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September 05, 2015

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Crew of the Revelation

The Revelation is one of the five exploration class ships sent out by the SEP of Terra. Each of the five exploration class ships have a larger crew compliment than any other type of ship in the SEP. This is mainly due to the fact that the exploration class ships are designed to function for a much longer period of time away from Terran territory than any other type of ship. As they are headed into the unknown, these ships must be prepared to replace any casualties, as well as having crew members who can replace those who are unable to work due to injury.

A majority of the crew of these ships have multiple training specialties so they are capable of performing more than one task on the ship. This is so that the entire crew offers more flexibility and can be adjusted in times of need. For example, should something happen to one of the security officers a member of the engineering staff may be transferred to replace that position due to training. Similarly, a pilot may be able to substitute for a member on the medical staff or a number of other tasks on the ship. These crew members are typically considered some of the best trained in the entire SEP.

In order to keep these crew members trained and from falling out of practice in their particular areas of expertise, the crew typically works in a rotating order. While a crew member may serve as a pilot for two or three weeks straight, they are often then rotated to a different position on the ship for so much time. This helps keep these members of the crew trained in both areas of knowledge, while at the same time allowing other members of the crew to take the other post as well. Also, in times of emergency, this allows them to shift a large number of crew members to certain areas. This means that during a battle they can have extra pilots compared to normal, more medical staff for dealing with emergencies, or several other positions.

Due to the large number of crew which exceeds normal crew requirement, there are also periods of time where the crew is put on standby status. For the most part, this means the crew member has no duties on the ship and is effectively off duty. The main difference is that these crew members must stay on ship and be ready to respond to any emergency which requires their services if called. In addition to crew members with multiple training, there are crew members with more specialized fields. This means that certain crew members only serve in certain fields, such as a medical doctor without other specialties only serving as a doctor. Typically, these single focused individuals are higher up officers.


Command Staff

Name: Captain Jonas Hargoyn.

Gender: Male.

Race: Cashmere Goat.

Position: Captain of the Revelation.

Notes: He is a very levelheaded individual. Before making big decisions he likes to listen to the advice of his command staff and then make an informed decision. However, when a quick decision is needed, he is quite capable of making a well thought out decision, or at least the appearance of one, in a matter of seconds. No crew members of the Revelation have ever served with Captain Hargoyn before his post to the Revelation and, from the rumors, is something he personally requested when accepting the post.

His name is well known throughout the military of Terra due to his actions during the Sky Palace Outbreak. The incident has been classified and its details been reduced to mere rumors. However, it is known that there are many who react to Captain Hargoyn with both fear and hatred as a result. It is also known that his actions during the incident are what resulted in his promotion to the rank of captain.


Name: Commander Thomas Briggs.

Gender: Male.

Race: Human.

Position: Second in Command.

Notes: His original post to the Revelation was that of Wing Commander. In order to do so he had to take a demotion and resign his post as second in command to the battle ship, Insurgent. After an incident involving the Scry the previous second in command received a promotion and then reassigned as Captain of the Scry allowing Commander Briggs to take the position of second in command on the Revelation.

Even though he is no longer a pilot his skills are still among the best. His skill as a fighter pilot is actually ranked higher than even the members of the legendary Deathstorm, though he is not quite as well known. During the Jawaguar Invasion he actually served as Wing Commander to fleets of ships. On and off duty he shows no emotion. Many believe that his experiences during the Jawaguar Invasion traumatized him to the point where he is no longer capable.


Name: Lt. Commander Greigish Talshk.

Gender: Male.

Race: Doberman Pinscher.

Position: Head of Security.

Notes: A combat specialist, Lt. Commander Talshk is the head of security on the Revelation. He is also an expert on military strategy and weapons training. Despite having dedicated almost all his SEP training to various forms of combat and strategy, this does not make him an individual thinking solely of fighting. In fact, he has many other interests outside of combat, but at the same time he realizes that he has a natural talent for fighting and put that talent to the best use he could to help serve Terra.


Name: Lt. Commander Dunli Quad.

Gender: Male.

Race: Mustang (Horse).

Position: Head of Engineering.

Notes: This is an individual who likes to think big. He is always planning on new ways to make the ship better and appreciates others who think the same way. Showing initiative is something he admires greatly, but at the same time as a part of the crew it is important to follow proper procedures and follows the rules by the letter. The only flexibility he ever shows is in this regards is if it involves the safety of those working under him. This fact helps indicate his protective nature of his subordinates.


Name: Lt. Commander Julius Hovart.

Gender: Male.

