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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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Optional Player Character


Their race is believed to have come into existence around the time of the Age of Light along with the dwarves, gnomes, humans, and many other races. It is even believed that they may be the cousin of the emirin, just more a humanoid form. While some of the other races started to make great strides in culture and civilizations forming kingdoms and nations during the Age of a Thousand Magicks, the lyncat did not start making any similar major advancements in their civilization until after the Age of Elves began.

While the dwarves became well known for their weapon designs and constructing great underground tunnels, the lyncat became well known for their elaborate cities with magnificent architecture above the ground. There are even some rumors that the lyncat are the race responsible for constructing the Golden City of Baalgor so beloved by the elves. This seems unlikely though as the city is believed to have been around since before the lyncat ever became a world presence. There is the possibility that the lyncat were able to help restructure the city into the magnificent location earning it the name of the Golden City.

When the Elf-Dwarf War began the lyncat tried to avoid becoming involved in the great conflict. However, like the gnomes and the titans, the lyncat were not so fortunate. Despite trying to not take sides, their people became caught in the crossfire and suffered effects from the atrocities committed by both of the warring races. Their cities were almost completely destroyed along with most of their race. It was decided the only way to avoid suffering further by this war was to move out of its path entirely. To do this, they moved into underground shelters.

Though great architects, they had limited capabilities to create elaborate underground tunnels due to limited experience. Instead of creating their own, the inhabited tunnels that had been already created either naturally or by another race which have since been abandoned or partially destroyed. From there, they expanded upon these tunnels, fortified the structures, and created new cities with constructions the likes of which had never before been seen under the ground. Despite this fact, their ability to create new underground passages is still limited when compared against races like dwarves, gnomes, and kobolds.

Since their retreat to under the earth the lyncat have not returned to the surface, except for possibly a single lyncat that had been expelled from the community or run away for one reason or another. Due to the fact they have not been seen in thousands of years it is believed they are one of the many races which were wiped out of existence during the horrible war. In truth though, the lyncat have continued to thrive beneath the surface. The vast majority of lyncat are not even aware if the war has ended or still raging on overhead.


The Humans

When the lyncat were finally making their move to go underground, a huge battle between the elves and dwarves overtook the area. While retreating for the passages the lyncat leader, Lord Fenris the Solemn, noticed a group of humans hiding from the battle. He stopped to save the other innocent bystanders and took them into the tunnels with his people. However, he was terribly injured in the act and ended up dying shortly later as a result.

Even though their leader died to save them, the lyncat welcomed the humans into their new home. Since Lord Fenris was willing to sacrifice his life for the humans, the surviving lyncat felt it would be a disgrace to his memory to treat them wrongly in any manner. For this reason the humans continued to live along side the lyncat in the underground passages. However, cut off from the rest of the world, the humans here ended up on a different evolutionary path.

The humans here have remained more barbaric as they were back in the time of the Elf-Dwarf War. As a result they tend to be more subservient to the lyncat. For this reason they are often viewed more as slaves as opposed to welcomed members of the society. These humans may lack in mental capabilities compared to their surface brethren, but tend to make up for it in sheer physical prowess. In addition, they have developed limited nightvision capabilities (40 ft; 12.2 m).


The Tribes

After a few centuries of living under the ground the original society began to grow too big for the small community. Since the lyncat often breed more rapidly (1-4 children in a litter) their population has been able to replenish their numbers more rapidly. This increasing numbers caused the community to branch off into different sections of the tunnels. There are other dangers in the tunnels which have helped to keep their numbers from growing too out of control.

One tribe in particular, the Mutal Tribe, was nearly wiped out completely by a poisonous water supply. The ill effects of the water did not show until a few days later and ended up killing approximately two-thirds of the tribe before a cure could be found. They attempted a simple Purification spell to cleanse the water, but the poisonous effects appear to be the result of some type of magic and immune to such effects. With the aid of magical stones found in the surrounding areas enhanced by their own magic, they found a way to purify the underground spring.

However, the power of the stones is beginning to wear out and the knowledge of the spell to enhance these stones has been lost for the last hundred years. There was an attack by a wandering Blow Worm which ravaged their community. Before it could be driven off it killed the last member of their tribe who was familiar with that type of magic. The secrets of that magic had been passed on from generation to generation. However, this latest death occurred only a few years after learning this art before it was possible to teach any others.

The Mutal Tribe tried to remain calm while coming up with a solution, but now with time running out they have begun to resort to more drastic measures. They have decided to do something they never thought they would do again, go to the surface for help. There have been thoughts of trying to move the tribe, but they are already near the end of the east side of the tunnels and going the other way would end up resulting in overcrowding of another community. In addition, the trip itself is dangerous and may result in heavy losses of the tribe. The thought itself has not been completely ruled out, but held as a last resort.

Only a select few members of the tribe have been selected to make this trip and magically altered to disguise their appearance. Since humans still lived among their people, it seemed easiest to use that form as it was readily available. Their hope is to find something on the surface which can save their tribe before it is too late. Even though time is running out, they should still have several years before it is too late. This tribe is located under the Timiro city of Basst.


