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September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

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Terra Test Fighters

"If an empire doesn't continue growing stronger, then it is only growing weaker."

-Quote from a Kotha book of philosophy


Being the strongest is not always enough. To become complacent while enemies gain strength will allow them to soon overpower them. While Terrans like to think of themselves as peaceful, the fact of the matter is they must follow these same laws. If they do not increase their power base, then enemies who continue to expand such as the Senti will soon be able to overwhelm them. For this reason, the Terran Military has invited multiple companies to compete for the next big military contract. Their goal is to create the next fighter to be used by the Space Exploration Program (SEP). Competition breeds excellence, and these companies have truly excelled in their fighter designs.


"The Storm" by the VIIvex Corporation

VIIvex Corporation

Originally created by the merger of Star Seven Labs and the Corvex Corporation, the VIIvex Corporation is one of the leading specialists in military grade technologies. For several years it had an exclusive military contract and helped produce some of the finest weapons in the SEP arsenal. Among its credits are the Reconnaissance, the Phoenix, and the Energy Pistol Variable. Some other companies consider the VIIvex Corporation a bunch of hacks who primarily steal other people's ideas. This is because the VIIvex Corporation isn't well known for its new and original designs, but much better known at taking current models and concepts then improving upon them. As the VIIvex Corporation would say they don't steal other people's ideas, they take other people's ideas and make them better.

Unfortunately for the VIIvex Corporation and its stock holders, the VIIvex Corporation has been scandalized by the Black Shell Incident. Not only did they provide equipment to Black Shell, but they also worked on several projects for the rogue faction including a psi-bionics program. The VIIvex Corporation strongly insists it didn't know that the faction was a rogue organization as it went through all official military authorizations. After a thorough investigation, no evidence was found that could link the VIIvex Corporation as knowing accomplices to Black Shell. All official charges have been dropped.

Cleared of the allegations or not, their unwitting affiliation with the "enemies of the universe" didn't do much for their image. Nor did the headline: "Incompetence instead of Compliance." The scandal has put them into a dire financial situation, and they need a big win soon if they are going to resurrect their image from the ashes like the rising Phoenix. To get this win they've decided to release their next big project a full year ahead of schedule. For a company known for high performance war machines, they've made a bold statement declaring this project in a league above them all.


The Storm (a.k.a. Psi-Storm)

"Turning a negative into a positive is the only way to describe this brilliant and bold new fighter."

–Quote from the VIIvex Corporation President


The Storm is a sleek design with good weaponry, but it's not just about good looks. This fighter is advertised as being able to handle any type of environment from the sky to space and even to underwater, all without any modification. Great versatility is nothing but a side note with this baby though. Fighter pilots have been a key component in the defense of Terra for as far back as anyone can remember, but they've always been held back by one factor: their own physical limitations. No matter how skilled, it takes time for impulses from the brain to cause its body to react. With the Psi-Core, this is no longer a problem. This is a technology that they believe will revolutionize fighter technology forever.

Using a technology known as the Psi-Core, the Storm is able to link the pilot's mind directly to the fighter allowing reaction time as fast as thought! A "bold" move, the Psi-Core is based off of two different technologies. The first is Vuxlar technology. Through the use of head-jacks and plugs, the Vuxlar soldier units could sync directly with the fighter the same as if it were their body. The second technology is where the "bold" part comes in, as it is also based off of the psi-bionics that the VIIvex Corporation had researched for Black Shell.

While this has offended some the VIIvex Corporation President stated that the damage had been done, letting what they learned would be the greatest tragedy. If the technologies learned through the mistakes of others could save the lives of soldiers today, it would be a crime not to use them. Though a controversial move, if the Storm design is picked up by the military it may yet save the company from utter ruin. However, the president is also quoted as saying, "Victory favors the bold, and that is why the Storm is assured to prevail over all obstacles in its way." Whether the Storm is the company's savior or the final nail in its coffin is yet to be determined.