Race: Crocodile.

Position: Head of Medicine.

Notes: There are those who find the toothy smile of a crocodile doctor unsettling. Regardless of that fact his very skilled and has a great bedside manner, once people can look passed his appearance. He does his best to make all his patients feel safe and comfortable. When not on duty he prefers to stay by himself, locking himself away in his quarters. It is believed, and he has given the impression it is true, that he spends most of that time performing personal experiments. What these experiments may be still remains a mystery and he is not giving any clues to anyone of what they may hold. Those that visit his quarters have found a large assortment of plants making it look like a jungle due to the sheer numbers.


Name: Lt. Commander Helata Mansien.

Gender: Female.

Race: Kinkajou.

Position: Head of Science.

Notes: While she is still new to the Revelation her reputation precedes her. She has at least a root understanding of all scientific fields, though her specialty lies in astrological phenomena, but is only slightly less experienced in biology. Out of the command staff she is definitely one of the more personable. Not only does she take the time to get to know everyone in her department better, but she also makes a habit to reward their creativity. This seems to inspire a friendly and relaxed environment that encourages initiative.


Name: Lt. Commander Noria Elan.

Gender: Female.

Race: Porcupine.

Position: Wing Commander.

Notes: She is a female pilot who is as skilled as she is beautiful to look at, and just as dangerous to touch. The quills on her body make it dangerous for all but the most careful to touch her. These spikes also require her to have a specialized seat in the cockpit of her fighter. She is the team leader of the Shadow Strike division and Wing Commander of the Revelation.

During the Jawaguar Invasion she was one of the many pilots who served under the Fleet Wing Commander Thomas Briggs, call sign Nightmare. After the Invasion came to its conclusion he continued to look after her and helped her get a post on the Revelation as the Emerald Squadron leader. With Deathstorm having left, the Holiday Sweets and Gauntlet missing, and Nightmare being needed on the bridge Lt. Regal Jantil, call sign Warlock, and Lt. Elan effectively ran the flight crew of the Revelation unofficially for months.

Both proved fairly capable of being promoted to the new Wing Commander of the Revelation. Warlock willingly stepped back to give her the position while he accepted a posting as the new Wing Commander of the Scry. The previous Wing Commander of the Scry was hit by a rift distortion of the enemy during the final battle to take back Terra, his entire craft swallowed hole.


Other Notable Crew

Name: Lt. Commander Jerry Nucli.

Gender: Male.

Race: Leopard Frog.

Position: Head of Operations.

Notes: To help relieve the pressures of the command staff, the Head of Operations deals with day to day to operations of the ship. Though the captain or commander will often assign key crew members to a particular task, the Head of Operations is responsible for assigning the rest of the crew to departments of the ship which best suit their talents. Also, it is the task of the Head of Operations to make sure that those crew members perform their assigned tasks and deal with basic troubles between a crew member and the head of the department.

Dealing with basic troubles typically means authorizing disciplinary actions (beyond the normal means authorized to department heads) and approving transfer requests. Typically, the only people the Head of Operations needs to take orders from are the captain and commander of the ship. All other crew members are considered under the command of the Head of Operations, even if he is not on the command staff.

After an incident involving the Scry, Lt. Commander Nucli was transferred to the Scry to help oversee crew changes and help things run smoothly. In this time he proved invaluable to the Captain Zolmin in her first tour of duty. However, after the Black Shell Incident and both ships returned to Terra, he received a transfer back to the Revelation as their Head of Operations once again.


Name: Lt. Zire Mickinsly.

Gender: Male.

Race: Artic Fox.

Position: Head of Communications.

Notes: This officer is in charge of monitoring communications of the ship. In order to make an off-ship communication, permission from the Head of Communications must first be granted. The main purpose behind this is to help ensure that certain information doesn't leave the ship or that a communication is sent out at the wrong time and could endanger the ship (e.g. give away position) depending on the situation. Though it is possible for a knowledgeable crew member (hacking or specialized equipment) to circumnavigate the communication protocols and send an unauthorized message, such actions, if ever discovered, can result in serious disciplinary action.


Name: Lt. Vestal Salaria

Gender: Female.

Race: Octopus

Position: Head of Maintenance.

Notes: The main purpose of the Head of Maintenance is to keep the ship functioning with basic repairs. While this can fall under the jurisdiction of Engineering, the main purpose of Engineering is dealing with main systems, updates, dealing with major problems, and other such matters. The Maintenance section is used for repairing minor malfunctions, routine check up on systems, and other more mundane functions of the ship. It is not uncommon for the Head of Maintenance and the Chief of Engineering to work close together, but at the same time they each of their own areas of the ship to deal with.


