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September 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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Fuernor, the All Seeing Eye

Rune Item


A rune item that functions the same as an eye. To bond with Fuernor and use his power, he must be implanted into the wielder's head like an eye. This means the wielder must be already missing an eye, either because of some previous accident or removed for the sole purpose of bonding with Fuernor. Once bonded both Fuernor and host are said to become one, and over time it becomes impossible to tell where one starts and the other ends.


Type: Rune Eye; Greater Rune Item.

Damage: None. Fuernor is a powerful item and can be instrumental to defeating entire armies, but he is not a weapon.

Alignment: Anarchist.

Powers: All the common rune powers plus the following:

1) Standard Sight: Tapping into the optical center of the wielder, the rune eye functions the exact same as a normal eye. If the race normally has nightvision or some other visual based ability, then the rune eye will possess those abilities as well. These abilities are based on the race of the host and do NOT remain with Fuernor to be passed on to new hosts.

2) Combat Sight: Due to his expertise with evaluating opponents, Fuernor can grant any host a +1 to strike, parry, and dodge. These combat bonuses apply to any weapons wielded or even in unarmed combat, as long as Fuernor remains bonded with the host.

3) Sight Beyond Sight: Fuernor understands his surroundings and environment so well that he can see things that go beyond normal sight, and this knowledge can be passed on to his host. Though if he is angered with his host, or believes his host is simply unworthy, he may withhold this ability to prove a point.

  • Cannot be surprised attack (always aware).
  • When fighting an invisible opponent, the host suffers only a -1 penalty to strike, parry, and dodge as opposed to the normal penalties. Note: This ability effectively cancels out his "Combat Sight" bonus. While he can determine where an opponent is located, he cannot study the opponent to the same degree.
  • Fuernor is an expert at judging opponents. He can estimate an opponent's general level of experience (same as See Aura), if the opponent possesses psychic or magic abilities (but not which type, just that they're there and to be cautious), chi abilities, and style of combat (basic, expert, martial arts, assassin, etc.) just by observing their fighting combat stance. This lets him determine an opponent's overall threat level and how he should proceed.

4) Possess Host: Once bonded with Fuernor, he gains the ability to take control of the host's body. Unwilling hosts can attempt to resist with a save vs. possession (16 or higher). Due to their bond, this is different from a normal possession and there is no contest of wills, only a straight D20 roll with bonuses to save vs. possession added. Resisting possession will only anger Fuernor. On a general rule he will not attempt to take over the host's body often, at least not at first. In the early stages of the bond Fuernor will only attempt possession if he feels that the host is incapable of winning without him being in control.

Though if the host continues to prove inadequate, or after he's taken possession of the host a few times especially in a short period of time, Fuernor will start to become addicted to having a body again. Once this happens, Fuernor will begin to seize control of the body simply to enjoy life in physical form. He will always relinquish control again, but the more times he takes control the longer he'll stay in control and the more often he'll do it.

While in control of the host body, Fuernor will have full access to both host abilities as well as those of his rune item. The host normally only has access to abilities 1, 2, and 3. Ability 3 can be withheld by Fuernor if he so chooses, but he cannot withhold abilities 1 and 2 from the host regardless of his mood. However, abilities 5, 6, and 7 can only be accessed while Fuernor is in full control of the host body. Any time these abilities are needed, the host must relinquish control to Fuernor.

In this state, the host remains only vaguely aware of his surroundings. Sounds and images are distorted in a foggy haze. This is not an enjoyable state for the host who has no control over his/her body and no method of regaining control. Once Fuernor is in control, he remains in control until he decides to relinquish it. While there are times when allowing Fuernor to take control may be necessary, this is not a pleasant experience for the host. After experiencing it for the first time, the host should not look forward to repeating the experience again unless absolutely necessary. Of course, resisting will anger Fuernor. Deciding when to allow him control and when to resist requires a careful balance and strategy to both appease Fuernor while still not suffering this fate too often.

