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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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September 05, 2015

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The Purifiers

Chapter 2: Dreams Fall (Scene 3)


Pax and Fenix wait on the top steps to the large estate. Pax rests comfortably as Fenix flutters about, her mist body moving through her wolf companion's fur like a warm summer breeze.


"Ah come on!" Fenix exclaims. "How long does he expect us to wait? It's had to be at least five minutes. Maybe even ten! What do you say me and you go and have some fun? I heard there's a guy in town that's terrified of wolves. We should stop by and ... mwuhaahaha!"


Pax continues to sit on the step and yawns.


"But ... but ... childhood trauma! It'll be hilarious." Fenix looks at the wolf who's still showing no interest in her machinations. Desperately she adds, "He's a butcher. When he runs away you can have all the meat you can eat."


Pax rests her head on her forepaws. Fenix sighs, "All right. We'll wait for Haven." She then hugs Pax, even though her ghostly arms can't actually touch the wolf that doesn't stop her from making the motion. "I'll stay right by your side, no matter what."


Pax turns her head towards Fenix and nuzzles the Fire Sprite's vapory nose.




Within the grand hall of Lord Wilhelm's mansion, seven of his Purifiers kneel before the mighty Titan. He sits in his chair as he says, "So Scholm had been planning an attack on Dreams Fall? These monsters continue to grow more daring."


Q'Uetel asks, "Then is it not time we do something about it? They push deeper every day and defile our lands."


Lord Wilhelm answers, "I know, but they must wait. We have to focus our energies on one enemy at a time."


Q'Uetel says, "But magic is not our enemy."


Lord Wilhelm responds, "Not all magic, no. But there are dark schools of magic which should have never seen the light of day. A land may be lost and reclaimed, 'tis nothing of importance. These dark arts, however, threaten the very essence of who we are."


Q'Uetel grimaces, but bites his tongue.


After leaving a pause to ensure there is no further debate, Lord Wilhelm announces, "In other news, I'm pleased to report that repairs to Mancer have been complete. Both he and K'Ulnar will be returning to your group for your next mission. I've also found a couple of replacements for the two members you lost, bringing you up to full strength again."


E'Sarinn keeps his head lowered and his expression all too serious. Lord Wilhelm glances at him, but does not let his eyes stay focused as he lets them sweep over all the others. "One is a Dwarf. He had been nearing completion of his Wizard studies when the war ended. His mind is brilliant, but he's still coming to grips with the decision for Dwarves to abandon all magic. E'Sarinn ..."


Hearing his name causes the Elf's head to look up, shock snapping him out of his wandering thoughts. Lord Wilhelm continues, "I'd like you to look after him."


E'Sarinn asks, "Me sir? But would not one of the other Dwarves be better suited?"


Lord Wilhelm says, "Perhaps, but I believe you're uniquely qualified to help him deal with his loss. Wouldn't you agree?"


A breath leaves E'Sarinn's mouth, but no words. Then he nods and says, "Yes, sir."


"The other," Lord Wilhelm adds, "is a female Elf."


There's a gasp from the three Elves in the group who all dart a look at the Titan. Lord Wilhelm raises a hand as he says, "I know the Elven beliefs. Do not worry, she is a Sister of the Blue Flame. She will be accompanying you as a healer, support only. She's still young though. Bastiel, I'm hoping you'll help look after her."


Bastiel the Empty gives Lord Wilhelm a wary look, but doesn't object or say anything at all.


Lord Wilhelm declares, "Then, unless there's anything else ..."


Before he can finish E'Sarinn says, "Sir, I'd like to talk to you in private."


"I understand your reservations about a female Elf joining ..."


"No. I mean, yes, but it's not that sir. There's something else I wish to discuss."


Lord Wilhelm pauses, and then gives a nod. "As you wish," he announces. "The rest of you are dismissed until tomorrow. You'll be headed out on another mission, so make the best of this time."


Once the others leave, Lord Wilhelm closes his eyes as he breathes in through his nose, then exhales through the mouth. Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the mouth. Then a white, slightly luminous gel begins to appear near the stump on his right thigh. He continues his breathing as the Ectoplasm shapes itself into the rest of his missing leg. He opens his eyes again and says, "E'Sarinn, let's go for a walk."


