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September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

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Alien Races

The following is a list of alien races within the known universe. There are more races than the few listed here, but the others are typically minor races and not nearly as well known to the people of Terra. Even many of the ones mentioned here are only known about through stories from other races and reports, with no real first hand experience.



Homeworld/System : Barist; located in the Nogan system.

Primary Language : Roan (considered universal).

Physical Description : A very thin race, almost to the point of being poles about as thick as the average human finger. Despite they're fragile appearance they are deceptively strong and resilient to the point of being on equal footing with most people of Terra. They have no known facial features or any other distinguishing marks that can be recognized by the common inhabitant of Terra. Those who have enough experience with the Jarn will be able to tell a slight color difference between some, but this is not much more than a dark navy blue to a black color. Those more familiar with the biology of these creatures might be able to tell one Jarn apart from another, but even this is difficult for these trained professionals.

This is one of the ancient races. They are well known throughout the space traveling nations and are believed to be the first race of the known universe to begin space exploration. There are some who speculate that they actually know everything there is about this universe and simply refuse to talk about it. Whether this is true or not, it is clear that they are not very willing to discuss whatever knowledge they do have with the people of Terra. According to them, if their reasons are to be believed, a race cannot simply be handed the answers but must learn them for themselves.

Despite this fact the Jarn are the race who given the Space Exploration Program (SEP) of Terra the most help and encouragement. They haven't given technology, but have helped in a few minor aspects to complete devices which were near completion anyways (i.e. mainly helping work out a few bugs). In addition, the Jarn have provided labor and materials to help get the SEP underway.

As for the Jarn as a race, they tend to be a peaceful people. This does not mean that the Jarn are not capable of holding their own in a fight. In truth, the Jarn are one of the most technological races in the known universe and have the firepower to prove it when required. Even though they have no known religions within their society, they are typically a very spiritual people. However, knowledge of the Jarn is limited at best and a majority of it has been learned by observation instead of being taught. The typical Jarn tends to be calmed and relaxed under most circumstances. That does not mean they do not have emotions though, just that they don't reveal them very often (at least not to other races).

The Jarn have the second largest territory of all the races and occupy several systems. Travel through their system is permitted as long as permission is first requested. Requesting permission is a fairly simple with almost no hassle and can be obtained more often than not in a matter of minutes. Even though travel through their territory is allowed upon request, visiting any of their planets is strictly forbidden and could ruin friendly relations with their people. This rule also applies to several worlds outside of their territory that has been declared under the protection of the Jarn people.



Homeworld/System : Kothas; located in the Hengrin system.

Primary Language : Kothain.

Physical Description : They have thick, leathery skin typically colored orange or orange-red and a reddish underbelly. The Kotha typically stand between 10 and 15 feet tall and can easily weigh 800 pounds or more. Their hair is jet black and starts at the back half of their heads. It's typically grown long enough to pull back up to the top of their heads and form the traditional 'gonshak' (a roll of hair on the top of the head held with a 'tsawk', a wooden stick designed for this purpose) as is the custom of their people.

This is another of the ancient races. Their power and strength is well known throughout the known universe. No other known race can equal in sheer power when compare one on one with them, whether it be physically or technological. With training, natural ability, the most sophisticated of weapons technology, and strategy they are able to dominant most battles even when they are the ones outnumbered. Though this seems like a positive, for their race it has become a negative.

With the loss of real challenge in a battle, the Kotha have turned inward and have lost much of their will to battle. This is truly a sad fate for their people as they once loved the thrill of a good battle. It is this race which once tried to break through the Outer Sphere and managed to destroy a satellite before being pushed back. Now they spend most of their time within their own borders and don't have much communication with the rest of the known universe. Some believe they are strategizing on a new plan to defeat the Outer Sphere. They have taken very little interest in the SEP of Terra other than viewing them with slight interest in the hopes they will one day become powerful to give them a true challenge.

They have the largest territory in the known universe due to their prowess in combat and their campaigns of conquest in the past. In order to travel through their territory, a formal request must be made and this can take an undetermined amount of time to grant. Usually it is little more than a day, but has taken as long as a week, if it they bother to respond. The reason for the delay in response is not really clear as they more than often have ships guarding their borders and readily available for contact.

Even when access is granted to their territory, the ships are always escorted by a vessel from the Kotha fleet. Something to take into consideration though is that access is not guaranteed and about half of all requests from various races have been denied. Despite the hassles, it is far faster to be granted permission by the Kotha than to actually try and travel around their territory due to its massive size. If access is denied though, there is little choice but to travel around as trying to pass through without being welcomed is typically suicide.