"U-Core" by Pegasus Industries

Pegasus Industries

Run by an Olympian, Pegasus Industries gains its name from its owner. Xamson Pegasus is perhaps the most successful alien in the financial world of Terra. His physical appearance is a cross between a pegasus and a unicorn from old mythology, a winged horse with a horn on its forehead. A silhouette of his image on all fours is the symbol for Pegasus Industries. Even though he can be cold and ruthless in business or when someone threatens on of his friends, Xamson Pegasus is more commonly viewed as a kind and gentle spirit.

In an early interview, a reporter asked how to pronounce his name, making an attempt to sound it out on his own and asking if he was right. Unintentionally, the reporter's pronunciation sounded close to the word "examine." With the history of Terrans and Olympians, this could have come off insulting and ended badly. Instead, Xamson Pegasus merely smiled and politely corrected the pronunciation, explaining it sounds the same as the "Samson" from old Terran tales. While this mistake could have easily been left out, the reporter included what had happened and how it spoke highly of Mr. Pegasus for how dignified he handled the honest mistake.

After arriving on Terra he quickly rose through the business world with cunning and intelligence. Even if not for his alien origin, Xamson Pegasus would have quickly been well known in business circles. As he continued to rise in power and influence, he began to buy out several smaller companies. Instead of merely consuming them or assimilating them as part of his company, he came up with individual business plans for each company that focused on its strengths instead of how it could assist him. Very rarely did his buyouts result in layoffs. On the contrary, many of the companies he bought ended up rising to well known and respected businesses in their own right, with him merely guiding it from behind the scenes.


U-Core (a.k.a. Unicorn)

"Why rely on one tool when you can rely on two? When a fighter just isn't enough, there's the Unicorn."

–Quote from Pegasus Industries spokesman


The U-Core is the first fighter design produced from Pegasus Industries. It is so new in fact that it barely finished construction in time to compete in the fighter trials, still in its default factory black having not yet even received a paint job. This is a hybrid fighter in more than one sense of the word, combining multiple technologies from various races into one unified fighter. Due to the rush job of getting the fighter done in time for trials it never received an official name. As a result, they took the name of the factory design type "U-Core" for the fighter name.

While Xamson Pegasus had been toying with the idea of the "u" standing for something like "Unified" or some variation to signify it's a unified fighter of different technologies and concepts, the fighter became more affectionately known as the Unicorn. This is part because U-Core can sound like unicorn if said quickly enough, part because of the look of the company owner, and part because of the front of the fighter. Even though the name wasn't Xamson Pegasus' first choice, as an Olympian of the people he let the name they pick stand. Once entered into the trials the official fighter name could not be changed, but if it is picked up by the military its official name will become Unicorn.

Unicorn has several unique features, but probably the most notable is its ability to transform from a fighter into a giant mechanized robot able to move on two legs. This is being marketed as a jet fighter/mobile tank unit. With all the benefits and air superiority of a jet fighter combined with the ground options of a highly mobile tank this fighter is great for any type of mission. Not only does it give its pilot a wide array of options, it also combines practicality, versatility, and affordability for saving the cost on two separate units that can now be combined.

At the front of the Unicorn is the jet fighter's "Horn," or "Horn Shield." When it transforms this section attaches itself to the top of the mechanized right hand that can serve as both a shield and a piercing weapon. A High Vibration Frequency creates a field around the Horn Shield that aids in penetration for better damage as well as increased protection by deflecting attacks before they make impact, reducing damage instead of landing a solid hit. Olympians refer to this as vibro-technology. This makes the Horn Shield a great weapon for stabbing in mechanized mode or for ramming an enemy in jet fighter mode.


"The Preserver" by the Topika Company

Topika Company

Mostly an unsuccessful weapons manufacturer, the Topika Company decided to change its focus. Instead of focusing on weapons they decided to focus on their promising robotics programs that began to develop after contact with the robotic alien race, the Vuxlar. The company began to focus on a more children friendly appearance and renamed themselves ToCo, the first two letters of their previous name. ToCo is known for specializing in making children's toys with robotics implanted in them. As a toy company, they've actually been quite successful.