Standing to his feet, his one real leg trembling slightly, Lord Wilhelm puts his hands behind his back and heads down a hall. Without further word, E'Sarinn rises to his feet and follows. The two walk down the hall in silence. Lord Wilhelm walks with a minor limp, keeping a slower than average pace, with E'Sarinn maintaining a steady distance of two paces behind, the tall Elf not even reaching the height of the mighty Titan's waist.


Lord Wilhelm finally motions an open palm to his side. "Do not just follow. Walk by my side."


"Yes, sir," E'Sarinn says as he speeds up his pace just enough to catch up to Lord Wilhelm, then slows down again to match the Titan.


Lord Wilhelm says, "Tell me what troubles you. Whatever it is, it seems greater than your usual woes."


E'Sarinn says, "It is the team. They are all talented individuals, but that is the problem: They are all individuals. Division continues to threaten our mission. We cannot even agree on which path to take to reach our destinations. This inner conflict is proving as dangerous as any dark magic. We need a leader, someone who can bring everyone together and make this work. Is it not time you finally name one, sir?"


"I understand your concerns," Lord Wilhelm tells him, "but naming a leader is something I cannot do. I am sorry."


"But you're the head of the order. It is within your power."


Lord Wilhelm sighs. "Yes, it is within my power. However, if leadership is just granted then nothing will ever be resolved.


E'Sarinn exclaims, "Sir, this is not the time for riddles! We are tearing ourselves apart. We have already lost two members because we could not work together. We almost lost another. During this last fight Q'Uetel hit Rock with Call Lightning, and I am not even entirely sure it was an accident. How will us killing each other resolve anything?"


The Titan's demeanor never changes, despite the outburst from his walking companion. Staying calm he responds, "That was not meant as a riddle." He stops and looks across the railed hall that looks out to the garden outside. A female Titan tends to the gardens, and a young Titan girl plays near her. Lord Wilhelm smiles as he watches them. Then he turns his attentions back to E'Sarinn, "Do you know why the Elf-Dwarf War began?"


E'Sarinn answers, "The Dwarves alone held the secrets to rune magic, and they lorded it over us. We resented the fact, and we tried to get them to share their secrets through subjugation. Tensions grew until finally the Riot of --"


Lord Wilhelm interrupts him, "I do not seek a lesson of how it shall be written in the history books, but I wanted to know if you truly understood its roots."


E'Sarinn looks up at the towering Titan. He asks, "Sir, I'm afraid I don't understand."


Lord Wilhelm continues, "Save for the gods themselves, Titans, Dragons, and Elves are the only races of the Light to survive the Age of Chaos and the war with those who shant be named. Elves were still young at the time, so the Titans and Dragons looked after them, much like parents watch over their children. The Elves grew into a grand civilization, and Dragons and Titans finally realized it was time to step back and let you grow. The reigns of the world were handed over to the Elves. They lived up to their legacy and made Titan and Dragon proud."


"Then came the Dwarves," Lord Wilhelm continues. "They built a civilization that could rival the Elves, but the Dwarves had no legacy to live up to. Instead they grew into something new and different, something ... exciting. Titans and Dragons lauded their success. This is the seed of the war. Elves grew jealous, feeling that the Dwarves were being shown far too much attention. Dwarves began to feel they should be the rightful heirs to this world, but the Elves had it wrongfully handed to them. As a result both races tore the land apart." He shakes his head, "No. Titan and Dragons have already played too large of a role in the course of history. The Dragons have already paid dearly for their intervention."


E'Sarinn cuts in, "That was the Dwarves' doing."


Lord Wilhelm says, "That incident, yes. But do you think the Elves are free from blame? Or do you not know the tale of how I lost my leg?" His voice remains peaceful, never being raised or showing any signs of loss.


E'Sarinn averts his gaze, "You lost it during an Elven attack. We laid siege to a town of Dwarven civilians. You tried to reason with them, but they wouldn't listen. When the attack started you put yourself in harms way to get as many innocents out as possible. You lost your leg fighting for what was right."


"I never want to see so much tragedy again," Lord Wilhelm tells him. "If I name a leader, the same would happen to the team. Those who believe they were more fit would rebel and hold resentment. History would repeat itself all over again."