Forgotten Knowledge

As the lyncat have lived away from the rest of the world for the last few millennia, they still possess knowledge of things long forgotten by the world above. Since the lyncat had already escaped into underground tunnels during this time, they did not suffer from the Millennium of Purification. They still possess some of the lost arts that were destroyed by the elves and dwarves during that time. This knowledge has continued to be passed down through the generations.

Unfortunately, the lyncat were not a major world power at the time and did not know nearly as much about those subjects as some of the other races still giving them only limited knowledge. In addition, having been secluded, they have missed out on some of the newer arts created after that time. Some of these things tend to be nearly identical while others have a way to be drastically different. This can prove an advantage if the lyncat are ever forced to deal with people from the surface, but it is equally as likely to be their undoing.



Alignment: Any, but most tend to be selfish with a lesser number being good. An evil lyncat is a rarity.

Attributes: I.Q. 3D6, M.E. 4D6, M.A. 2D6, P.S. 2D6+2, P.P. 4D6, P.E. 3D6, P.B. 3D6, Spd. 4D6

Hit Points: P.E. +1D6 per level of experience.

S.D.C.: 10 plus those gained from O.C.C.s and physical skills.

Average P.P.E.: 5D6 for the typical lyncat.

O.C.C.s Available to Lyncat: Any, without restriction, although most become men at arms. The true pride and joy of the lyncat society though are those that develop their psychic abilities or learn the mystical arts. They view standard physical combat, though necessary, as crude and barbaric with other methods being far more civilized means of dealing with problems.

O.C.C. Skill Notes: Not applicable.

Horror Factor: 8

Physical Appearance: The lyncat look like similar to a humanoid version of the emirin. This is a muzzled head, whiskers, and long pointed ears. There are some minor differences as well. For instance they have large slitted golden or emerald eyes and long striped fur on their cheeks with long body fur. Their tails tend to be shorter than a typical emirin though and they have heavy thighs, probably a result of walking more on only two legs.

Size: 4 to 5 1/2 feet (1.2 to 1.7 m) tall.

Weight: 70 to 120 pounds (31.5 to 54 kg).

Average Life Span: 75 years, though some have lived up to 150.

Natural Abilities: In addition to agility and speed, the character also has nightvision 90 ft (27.4), excellent day vision (equal to human), a natural sense of balance and an innate ability to sense the supernatural.

Sense of Balance: A natural ability to keep balanced in most situations and to avoid falling. It also allows the character a chance to land on his/her feet before landing. When successfully gaining balance in a fall, the character will land on all fours instead of just the two legs. The base proficiency is 70% and does not increase with level.

Presence Sense: This is similar to the psychic ability of the same name. It lacks the accuracy of the psychic ability and is more a sense of, "We are not alone." The distance is undeterminable and the number is limited to one, two, or many (and that is only right 50% of the time). On the plus side this is an automatic ability whenever a supernatural or magical creature comes within a 120 foot (36 m) diameter. As this is a natural ability to all lyncat, there is not expenditure of I.S.P.

Retractable Claws: The lyncat possess a set of claws they are able to retract back into their fingers. They can remain hidden until needed. These claws inflict 2D6 damage +P.S. bonus and add a +5% to the climb ability (no bonus to the rappelling/rope climbing).

Bonuses: +1 on initiative and +2 to save vs. psionic attack. Claw attack does 2D6 damage +P.S. bonus and bite attack does 1D4 damage but no P.S. bonus if applicable.

Magic: By O.C.C. only.

Psionics: Standard, same as humans.

Enemies: None per say, though a vast majority of lyncat still hold a grudge towards the elves and dwarves due to the atrocities they witnessed and their race being caught in the crossfire during the Elf-Dwarf War.

Allies: None per say, though are accustomed to humans due to the small tribe that lives in the tunnels with them. There are also a good number which feel a certain level of sympathy towards the gnome and titan races due to them being unwillingly being pulled into the war as well.

Habitat: Before the Elf-Dwarf War, they inhabited large thriving cities of excellent and revolutionary architecture closer to the Dwarven Empire. However during the war, they began to inhabit large and expansive underground tunnels to try and avoid the conflict. Most of the tunnels are in the general vicinity of the Old Kingdom Mountains with some of them stretching so far east to completely travel under the mountains and into the land of Timiro with others going as for west as to reach Mt. Nimro.

Favorite Weapons: Any, but lyncat prefer a close type of fighting style favoring knives, short swords, throwing axes, and other small sized, short ranged weapons.

Other Notes:

1.        Worship a variety of deities. The religion tends to be the same for an entire tribe, but varies from tribe to tribe.

2.        Wear all types of armor. Having lived under the ground for so long leather types, formed the skins of animals naturally living under the ground as well, are the most common.

3.        Prefer developing psionic abilities or magical studies as opposed to physical traits.

4.        Tend to have little interest in the surface world, but still have a way of being attracted to things such as a shiny gold coin or priceless gems.

5.        Known for their excellent works of architecture.