Homeworld/System : Draco Prime; located in the Draco system (part of the Draco constellation).

Primary Language : Elcon.

Physical Description : Unknown. None of the races other than the ancient ones have ever seen this race and none of those races will give anything more than very vague statements.

Very little is known of this race other than they are one of the ancient races. There is a possibility that the Codragn even predate the Jarn in space exploration and were merely no longer interested, or simply taking a break, in space exploration by the time the Jarn first began. Though there is no proof to support this theory, the fact that the ancient writings containing the Elcon language can be found on many non-Codragn worlds helps to give it credence.

Even though there is no longer contact with the Codragn, the language itself has been learned by some of the younger races. This is mainly through help of an ancient race and/or study of these ancient writings on other worlds. These writings have been studied by scholars for ages, however little has ever been learned about them. More often than not, the writings when translated (hopefully accurately) give vague references which make little sense on their own. Due to it being found on so many worlds though, learning this language is often viewed as a sign of intellect among learned individuals.

Passage through Codragn space is extremely easy and even permission is not required. There is only one stipulation, scans of the Codragn homeworld are strictly forbidden. The Jarn have warned that the last time a race is suspected of doing such, they did not live long enough to share what information they may have learned. This is all the more mysterious as the race is known to have possessed instant transmission technology, allowing them to instantly send signals back to different section of the known universe regardless of distance.

In recent times, not long before the world of Terra entered the space faring age, the legendary Codragn ships have been seen traveling in the universe. These ships ignore all attempts at contact and any hostile action is typically returned with brutal force. Escape is possible though and the Codragn hardly seem interested in pursuing these vessels regardless of their actions. Their vessels are capable of deflecting any sensor readings directed at them making it impossible to get life readings or any other type. From all signs, the recent reappearance of these ships is a mystery even to the other ancient races.

Regardless of the fact that they are an ancient race, the Codragn do not have a very large territory. Though their territory is technically considered to expand across the entire Draco constellation, the only planet that the Codragn are located is their homeworld. The rest of the systems and worlds do not seem to be a concern to them and scans and visits are acceptable. Only extremely hostile actions towards these worlds will go noticed by the Codragn and will be responded to in like kind.



Homeworld/System : Cein; located in the Mogass system.

Primary Language : Shrawk.

Physical Description : A race of sentient plants.

The Broogaun are one of the ancient races. They spent their years in space and were well respected for their wisdom and fairness. However, long before even most of the younger races started to venture into space, they had already withdrawn into their territory. Their reason for doing this is unknown to even the other ancient races. Since confining themselves within their territory, they have not made contact with any of the other races. On occasion, one of their living ships can be picked up on sensors from a ship on the borders of their space proving they have not died off over the years.

They have a rather small territory which makes it fairly easy to travel around. This is fortunate for the other races as the Broogaun do not grant anyone access within their borders. Even if the Broogaun do not act on a ship crossing those borders, the Jarn would not stand for such a transgression if ever discovered. Having the Jarn as an enemy could be a far worse fate than anytime lost by simply traveling around their territory.



Homeworld/System : Sukas; located in the Tubras system.

Primary Language : An odd form of symbols through the use of sign language. Their fingers can bend and twist to make many unusual symbols not common to most. This is a form of language not known to just about any other race. For purposes of trade, they are familiar with many other languages, but most commonly will use Roan.

Physical Description : These are a small race with rather large heads. Even the largest of their race is only about four feet in height. They have pale white skin, large all black eyes, and long flexible fingers. Their race has no concept of clothing, but also have no visible traits that identify the difference between male and female. There is some speculation they only have one gender instead of two, but no race is known to have been able to afford to find out the answer to that question as of yet.

This is an old race, but not nearly old enough to be considered one of the ancients. Their strongest trait is that of curiosity. According to stories, the curiosity of the Vogar knows no bounds. It is even believed that it is their race which is responsible for the classic alien abduction stories of Terra from long ago as an act of curiosity. Despite the possibility and the fact they fit the description, there is no proof to confirm this belief and remains only speculation.

Their race is best known for their services as traders. Just about any service, information, equipment, or anything else can be purchased from the Vogar for the right price. It is from this race which the people of Terra purchased the current space chart in their possession. Due to their inability to purchase a better chart, the current one is rather incomplete. Even the funds that were used to acquire the space chart were in part raised by the Jarn.

