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September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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The Cooragi are one of the few archaic races that survived the war with the dreaded Old Ones. Originally, they were servants of the Old Ones and were designed to be warriors. Their hair was turned into quill-like weapons and retractable spikes were built into their arms. Also, their skin was made has tough as stone. Before the end of the war, the Cooragi turned against their dark masters. They believed at the time that if they continued to serve the Old Ones, victory was assured. In order to serve their warrior nature, they switched sides for a greater challenge in combat.

By the end of the war, there were very few Cooragi still alive. Without war, their lives seemed to loose meaning and they vanished from history. Until the last 100 years, they were believed to be extinct. An adventuring party found a large group living in, and around, one of the ancient temples located deep within the heart of the Old Kingdom. The Cooragi expressed a strong desire to be left alone. The group of adventurers who found them decided to respect their wishes.

Despite leaving the group in peace, they kept a journal of the race, but left out the details of their location. The details that were included were intentionally misleading to ward off any would be seekers. In the journal, the adventurers noted that the Cooragi had abandoned their warrior ways and found a life of pacifism. In fact, there belief in pacifism is so strong that they will not even parry an attacking opponent. Such an action only begets more violence. Force should never be repelled with force as it leads to an inevitable chain reaction of aggression. Instead, they simply step out of the way, allowing the hostility to pass outward and into nothingness.

They have a strong respect for the sanctity of all living things. For this reason, they have become vegetarians. Although under extreme circumstances, they have been known to eat the meat of an already dead animal. In fact, their stomachs are able to handle the digestion of raw meat with no cooking required. Also, the stomach can handle meat that has been rotten for up to two weeks.

After leaving behind their warrior ways, they began to focus on elements of the mind. Although this has lead to a slight decline in the physical attributes, it has allowed them to develop several psychic abilities. Of course, in keeping with their pacifistic ways, none of these abilities can be used against an unwilling individual. Even telepathy cannot be used because they view it as a mental attack. They believe that using telepathy, or any similar ability, on an unwilling individual would be forcing their way into the person's mind.

In recent years, several have been seen traveling in different cities throughout the known world. The reason for them coming out of their seclusion still remains a mystery. Whenever found, they use their abilities to try and help the innocent and promote the ideal of pacifism.


Alignment: Good or Evil only (being selfish is simply not in their nature). Over 95% of Cooragi are of a good alignment. However, there is the rare occurrence of an evil Cooragi. It is believed by the others of their race that these evil Cooragi and their dark deeds serve a higher purpose that aids in the betterment of others (though these reasons remain a mystery).

Attributes: I.Q.: 3D6, M.E.: 4D6, M.A.: 3D6, P.S.: 3D6, P.P.: 4D6, P.B.: 2D6, Spd.: 2D6

Natural A.R.: 14

Hit Points: P.E. + 1D6 per level of experience.

S.D.C.: 50 plus those gained from skills.

Average P.P.E.: 1D6

Average I.S.P.: M.E. plus 1D4 x 10.

R.C.C. Skills: Speaks Dragonese (98%), read and write Dragonese (+15%), basic and advanced mathematics (+20%), biology (+10%), holistic medicine (+15%), Lore: Religion (+15%), Land Navigation (+10%), Wilderness Survival (+20%), and Hand to Hand: Evasive Combat (same as the Monk Scholar O.C.C. in Palladium Fantasy Book 2: Old Ones. Not listed her for copyright reasons). In addition, the character can also select eight secondary skills at level one, and two more at levels four, eight, and twelve. These skills may be selected from the categories of Communications, Domestic, Medical, Physical (excluding Acrobatics, Boxing, Gymnastics, Wrestling, and any skill fight oriented), Rogue, Science, Scholar, and/or Wilderness Skills. Note: Horsemanship is viewed as mistreating another living creature.

Horror Factor: None.

Physical Appearance: Quill hair and beard, skin is shades of grey, varies from light to dark, and has a rough appearance. There is a slit on each arm where the spikes located in the forearms.

Size: 6 to 7 feet (1.8 to 2.1 m.)

Weight: 300 to 400 pounds (136 to 180 kg.).

Average Life Span: 150 years; the oldest known Cooragi lived up to 225 years.

Natural Abilities: Strong mental endurance and physical prowess and an armour-like skin. In addition, the Cooragi also possess the following abilities:

Retractable Spikes: Contained within the forearms of the Cooragi are a set of retractable spikes. They measure almost one foot (.3 m) and can be used like short swords. There is a set of tubes above the forearms in which the spikes are able to retract (and extend). The spikes are extremely tough and almost impossible to break (A.R. 18; 35 S.D.C.). Damage: 3D6

Calming Aura: When attacked, the Cooragi attempt to dodge any incoming attacks while trying to talk the character out of any further hostile actions, never retaliating. While this is going on, the Cooragi instinctively emits a calming aura. After the first melee round, all attackers must roll to save vs. calm (16 or better, counts as psionic attack). If the attacker makes a successful save, then he/she is unaffected and may continue to attack. The attacker must roll to save for each following melee round. If the attacker fails to save, then he/she will be temporarily calmed for three melee rounds (45 seconds) and cannot attack. Although unable to attack, the attacker is free to do anything else he/she pleases. Once the three melee rounds ends, the affect wears off and the attacker is free to attack again. After the attacker has recovered, he/she is immune to the affects for the remainder of the battle. Note: The Cooragi will not intentionally use any psychic power on any unwillingly subject, this ability is an automaticreflex to being attacked. The Cooragi are not even aware that it is being used (costs no I.S.P.).

Magic: None.

Psionics: The Cooragi have become natural psychics. They begin with a total of six abilities from the categories of healing, physical, and/or sensitive. At each additional level, starting with level two, the character may select one additional ability from these categories. If the G.M. allows, one of the six abilities selected at level one and the ability gained at sixth level may be chosen from the super category.Note: The Cooragi are a peaceful race that will never use their abilities against an unwilling participant. If an individual does not consent, it would be viewed it as an attack. Also, they cannot parry or deflect an attack with any type of force (e.g. Psi-Shield or Telekinetic Force Field) because they believe that it will only lead to more violence. Their psychic abilities should reflect this fact.

Enemies: The Cooragi have only remerged from their hidden home a few years ago. They have not been around long enough to form any lasting enemies. Most of the archaic races view the Cooragi with suspicion for their actions during the war with the Old Ones. The Cooragi understand this fact and are determined to prove that they have changed since that time. Typically, the Cooragi are enemies of any force of evil.

Allies: No lasting bonds have been with any of the races, but the Cooragi tend to align themselves with the forces of light.

Habitat: The largest group of Cooragi is located in the heart of the Old Kingdom (the exact location remains a secret). Some of the Cooragi have decided to leave their secret home and travel the world. These wandering Cooragi can be found just about anywhere on the Palladium Fantasy world.

Favorite Weapons: None. The Cooragi do not use weapons of any kind.

Other Notes:

1. Usually worship the Gods of Light.

2. Never wears any type of armour. Armour is an instrument of battle, and therefore will not be worn (besides, their skin is a natural armour).

3. Will never fight, not even if his/her life or the life of a friend or loved one is at stake. This doesn't stop the Cooragi from taking the attack meant for someone else. Even an evil Cooragi will not break this code of pacifism (though he/she may have others do his/her dirty work).

4. View money as a source of evil, but also understand the necessity of it in the outside world. They will only keep what they have to (food and shelter) and rid themselves of the rest of their burden (money) by giving it away.