"We are already tearing ourselves apart," retorts E'Sarinn. "In order to stop more bloodshed we need a leader."


Lord Wilhelm says, "I know, but in order for leadership to work it must first be earned."


In a far softer voice E'Sarinn now asks, "Have I not earned it?"


"I'm sorry," Lord Wilhelm replies, "but clearly you have not. If you had, then you wouldn't be asking."


"Then what more must I do? Tell me and I swear it shall be done. There is no task beneath me if it means proving myself to you."


Lord Wilhelm says, "Oh sweet child, you have already proven yourself to me. I know you are capable, but I'm not the one you need to prove yourself to."


E'Sarinn asks, "Then who?"


"Not to myself or any other Titan," Lord Wilhelm answers. "The only ones you need to prove anything to are the ones you wish to lead."


E'Sarinn let's out a grunt. "I have tried talking to them. It is no use. The Dwarves refuse the idea of an Elf in charge. The Elves refuse a Dwarf in change. We are stalemated." He closes his eyes and takes a slow, deep breath. "The situation is hopeless."


Lord Wilhelm keeps a calm voice as he says, "Words will never be enough, but a situation is never hopeless until you give up. Don't give up now."


E'Sarinn looks up at Lord Wilhelm, his pupils shifting back and forth scanning the Titan's eyes. "Then tell me, what do I do?"


Lord Wilhelm lightly places one of his enormous hands on the shoulder of E'Sarinn. "That, I'm afraid, is something you'll have to figure out for yourself."


E'Sarinn pleads, "I do not know what step to take next. I am lost. Sir, tell me something, please."


Lord Wilhelm stares at the ceiling. He takes a long pause before saying, "I'm sorry, but Titans have interfered too much already." He then looks down to the much shorter Elf. "It's time you learn to find your own path."


Both stand quietly for a long time, but that silence is interrupted when Lord Wilhelm braces a hand against the wall. E'Sarinn rushes to his side, even if logically he couldn't support the Titan's weight no matter how hard he tried. "Sir?"


Lord Wilhelm can hear the anxiety in his companion's voice. "Do not worry," he says. "Walking like this just takes a lot out of me."


E'Sarinn can see the Titan's face glistening. Standing tall E'Sarinn says, "I am still not sure I understand and I cannot say this is the answer I sought, but I believe that is the best I am going to get."


"You may not understand yet, but you took my words in. You're thinking about them. That is all I ever ask."


"Sir, I thank you for hearing my concerns. I will take up no more of your time. You may rest now, I will see myself out." E'Sarinn crosses his arms in front of his chest, elbows down towards the hips with wrists interlocked near the heart. His right open, fingers extended and his palm held against his left chest. His left wrist rests atop the right, open handed with fingers extended, but this time his thumb rests against the right side of his chest with his palm out to the side. He bows at the waist, a deep bow of respect, yet never takes his eyes off the Titan. Then he turns and walks out.


Lord Wilhelm looks at the ground. "That boy. He always thinks he's so alone." Then his Ectoplasm leg starts to wobble. What once was solid turns to rubber and the Titan falls over, landing on a table and knocking over the vase that rest upon it. A small puddle of water spreads across the floor with a few flowers strewn about the mess, including one that landed in Lord Wilhelm's hair. He picks himself up enough for his back to lean against the wall.


Rushing in through a door is the young Titan girl form the garden. "Daddy? Daddy! Are you okay?" She runs over to him.


He smiles as he strokes her hair behind her ear with the tips of his fingers. "Of course. I just wanted to get into a better position to hug you when you came in." He wraps his giant arms around her.


Walking in behind the girl is the older female that had been with her. She looks as Lord Wilhelm on the ground and shakes her head. Dryly she says, "My idiot husband, never could accept your limits."


With his back still perched up against the wall he takes the flower from his hair and hands it to his daughter, "For you, my dear." The little girl eyes go wide as she smiles. Lord Wilhelm looks up at his wife and says, "If I did, I would have never won your hand."


She gives a wry smile. "Come now, let's get you up from there." She crouches down beside him, taking one of his arms around her shoulder and helps him up, supporting the bulk of his weight.