5) Counter Sight: Through his study and understanding of opponents, Fuernor can figure out a way to counter an enemy's techniques. After an opponent uses a special ability once, whether it's a natural ability, O.C.C. ability, spell, or other, after it's used once it's effectively useless against Fuernor. He learns so quickly that after seeing an ability used just once he can figure out how to counter it so it will never hurt him again. This makes him a very difficult opponent to defeat, because unless you can beat him with one move or have a good variety of tactics, he will counter every move.

6) Sight of Weakness: After studying an opponent for one full melee round (15 seconds), Fuernor is able to learn his opponent's weak points. This can be utilized in one of three ways. Note: Only one way can be used at a time. If he wishes to switch between methods, he must study the opponent for another full melee round (15 seconds).

  • Every time he connects with an enemy, he deals double damage! If the strike roll is a critical strike, then triple damage. He knows where to hit an opponent to inflict maximum damage to his victim. This does not let him do damage to someone who is normally invulnerable to that type of attack.
  • Some opponent's, such as a dragon or gargoyle, have a Natural A.R. By using this technique, Fuernor can completely bypass this A.R. and deal damage directly regardless of the strike roll (still needs to hit).
  • Against normally invulnerable opponents such as a vampire or werewolf, Fuernor can figure out how to hurt them. While using one a weapon that could hurt the opponent is far easier (and allows him to use one of the other techniques), but when left with little choice he can use this technique to damage otherwise invulnerable opponents. When wielding a weapon that normally wouldn't hurt the creature, the weapon still inflicts half damage in the hands of Fuernor. How exactly this technique works is still a mystery, but it is believed he can figure out how they're vulnerabilities affect them and then somehow use that knowledge on a broader scale.

7) Bonuses: As long as Fuernor is in control, then he gains the full expertise of his skills. In addition to the host's P.P. bonus, Fuernor is +4 to strike, +6 to parry and dodge, Critical Strike on a Natural 18-20, and Death Blow on a Natural 20. He also skilled in the Battle Axe, Knife, Sword, and Spear, all possessed at level 15 proficiency. Note: While possessing the host, these are the only bonuses Fuernor receives. These are not added onto the normal combat abilities of the host, but replacing them.

Curse: None, other than the ability for Fuernor to take over the host's body.

Personality: A warrior in spirit, Fuernor is both a master strategist and tactician. He doesn't think in terms of good and evil, only in what must be done to win. While he finds hurting innocents an unfavorable task, he will do so without regret if it helps obtain ultimate victory. Compassion and other emotions are weakness. A true warrior must cast off these mortal restraints to become something more, to become strong, stronger than any other, and let nothing stand in his way.

History: Legend tells of a dwarven general (Chief Magistrate) whose strategy and tactics on the battlefield reached such an epic level that even the dwarven king (High Chief) let him lead the entire dwarven empire into war, with the dwarven king (High Chief) as his second in command on the battlefield. The general (Chief Magistrate) watched over the battlefield to see troop movements and devise a strategy instantly to counter and crush their enemies. He became known as the All Seeing Eye, for it was said that there was nothing that could escape his sight.

All stories say that Fuernor is connected with the All Seeing Eye, though the exact nature of their connection is still disputed. Some tales say that the All Seeing Eye gained his named from losing one eye in battle, and that is why only one eye is "all seeing." His value to the Dwarven Empire was so great that they forged a new eye for him. This led to the creation of Fuernor, a rune item that could restore his full range of sight and aid his natural talent to determine troop movements.

Another tale suggests that the dwarven general (Chief Magistrate) won every conflict, every battle, every war until the end of his days. On his death bed the dwarven king (High Chief) decided that the All Seeing Eye's value to the Dwarven Empire was far too valuable to lose him to ravages of time. There he ordered the All Seeing Eye, the greatest military mind in all of history, to be immortalized. Using the power of rune magic, the All Seeing Eye's soul was ripped from his body and imprisoned within the rune eye now known as Fuernor. This way, he can watch over the battlefield for all of time.