with pale skin. However, over time the flesh will begin to rot and decay akin to a zombie. In addition, every injury they ever take in this form will show for the rest of their Undying lives. Though a hole in the chest may eventually heal, the wound will never look the same and could result in burnt and festering flesh over that area, or even lacking skin and muscle showing only internal organs.

Once combat is over, or the stressful situation resolved and the character calms down, the Undying may make another Save vs. Insanity (12 or better) to return to mortal form. This can be repeated every hour until the character rolls a successful save. It is said that if an Undying cannot return to its mortal form within 24 hours of the transformation, their mortal form is lost forever and they must remain in Undead form for the rest of their unending life. Though this is a rumor and has never been confirmed.

Though disgusting, this Undead form is resilient and hard to kill. Physical attacks do no meaningful damage (a sword still cuts the body, but it doesn't inflict S.D.C. damage). The Undying feels no pain and all emotions are dulled. Though emotions are still present and the character is aware of them, they're so minor they cannot influence the character beyond an intellectual level ("This person is important to me, I should save them").

Despite being resistant to attacks, the Undying can still be hurt and have their S.D.C. reduced to 0. At this point, the character dies, again! This is because the character is dead, and as such has no Hit Points. This, along with their inability to feel pain, can often be their downfall. Pain is the body's natural way of saying "STOP!" When feeling pain a normal mortal feels a sense of danger and may protect weak spots or even flee. The Undying feel no pain or fear, resulting in serious injury feeling less threatening than a paper cut. They rarely realize how close they're to death until they're dead.

Even after the Undying is slain, once again, this is not the end. Within 24 hours, a fiery blaze will erupt at the site the character last died, and when it extinguishes the body of the Undying will lie there living once again. This method of rebirth has earned them the title of Fire Born.

Example: If the first time the character died (as a result of the ritual) was in Timiro, and the character (now as an Undying) dies in the Old Kingdom, the Undying will respawn in Timiro. The next time the character dies, he/she will return to life in the Old Kingdom.

Each time the Undying dies, the character must make another Save vs. Insanity (16 or higher). If successful nothing new happens, though a failure will result in the character suffering -1 to M.A. While this may not seem like much, this represents the slow decay of the character's humanity, slowly caring less and less about those around him/her and no longer being able to understand the living. Each time the character dies he/she risks further losing their grip on reality. By the time the character reaches an M.A. of 0, they are nothing more than the emotionless zombie that their Undead form appears. Only the strongest willed characters (high M.E.) can hold onto who they are, though it is said that eventually all will fall into darkness.

Of course, a character need not resist the transformation. Some Undying come to look upon their curse as an asset, or at least a necessary evil. If the character wants to transform, he/she doesn't need to roll to resist it. Characters can even willingly summon the inner undead monster forth at will! If the character desires the change, but doesn't feel the transformation coming on (or has already resisted it and now regretting that decision) he/she can focus to bring the Undead form to the front. This can be a great asset in battle. However, it comes at a price.

Though the Undying doesn't know it at first, each time the Undead form is summoned willingly, the character permanently suffers -1 to M.E. (no saving throw, this is the price paid). At first the character won't likely even realize their strength of will degrading, and by the time they do it is too late. Once the character's M.E. drops low enough their chances to resist transformations also declines. If the character's M.E. ever drops to 0, then the character reverts into the Undead form all the time and loses their mortal form forever! Not even death and rebirth can restore their mortal form, though many will try until they lose the rest of their humanity as well.

For an evil Necromancer this can be a great curse to inflict upon enemies, watching the hero suffer as they lose everything they know (even themselves) and, often, slipping into the darkness they once fought so hard against. Though it is said that some Necromancers have used this on willing minions and a rumor (though unconfirmed) of at least one using it on himself.

This cycle of life and death will not stop until one of two things happens. The first is to find the Necromancer who cast the spell, kill him, and eat his heart. If the Necromancer is already dead, this task is impossible. For others, the killing and eating another being's heart is just too gruesome. This leaves the second option, which is to wait for the curse to end. Depending on the skill of the Necromancer, that could be a very long wait indeed.


Abilities of the Undying (Undead form only)

Horror Factor: 12, plus 1 at levels three, six, nine, and twelve.

Limited Invulnerability: Normal swords, clubs, and other physical attacks do NO damage! Even chopping the character to pieces will only slow the character down as the Undying can pull themselves back together. The character is also immune to attacks (mundane, psychic, or magical) that affect emotion (such as empathy), illusion, sleep, curses, sickness, paralysis, poisons, disease, heat, cold, and other similar attacks. Turn Dead does not work as the character is still technically alive (and also dead at the same time). Negation and Remove Curse do not work. Rune weapons inflict half damage. See also Fire for special rules regarding resistance to this element.

Weaknesses: The Undying is vulnerable to magical energy (such as Energy Bolt, Fireball, Call Lightning, etc.), all of which do full damage. Weapons made of (or coated in) silver also inflict full damage. Holy weapons inflict double damage (in both forms)! See also Fire for special rules regarding weaknesses to this element.

Fire: The Undying and Fire have a special love/hate relationship. Each time they die they are reborn in a fiery blaze. Similarly, the Undying does not heal or recover spent energy from rest or standard medical treatment. Instead, the character can only heal (in either form) when engulfed in flames. The character must step into a fire large enough so that their entire body can be consumed by the flames. However, instead of suffering damage, the flames heal the character 2D6 points of damage per minute spent in the pyre (plus 1D6 additional is healed at levels three, six, nine, and twelve).

Sitting by a large fire and basking in its warmth and radiance (though does not need to be engulfed in the flames) is also the only way the Undying can recover P.P.E. or I.S.P. 20 P.P.E. and/or 12 I.S.P. are recovered by 30 minute period.

Though fire can be life for an Undying, it can also be death. When attacked by fire (or remaining in pyre after damage is restored to full) the fire starts to burn. Fire damage inflicts minimum damage (do not roll!), but it also cannot be healed by any means until the character dies. That means each time the character suffers fire damage, he/she is one step closer to death. Whether the character stays in a pyre too long, smacked with a lit torch, or hit with a flaming sword, this damage cannot be healed by fire, magic, time, or any other method short of dying (and being reborn once again). Fire is the only way the character can heal, yet it will not undo that which it itself has inflicted.

Special Abilities: Nightvision 100 feet (30.5 m), Supernatural P.S., and the ability to respawn. Nothing can truly stop the Undying from reforming, though it can be setup so the character is slain over and over and over again.

Insanity (Optional): Dying and coming back from the dead can be a traumatic experience, as too can be the slow loss of humanity. To further illustrate the warping of their reality and their loss of humanity, characters may want to roll on the special Necromancer Insanity Table (found under the Necromancer O.C.C.) after each death.