ToCo has even begun a pet robotics competition. The first year there were several categories from tricks to challenges. While the competition did well, during surveys they learned that there had been far more interest in something a few of the participants had started on the side. Two of the participants had been in an argument over whose pet was tougher, and it resulted in a head to head combat of their robots to determine the answer. Excitement built around this first contest, and more participants began to have side combats as well. People even began to place bets.

Seeing the popularity of these unofficial contests ToCo decided to redesign their competition into a pet robot battle event. While there are still some basic contests for other functionality, the real attraction is the carnage of two robotic pets trying to destroy each other. This competition has since become known as the Ultimate Robot Warrior. There are various categories depending on sizes and skill level, but in the end there can only be one Ultimate Robot Warrior. Participants are welcomed to drop out once the categories start to combine or if they simply feel they are outmatched. The previous Ultimate Robot Warrior must still defend its title, or automatically forfeit.

Unknown to most contestants, ToCo retains the rights to use any designs and programming of participating robots in future ToCo products without payment or acknowledgement of the original creator. This method has helped ToCo continue with new lines of products. More recently though they've set their ambitions higher, and have attempted to make a fighter that can be marketed to the military. For this side project, they have retaken the name Topicka Company, while keeping ToCo their kid friendly robotics face.


The Preserver (a.k.a. Ultimate Shield)

"The Demolisher is marketed as the ultimate weapon. This is the ultimate shield."

–Quote from Topika Company advertising


In the Ultimate Robot Warrior competitions ToCo came to realize that the winners were one of two types. First is the type that could destroy everything in its path. The second is the type that can survive the first. Going into the new design the Topika Company decided that anyone could kill, so they would focus on the second type, the type that could survive anything. Loaded with only light weapons the Preserver is designed primarily around defense, which is a unique concept when creating a military fighter.

As its main attraction the Preserver is armed with the Automatic Flak Kannon, or the AFK. Spelling cannon with a "k" is actually a joke some of the techs on the design crew. Because it is automated by computers that the pilot could be away from the controls and still not have to worry. The AFK is a system designed to defend against missile attacks. When unfriendly missiles are detected the AFK goes into action without the pilot needing to act. A limited A.I. program is responsible for controlling the AFK in much the same way as a gunner, but is only capable of carrying out this one task.

In addition, the Preserver is constructed out of a specialized metal. This metal, first discovered in the Ultimate Robot Warrior competition, is capable of reducing the effectiveness of laser fire. All energy weapons are greatly reduced in strength against this material allowing it to take considerable more damage compared to a much heavier armored fighter. As a result the Preserver can be considerably lighter weight but still offer incredible protection.

When deciding a name, the design team was split between calling it the Life Preserver and the Ultimate Shield. Those in favor of the Ultimate Shield wanted it named in contrast to the "ultimate weapon" of the Demolisher. In the end, the Life Preserver was decided to be the better name. Before officially submitting the name feedback suggested Life Preserver was too long and that the term may come off insulting to some pilots suggesting they needed saving, so they shortened it to simply the Preserver. The term "ultimate shield" later found a use in advertising slogans.


"The Devastator" by Sky Tech

Sky Tech

"The Sky's the limit." An old Terran phrase that's been antiquated by space travel, Sky Tech still proudly uses it as their slogan. Sky Tech is a household name when it comes to technology advancement. They first made a name for themselves through two incidents. One is perfecting the use of artificial gravity. This technology is still used on space ships today. The second incident is an accident that nearly destroyed one of their labs still during the artificial gravity experimentation stage. One of the experiments went wildly out of control creating an intense gravity that caused the building to start to collapse and along with crushing everyone inside of it.

