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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

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Terran History

Despite the evolution of animals along side the evolution of humans, Terra has followed a very similar path through history to that of Earth. It is also important to note that even though some animals evolved into more intelligent life forms similar to humans, it is not the case for all animals. Similarly to the way the humans are believed by some scientists to have evolved from apes and there are still apes in existence today, the same is true of the other animals which evolved on Terra.

During the American Revolution a weasel named Benedict Arnold committed 'treason' to the states by defecting back to the British. This incident has since resulted in the term of a 'weasel' often being insulting, and this single incident being what he is more famously known for in history than all his previous accomplishments. The Civil War of the United States was a war fighting for the end of slavery. In this particular case though, it was the human race in general that served as slaves to the evolved animals there as opposed to any particular skin color.

At the end of the Fourth World War, the people of Terra finally began to make serious movements towards a world peace. Despite the horrible atrocities committed during this last World War, peace was still not an easy task to be achieved. After a very long period, lasting over a century, of negotiations and concessions, a true world peace was finally reached. The first few hundred years would often test this peace, but it would persevere despite its many trials.

Once the major issues on Terra were resolved, they began to turn to the stars (see World of Terra for more details). For a long time Terra thought it most prudent to move slowly as not to risk agitating any alien races. They worked more on trying to learn more through the other races and make allies before rushing out into the unknown. During this time they spent most of their efforts exploring the neighboring systems, starting with the Halthrine system.

After exploring the Halthrine system they began to explore the Nangriar system. The attempt at exploring this system led to the first true test of the Terran military, and in many ways is the first appearance of ability that many of the other races will remember. When the science vessel Argon led by Captain Elson Pariah, a black panther, was surveying the planet they came under attack by another race. The exact reasons behind everything are still not clear even to this day, but it led to the start of the first Terran War, a war that involved all the people united as opposed to inner conflicts.

The Jawaguar Invasion, as this war has since become known, began when the Argon was destroyed by a race known as the Jawaguar. Destruction of the Argon was quick and appears to have been completely unprovoked. By the time news of the attack reached Terra, the first Jawaguar fleet made their attack into Terran space. These attacks took the Terra completely by surprise. Debates about how to handle the destruction of the Argon had barely begun and defenses of the system had not yet been reinforced to deal with this new possible threat.

Before Terra could ever truly be considered to have a part in this war, they had already suffered heavy losses at the hands of the Jawaguar. Their invasion was swift and swept through the outer system Terran defenses and ships with little difficulty. It wasn't until they reached the training base on Callisto. In a desperate attempt to slow down the enemy progress before they advanced any closer to the Terran homeworld Admiral Hagor Lennox, a cougar, assembled a small fleet.

This fleet was composed of two deployment class ships and a handful of battle class ships. The fleet of Admiral Lennox was terribly outclassed. To help increase their numbers, he decided to enlist the aid of the recruits still training at the Callisto base. Though he knew the recruits were not yet finished with training and more than likely hardly a match against the formidable Jawaguar forces, he felt it was a necessary gambit. Even if they could not win, the added ships could stall for valuable time and help to thin out the enemy numbers.

Unknown to the fleet except for Admiral Lennox, the fleet was expected to be completely wiped out. The true purpose of their sacrifice was to give Admiral Vadik Borashian, a timber wolf, more time to form a fleet stationed at the Mars colony. This second fleet was the last line of defense before the enemy could reach Terra. In addition to gathering more ships for the fleet, it was also to help give them more time to finish final construction on the first even destroyer class hip. It is this ship this new experimental, not yet ready ship that Admiral Borashian waited for the enemy with the hope of all of Terra resting upon his shoulders.

However, things at the Callisto base did not go as they had planned. In a shocking display of skill and creative leadership, the fleet of Admiral Lennox held off the invading Jawaguar giving Terra its first victory of the war. One of the most shocking displays of skill was from one of the flight divisions the admiral had recruited from the training base. The entire division consisted of birds and would become known as Death Storm when they were officially promoted to official pilots.

Though their promotions were unorthodox as they had not yet finished training, the Terran military needed all the skilled pilots that they could gather. Before the end of the war, these pilots would distinguish themselves worthy of a place in history. Despite their skill at the battle at the Callisto base, they are best known for the key role they played holding the defense line at the Mars Colony while civilians were still being evacuated off planet (more details below).

Despite their victory at Callisto, the war for Terra was not yet over. The entire Jawaguar Invasion itself only lasted a few months, but there were several key battles and changes in tides that made this one the bloodiest war in all of Terran history. Near the end of the war, when the Jawaguar were falling back, the Terran military made a major push to try and end this war quickly. They were threw playing it conservative and sent a large part of their fleet to pursue the Jawaguar and bring the fight to their homeworld. Though this did indeed result in an end to the war, it almost proved a costly gamble.

While the bulk of the Terran fleet was off fighting the Jawaguar in a different system, the Jawaguar was much larger though and they were able to hold back a large number of their forces in a neighboring system to move in and try to eliminate the Terran homeworld. The Terran system was now poorly defended with little hope of reinforcements arriving in time. Unlike their earlier assaults, this Jawaguar fleet was completely ruthless eliminating all colonies along the way in an attempt to completely crush the Terran forces and leave no chance for rebellion in the future.

This attack fleet was also a gamble on the part of the Jawaguar. Instead of helping to defend their own system, they were attempting to completely eliminate the heart of their enemy. Their hope was that the defending fleet could hold off long enough for victory to be assured and the attacking fleet to return to help out when its primary objective was complete. Unlike the Terran gamble though, the daring move by the Jawaguar did not meet with nearly as much luck or success.

The Jawaguar fleet made it as far as the Mars Colony before they meet with any true resistance. In order to help give the Mars colonists time to evacuate, a defensive line was set up in front of the battle to engage the Jawaguar fleet. Though the defensive line met with 95% casualties, they did succeed in holding off the enemy. They also succeeded in dealing enough damage to the attacking Jawaguar fleet to force them to pull back.

After dealing with the guarding line at Mars, it was evident that the Jawaguar fleet no longer had sufficient numbers to deal with the additional forces undoubtedly stationed at Terra. They decided it best to cut their losses and try to help defend the system. Little did they know that almost all of the Terran forces had been stationed at the Mars defending line leaving the world of Terra almost completely unguarded and would have been easily defeated had the Jawaguar forces pushed on. Once news of the fleets defeat was discovered, the remaining Jawaguar forces admitted defeat and surrendered.

The display of daring tactics, technological power, and successful defense of their system caused Terra to be recognized as an actual power among many of the other races in the known universe. After this war, the Jawaguar have never had a real noticeable presence. Despite the fact they are no longer recognized as a power within the known universe, Terra continues to keep a close eye on the Jawaguar race to ensure they do not rise up and make a second attempt. The Terran military is determined to not be caught off guard so easily a second time.

In addition, the Jawaguar Invasion helped to cause the Space Exploration Program to take a new direction. Until then, they had tried to go slowly to play it safe and avoid confrontation. After the war though, it became clear to them that being cautious might not be able to avoid another such confrontation. Instead, they decided to try and be best prepared should another such incident occur. This caused them to fund the creation of the exploration class ships.

Though the exploration class ships are to explore the known galaxy and learn more about it, they are also to assess any possible threats. By finding possible threats it is hoped they can have a better understanding of possible enemies and discover the best tactical way to defend against them. Also, they are hoping to find new allies that may be able to help with any further threats in the future as well as discover new technology, either by finding some on a planet or having a new allied race share some with them, to help add to their military power.