Trade with the Vogar does not always have to be through money alone. They are known as traders after all and not merchants. Most of the information and technology the Vogar currently possess has been acquired via trade with the various races of the known universe. To best keep the opportunity for trade open they do not make a habit of fighting with the other races. However, to protect against pirates they are usually well armed. Due to their habits of trading just about anything though, weaponry from ship to ship can vary greatly due to having traded some of their weapons or traded for better ones.

Since the Vogar spend most of their time in the territory of other races trading, they have a rather small territory. The borders to their territory are rather open as is travel to their planets, as long as the price is right. Weapons are to be powered down upon entering their territory and combat is not allowed. However, once again, as long as the price is right such transgressions can be overlooked.

Even though there are not commonly many Vogar ships in their territory and these rules cannot be supported by force, nor would they even if they could as fighting potential clients is bad for business, not respecting their rules can result in dramatically higher prices next time trade is required with them. Since they are the only race that seems to be able to acquire just about anything and their prices already tend to be rather high, it is usually not a wise idea to anger them.



Homeworld/System : Olympus; located in the Hades system

Primary Language : Dei; but most are also known to speak Greek.

Physical Description : The people of Olympus resemble various creatures from ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

This is an old race, but still too young to be considered an ancient race. Though they are known to be space travelers, their motivations don't seem to be clear. Even to the Olympians, their reason for it is a mystery. According to them it is simply a calling. Since it is simply their destiny that is what they intend to do until they can find the purpose behind it. Without any clear motivations of their own, their actions can be rather unpredictable and typically reflects the personality of each individual ship leader more than any rules or guidelines set out by their race.

There is a theory, with strong basis, that an Olympian ship crashed on Terra long ago and created the myths of old. It is even believed that the Greek word for god stems from the language the ones they believed were gods spoke. According to the belief of the Olympians when they die their life force returns to their home system and helps to fuel the life energies there. This belief is said to have created the name for the world of the afterlife in Greek mythology. Similarly, the crew of the crashed ship is believed to have claimed a mountain as their new home and named it after their homeworld.

Due to this belief, many Olympians have agreed to help the people of Terra when it is reasonable to do so in return for their people being treated as gods in the past. However, they rarely make it habit to get too involved in the culture of another as they each have their own destinies which should be followed, as they follow theirs. Some Olympians even hold a grudge against the people of Terra due to old tales of their people being slaughtered such as the Minotaur in legend.

Since the Olympians do not have any clear purpose for traveling the universe, they typically do not waste much time settling other planets or fighting wars. This has caused them to have no territory they call theirs other than their homeworld. Traveling near it is allowed, but there are typically several ships guarding it and even the appearance of a possible hostile action can result in retaliation. The terms of a hostile action is left to the discretion of the ones in charge of the ships. For this reason, it is usually best to give the planet a wide enough berth to avoid any possible misunderstandings.



Homeworld/System : Oragim; located in the Yentim system.

Primary Language : Shon.

Physical Description : A hairless race with smooth light blue skin. Their most notable feature is all the bones sticking out of their bodies. These bones include spike along their arms, a pair of blade like bones that extend over their hands, a protective piece over their chests, and a ridge over their brow.

This is one of the younger races. They are a race of warriors and in their short time in the known universe have made a well known name for themselves. Simply because they are a race of warriors though does not mean they go picking fights with every race they come in contact with, merely that they love a good fight and have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. Of all the races in the known universe, the Senti are the ones it seems that the forces of Terra will need to watch out for the most. Their territory is suggested to just be avoided entirely if possible for the time being.

The Jarn view them as a younger version of the Kotha. This can be a good thing as the Kotha were good allies; or a bad thing as they were also known to have launched a number of long and bloody campaigns for conquest of other systems. With their conquest of the Peltrans it seems the latter may at least be likely, but only time will tell for sure. As for the Kotha, they believe of all the races in the known universe that the Senti are the most likely to offer a good challenge once they get a little older.



Homeworld/System : Peltra; located in the Yentim system.

Primary Language : Shon; formerly their main language was Nonn.

Physical Description : This is a fairly human looking race with only slight differences. Their hair tends to be far more bright and colorful taking on shades such as pink, purple, green, and blue. The second main difference is the gills on their backs as well as their hands and feet being webbed. It is believed that this race once lived underwater, but since moved onto land for one reason or another.

After a misunderstanding, it is unclear of which side the misunderstanding actually took place, a war between the Peltrans and the Senti began. This war allowed both races to make great strides in weapons technology and finally ended with the Senti being the victor. Since the Peltrans were losers of the war, they are now forced to live under the control of the Senti. Through this war, the Senti profited by being able to incorporate the Peltrans technology with their own to make them even more powerful than before.