Luckily, this second incident was averted by the courage of the lead scientist, Dr. Tobias Reeves, who made his way through the intense gravity to activate the shut down sequence. His courage saved everyone in the area and possibly prevented larger global disasters, but cost Dr. Reeves the use of his right arm which had been mangled beyond repair by the gravity and severe physical trauma which nearly killed him. While Dr. Reeves was credited as a hero for his bravery, after he recovered he took full responsibility for the accident claiming he had pushed himself too hard and ended up making mental mistakes that resulted in the accident.

The incident nearly ruined Sky Tech, but it is also responsible for being a key element into figuring out how to safely finish the artificial gravity technology which was perfected shortly after. Sky Tech has continued to make minor improvements to the design over the years improving energy efficiency or adding small features, but the fundamental design has been left untouched. Even though the technology is centuries old, no company has yet been able to make a better design. While artificial gravity technology is the hallmark of Sky Tech, they have continued to work and create new technologies.


The Devastator (a.k.a. Sky Wolf)

"Orcas are known as the wolves of the sea. It is our belief that these fighters will become the wolves of the sky."

–Quote from Sky Tech designer


Sky Tech is not known for designing weapons or vehicles, but when the chance to participate in this military fighter competition arose they decided to go all out for it. The design is considered large by fighter standards with a good size of the craft composing of the rear where the propulsion drive is held. For propulsion the Devastator relies on the Gravimatrix drive. The Gravimatrix is a revolutionary engine design that actually manipulates gravity as a form of propulsion. This could prove an invaluable engine design as it doesn't require any separate fuel supply and will last as long as the fighter has power. In addition, the Gravimatrix helps to cancel the affects of "G" forces on the pilot.

The Devastator isn't just a new engine system though. Included are two new weapon systems that are designed to handle more than just fighter to fighter combat, but also to pose an actual threat to large ships during large scale fleet battles. First is their Buster Cannon which is similar in design and name to the VIIvex Corporations Burst Cannon used on the Phoenix. There are some who feel this is fitting since the VIIvex Corporation is reputed as hacks who steal other companies' designs in the first place.

The Buster Cannon has two settings. One is the standard setting and considered the ship's main gun. This setting is powerful, but earns it the title of a cheap knockoff of the Burst Cannon because it lacks the same power. For a second setting, the Buster Cannon taps is far more powerful.  With the potential to destroy a fighter with a single shot this setting is designed to cause damage even to a battle ship. While one shot won't be enough to cause significant damage, a "pack" of these fighters can become a serious threat. The main drawback of this setting is the fact it requires a recharge time after being fired before the Buster Cannon can be used again.

Second in the Devastator's main arsenal is the Gravity Missile. This missile is designed to deliver a controlled gravity detonation similar to a miniature black hole. An intense gravity well is generated that crushes nearly everything within its radius. The concept for this missile is actually derived from the original artificial gravity mistake caused by Dr. Reeves. While a "devastating" attack, the radius will consume everything within its range and not distinguish between friend and foe making it impractical for fighter space battles.

In addition to its offense the Devastator also has one special defense technology: The Mobile Shield Defense (MSD). Based on the shield technology Escape Velocity rummaged from the crashed Xenge ship the MSD is a small barrier that can be used to parry incoming attacks. The shield is small in comparison to the size of the craft and must be moved into position to be used as a successful defense option. While only offering limited protection, if utilized properly the MSD can be the difference between life and death.

Standard to the Devastator is a two-seater design used to operate and maintain all the various systems. While the pilot has controls over maneuverability and the Buster Cannon, the gunner has controls over missiles and the MSD. The gunner is also responsible to help maintain and regulate the systems. Without the gunner to properly monitor the systems the Gravimatrix or any number of other systems may start to malfunction. There are options for the pilot or the gunner to take full control of the fighter, but with limited options. While a two-seater option on fighters can be beneficial, the fact it is standard does give some military officials pause. If this fighter ever becomes mass produced, the number of current pilots in the SEP will need to be doubled which is a concern with manpower.