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September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

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Event Details


  Tarfan CANE VUN

Class C




Class B




Class A




Class S








* - CANE stands for Central Allied Nations of Eltryon

* - VUN stands for Vorshak Unified Nations


Event Types

Race (non-combat): A simple objective of getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. Points are awarded by where each team member is placed on the finish line. An individual may not win for being the only one to cross, but a team may not lose even if not all their members cross.

Race (combat): The same as above, though there is the addition of combat involved. An entire team can be wiped out from the race through combat. In this type of event, being the fastest does not always earn a victory.

Scavenger Hunt (non-combat): The objective is to obtain all the items on a list which are spread throughout the event field. Items may just be listed (and just need to be found), locations specified or not (getting there is the tricky part), or clues may be given (figure out the clues to determine where and what is to be found). The exact method of scavenger hunt can change from event to event, but the basic concept of finding items is always the same. All that matters is obtaining all the items. The entire team fails or succeeds, even if only one member gets them all.

Scavenger Hunt (combat): Effectively the same as above, but teams can engage each other in combat to try and eliminate the competition.

Capture the Flag: There is no non-combat option for this type of event. The team's goal is to break through the enemy ranks and gain their "flag." The first team to gain the enemy's flag and return it to their own (yes, you must have both) wins. Strategy is required to defend the team's flag and to still capture the enemy's flag. The team flag is in a constant position unless captured by the enemy. In order to win, the team flag must be in the appropriate location. A team does not technically have to fight to win and can be done purely on stealth, but the combat option is always there and enemies can engage the moment another team is spotted if they desire. Condition: To prevent two teams from just camping out by their flag waiting for the other team, a time mode has been set. If neither team wins by the end of the time limit, both lose. Also note, even if the other team is completely defeated (all enemy mech disabled), unless the flag is captured before the time limit it is still a loss (no inevitable victory granted).

Battle: Just as it sounds, teams battle each other until only one team has mech remaining.


Racing Modes

Team vs. Team: One team against another in any type of event. This is by far the most common.

Three Way: Three teams compete.

Four Sider: Four teams compete.

Champion: Only one member from each team participates to represent his or her team. Up to four teams can participate in Champion mode, but it is very rare for more than two teams for a one on one option.


Team Event Frequency

60 weeks, 8 days a week (480 total events possible per team)

Teams are required to participate at least once a week, but can participate up to all 8 days a week.

3 Passes: Each pass allows the team to go through a week without participating (typically for injuries and/or repairs, but can be used for whatever the team desires). These 3 passes must last the entire years. Failure to participate without a pass results in a loss. A team does not have to use them, they are only an option.

4 Battle Royals: Quarterly, every 15 weeks, a competition where 10 teams from each class can participate but is not required. Rules vary, but it is always a 10 team event (unless more than 5 teams pass the option, but that has yet to happen). Losses: Once defeated, the team suffers one loss. If the first team eliminated from the Battle Royal, it is an automatic 2 losses. Wins: For each other team defeated, the team receives one win on their record.

Participation Levels (events per week)

1: Passive

2-3: Semi-Active

4-5: Active

6-7: Highly Active

8: Aggressive

* - A team must schedule their participation level (exact number, not just the classification such as Semi-Active, they must specify 2 or 3) before the next week starts or they default to their previous setting. The holders of the events do their best to balance the competitions so all teams get to meet the number of events they have selected. However, sometimes the number of events can not be appropriately split among all the teams' requests. Typically, this is solved by a Three Way or a Four Sider, but every once in a while a team that has taken the most events will simply get a 1/2 point for an event they are not allowed to participate in. However, as a result the team does not have to tire out its pilots, risks no injuries, risks no damage to the mech, and these 1/2 points can add up if it happens often enough. Similarly, even 1/2 point can be the difference between first or second place. It is rare to provide this type of points, but it does happen (especially for teams that have Aggressive participation for a majority of the festival).


VUN Event Briefing

"The races are held all over this world. Location depends on the event and who is judging it. Don't worry, judges don't rate skill or anything like that, they just oversee to make sure that no one cheats or anything like that. The most popular events in the Tarvan Festival Games tend to be the races. Those are separated into two categories, combat and non-combat. I think those categories pretty much speak for themselves. Then there are also other events such as scavenger hunts, both combat and non, games of capture the flag, which are purely combatant, and then the battle modes which you've already experienced. Any of these events may be given added stipulations such as "Lock" mode where some of the mech features are locked and not allowed in that event. They typically try to keep the events rotated to see what the pilot's are fully capable of, and to give the fan's the greatest thrill. In addition, these events can be separated into five types of competitions styles."

"The first style is fairly straight forward, team on team. That was the first type of battle we faced. The next is the Three Way; then there is the Four Sider, and as you can guess it's just a matter of how many teams are involved. The other type is Champion mode. In Champion mode, both teams pick a representative. This is a simple one on one event with no team support. Even harder, the team has to pick their representative without usually knowing what the event type is. That means you can't pick your best combatant or racer for those types of matches, and you just have to hope to go with the best overall member or go with one and hope for the best, even if it's not their specialty there is no telling the other team will have their best out there either. From the sound of things, this tends to be the most challenging type of competition. It's possible that a Three Way event or Four Sider will be set into Champion mode, but that's rare to say the least."

