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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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September 05, 2015

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The Purifiers

Chapter 4: The Monsters Within (Scene 2)


"So do Haven and Pax always sleep like that?" asks Z'Xen as the group follows E'Sarinn through the woods.


Fenix responds, "Some wolves huddle together for warmth, or as part of pack mentality."


Z'Xen says, "That explains Pax, but Haven is not a wolf. Tonight is not even that cold out. So why would he do it?"


Fenix says, "She ... I mean, he ... I mean ... bah! What are you asking me for? I don't know which one of us is crazier, me ... or you for thinking I can help." The Fire Sprite zips off ahead leaving a small vapory trail in her wake.


Bastiel says, "He considers his animals his companions. If it helps Pax, I'm sure he'd do it."


"That makes sense," Z'Xen says.


Haven keeps pace with the swift E'Sarinn and leads the rest of the pack. He calls out, "You know I can hear you, right?"


Z'Xen cringes with an "Eep" that slips out. She calls out to him, "Sorry."


E'Sarinn makes a hand gesture in the air.


Bastiel whispers to Z'Xen, "Quiet now. We're close." She tightens her lips and nods as the group creeps ever closer to their destination.


"You make too much noise," announces a voice from off to the side. Muscles tighten as heads jerk in the direction. E'Sarinn has weapon pointed. Leaning against a tree, his arms crossed, is H'Dargoyn. The rest of the group eases and the stealthy Elf continues, "Fortunately the scene is clear. Whoever did this has made haste in their departure."


Q'Uetel says, "Though gone in body, a presence yet lingers. The emanations flowing through this place sets my tips atingle."


Kendroll asks E'Sarinn, "What does he mean by that?"


"Have you ever wondered," responds E'Sarinn, "how Q'Uetel can sense magic the way he does?"


"I always thought it was due to his Wizard training," answers Kendroll.


E'Sarinn says, "There is truth in those words, but that is only a small piece of a larger picture. He is an Elf, and as such born with an attunement to magic. The points on an Elves' ears can sense it, like a natural dowsing rod that tingles at the presence of large reservoirs of mystic power. His training merely enhances that innate characteristic."


Kendroll asks, "So then the other Elves, like you and H'Dargoyn, can sense it too?"


"No. Not I," responds E'Sarinn as his gaze shifts away and towards the ground..


Kendroll says, "But you said all Elves ..."


"Nice chat," interjects H'Dargoyn. "But how about we save it for another time and return to the task before us."


"Sorry," responds Kendroll.


E'Sarinn asks, "What did you find?"


"Fragments of a shattered rune weapon," answers H'Dargoyn.


With panic in his voice K'Ulnar asks, "Is it...?"


H'Dargoyn answers quickly, "No, it is not Mancer's. Colors are wrong, and while hard to be certain I do not believe it was an axe."


Q'Uetel says, "Destruction of a rune item. Nay had I thought such a feat possible. That would explain the currents of power I sense yet wisping upon the air."


A rustling comes from the trees. The group readies their weapons. A massive metal hand guides a large tree branch out of the way as Mancer emerges.


K'Ulnar sighs in relief and smiles. "Good to see you well, my friend. Enjoyed giving us a start, did you?"


"I do not know what you mean," says Mancer. "I was patrolling the grounds when I heard the sounds of battle in the distance. I came to investigate when I found all of you."


Shooter lights his pipe. "If you heard the same battle as the others," he questions, "then why did you arrive so much later?"


"Golem bodies are not known for their speed," replies Mancer.


"Fair enough," says Shooter. After taking a puff on his pipe he says, "Still, something is not right with this scene." He crouches down as he looks at the tracks on the ground, making his already diminutive stature even more minute.


H'Dargoyn says, "None of the tracks belong to Mancer. The winner headed off in that direction."


Shooter asks, "And the loser? No body, nor a second set of tracks leaving. So what happened to the second opponent?"


Kendroll suggests, "Maybe the sounds we heard were part of the process of destroying the rune item, not a battle."


H'Dargoyn says, "No. There were definitely two combatants. The fate of the opponent is troubling indeed. Though a Void spell or something similar could explain the disappearance, at present we have little information to form a solid conclusion."


The eyes of Shooter gaze down at the tracks leaving the area, then shift upward at the towering Mancer. "I think we do."


Mancer replies, "I just arrived, and H'Dargoyn confirmed it. Besides, I do not have the power to destroy the undestroyable."


Shooter says, "No, but ..." The pipe falls from his lips as he spins quickly. By the time he's turned, an arrow already notched in his bow and aimed, his pipe finally hits the ground with the last remnants of smoke puffing up from it.


Standing at the other end of the pointed arrow is a Dwarf unknown to the group, his approach completely undetected by the others until now. The Dwarf declares, "He's right. He does not hold that power." Hefting his mighty two-handed rune mallet in his hands the Dwarf finishes, "For he does not wield the power of The Ruiner in his hands."


Shooter replies, "The power to destroy rune weapons. And you didn't run because we approached. You went looking for your next target." His arrow still poised and at the ready.


"Good," the Dwarf says. "then we understand each other." Held in only one hand he points his massive mallet at Mancer, the even more giant golem. "I have no desire for conflict, so just hand over the rune axe so that my hammer may eliminate its evil taint from this world once and for all."