Name: Chief Petty Officer Dredgan Placo.

Gender: Male.

Race: Buffalo.

Position: Head of Supply.

Notes: This is the person new crew members must see to be issued standard equipment (ship uniform, standard side arm, and similar items). Most specialized items for a particular department can be found in the section and are issued by the department head, who in turn received them from the Supply Officer. Any other items, usually for a specific mission (such as heavy duty weapons, armor, and other specialized equipment), need to be issued by the Supply Officer as well, typically with clearance from a higher officer.

This is just in relation to military issued supplies, characters are of course free to purchase any other items from outside sources if a seller can be found and proper funds raised. There is more than just one Supply Officer, but Dredgan Placa is the head of the department and makes a habit of trying to meet all new crew members. Every member of the crew, even the members of Command Staff, have likely met him at least once.

In addition to being the Head Supply Officer, he keeps himself readily available to offer advice to younger crew members as a sort of unofficial counselor. He has some years behind him which makes it seem like he has the experience to know what he is talking about, but he's not exactly old. Many crew members prefer to talk to him than a real counselor because they feel more at ease since he is more a friend than someone analyzing them.


Name: Lt. Canen Taylor

Gender: Male.

Race: Eagle.

Position: Ship's Pilot.

Notes: Descendant from a line of miners, he found himself as a small child learning to pilot mining equipment. As he got older his eyes moved onto freight vessels. Then, when the Jawaguar Invasion began, he decided to join the SEP and do what he could to help. He went through training at an amazing rate, but didn't end up seeing very much action as a fighter pilot.

During one of the battles the bay doors on the flight deck had been destroyed making it impossible for him to launch. Through luck he found himself on the bridge when the ship continued to take heavy fire resulting in the death of the ship's pilot and several other members of the command staff. Lt. Taylor quickly acted, taking the ship's controls and maneuvering the ship to avoid enemy fire. If not for his actions the ship and the surviving crew would have likely been lost.

Though a skilled fighter pilot he is considered a greater asset as a ship's pilot instead. When deciding upon crew members for the first run of the explorer class ships his name was one of the top on the lists. He has served as the pilot to the Revelation since the beginning. Despite the massive size of the exploration class ships, being one of the largest class ships in the entire SEP, he handles it better than most think even possible.


Name: Lt. Samis McClowry.

Gender: Male.

Race: Rooster.

Position: Assistant Head of Medicine.

Notes: As far as the medical section of the ship, this is similar to being in second in command. The Assistant Head of Medicine handles many operations of the medical department to help relieve the pressures of the Head of Medicine. This is the character which most likely performed the physical evaluation of all new crew members.


Name: Lt. Junior Grade Esmil Lallin.

Gender: Male.

Race: Canary.

Position: Engineering/Maintenance Department.

Notes: Assigned to the Revelation early on, he was one of the only ensigns assigned to the ship during its first trip out of Terran territory. With it being Terra's first true venture out into the expanses of the Known Universe relying on untried ensigns was viewed as a risk. It is only due to his impressive skill as an electrical engineer that allowed him to receive such a post. The excellent and reliable work performed by ensigns like Lallin during this first time around has helped pave the way for other ensigns to find their way into the crew after the Black Shell Incident.

He serves in both the engineering department and the maintenance departments depending on need. Due to the quality of his work he received a promotion to the rank of Lt. Junior Grade. Since his time on the Revelation he has received some flight training, but he is still not a pilot nor is he likely to become one. When not on duty he is one of the crew members who are viewed as a regular at the arcade. It was his love of video gaming which actually inspired him to become an electrical engineer, and he actually won video game competitions during his days as a civilian.


Name: Ensign Cril Weston.

Gender: Male.

Race: Tapir.

Position: Recruit, Science Department.

Notes: A talented new recruit picked up before the Revelation departed from Terra recently. Among stellar marks in his classes during SEP training he also took first place in the SEP Science Fair with his stunning work on Replication Technology, a major asset associated with the Satellite Network surrounding the Known Universe. As a reward for his work he was granted his personal request to be posted to one of the exploration class ships.

While his work had limited usage and the rest being based largely in theory, it proved an impressive project that has begun to revolutionize many aspects of the scientific community. There are some scientists who are already trying to explore new concepts and technologies using his theories. Some believe that this project was the peak of Weston's career while others believe this is just the beginning. Either way it was agreed he may be a useful member of the Revelation.