"It's important to address the fact we won't be just going up against the Tarfan in the events. There are a total of five VUN teams involved. Currently, one is in each class, and two are in A Class. I'll address the different classes at the end of this briefing. That means we could go up against our own, but our objective is the same, we want to win no matter who are opponent is. In addition to VUN and Tarvan teams, there are also twenty teams from Central Allied Nations of Eltryon, or more commonly just called CANE. Their not exactly allies of the Tarfan, but they are on friendly terms. In fact, they even offered to help fight us but they Tarfan refused not wanting war. Heh, kind of funny if you think about it. CANE has quite a few races involved in them and, while most of them don't look too intimidating, they are some fierce fighters from what I hear. Don't underestimate them whatever you do. And naturally, this means the odds are stacked against us."

"Now onto the matter of how long the festival lasts. It lasts one Tarvan year, that's 60 weeks and 8 days a week. There are competitions held daily, but daily participation is not required. At the start of the week, the team has to decide how many events they enter into that week. That can be anywhere for every day to only once a week. Once selected for the week, it can't be changed until the following week. This means if one of our mech gets wrecked and we can't repair it in time, unless we have a back-up, which we don't, we have to forfeit and take an automatic loss. Currently our team is scheduled for Semi-Active participation at 3 events this week. We figured it would be best to hold back and see what we're getting into before getting in too deep. After this week is over we should have a better idea of how active we want to play this. Winning isn't always enough though, sometimes you have to win a lot too."

"If two teams have the same scoring, the one with a higher overall participation is ranked first. That means even if we manage to win every event we enter, if someone else wins all theirs and were in more than us, we still lose. We are required to participate in a minimum of one event a week though, regardless of circumstances. On the plus side, the time is given three passes to be used throughout the year. The pass allows us to skip a week entirely, but we only get three no matter what. This can be useful in times of injuries or extensive repairs. We could use them all at the start if we wanted, but that means we'd have none for the end of the festival and I'm thinking things are going to get a lot harder between now and then. Also, we have to use them at the start of a week. That means if we sign up for Aggressive participation, entering into events each day, if something happens on the first day and we can't finish the week, we'll take seven losses before we can use our pass."

"Every 15 weeks, a quarterly event occurs in the festival. This is called a Battle Royal. Up to ten teams in each class can participate. Each Battle Royal has slightly different rules, so I won't address those right now, but participation is optional. Since there are 15 teams in a class though, that means five won't be participating. The higher ranked teams get the option of joining or passing on the event, but few actually pass up the chance. The benefits are usually just too good to pass up. This is a great time to try and increase your rankings by picking up multiple wins. Even if we don't win the Battle Royal, we can still benefit greatly from the match. We could defeat eight teams and only lose to one to lose the Battle Royal, but our record will show 8 wins and only 1 loss. Of course, first one eliminated takes an automatic 2 losses as a result. No team expects that to be them, but there's always the chance. It has to be someone after all."

"With that addressed, I'll talk to you about Class Ranks now. There are a total of 60 teams participating in the events. These 60 teams are divided into four Classes evenly, so 15 teams in each class. The lowest class is Class C. The next is Class B, that's where we are right now, and hoping to advance I may add. After that is Class A, and finally Class S is the best out there. That right there is where the real glory is and my dream to reach. If we want to advance out of Class B and into A, then we have a few options. The first is to win five straight battles right from the start. That means we have a 100% win ration. If we can't pull that off, after 10 events if we can be ranked number one in our class and have a 70% win ratio or higher, we can move up if there is an opening in the class above us. That means a team in the rank above us have to be big enough losers to not deserve being held there. Likely we'll an opening will open up sooner or later if we can just hold our spot or increase it."

"The better our record is the better our chance for rising up a class as well. That means if we only hold number one spot at a 70% win ratio, that means we can't rise up until a Class A team has the a 20% win ration or lower. But if we can raise our ratio, we increase our chances of moving up by making the team by increasing the winning ratio the lowest ranked A team needs to maintain to stay in their current class. So that means if we can get a 90% ratio or higher, we've increased our odds by having the A rank teams needing to maintain a 40% win ratio or higher, otherwise we get to take the lowest ranked teams spot." He takes a deep breath. "Wow, that's kind of a lot of information. So, got any questions?"

"Oh yeah, and there's one more thing. As much as I hate to admit it, Juni was at least half right. Winning is important, but that's not all. A good record and winning is our top priority, it'll get us fans. But, if we can win and look good, then we'll get more fans. I know that might not sound like it's important, but it is. The larger our fan base the better our sponsors tend to be. With more sponsors, especially wealthy ones, the more upgrades we can afford. Also, if we get enough, we might even be able to afford a back-up mech so we don't have to cancel events if we suffer too much damage and can't repair it in time. However, we can have all the fans in the world and all the money, if we can't win it won't matter one bit. Heh, and let me guess, right about now you're wondering why the Vorshak just can't afford to do it all since this is their war. Well, the Tarfan have rules about how much money a sponsor can provide."

"This is to prevent one team just having all the money and affording everything. Each sponsor can only provide so much in the source of finances. So no team can rely on just one. That means we need a lot more. The Vorshak are already contributing their maximum to get us these three mech and the features we have now, and since we're the enemy, that isn't going to be easy. Luckily for us though, the fans just care about a good show. So as long as we keep them entertained, they don't care whose side we're on. Ah, the joys of politics. But don't worry, we don't have to go out and find any, that's the job of others. We're just the pilots, and our performance is what will determine our success in this area. Not too much pressure, right? Heheh."