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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

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The Labyrinth

"Everywhere and nowhere, even those who find a way out may find they are more lost than when they started."

-- Secrets of the Labyrinth


Lurking beneath every world is the Labyrinth. Entering into the Labyrinth appears as little more than a cave entrance leading underground. Inside is a maze of sprawling caverns, and those not prepared for the secrets of the Labyrinth may never find their way out. The Labyrinth is so large and vast that it's larger than any world, defying conventional limits of space. Many believe it simply goes on forever as not a single soul is known to have seen the end of the Labyrinth.

Within the Labyrinth there are millions to billions of exits, maybe even more. Finding an exit is not the hard part in escaping the Labyrinth; the trick is to find the right exit. What few who enter the Labyrinth realize is that it's not connected to any one world, but to all worlds. Once entering into the Labyrinth characters enter into another dimension. This dimension appears like an underground cavern, but has dimensional doorways linking every world in the Megaverse. Most worlds have one dimensional doorway, but a few have two or more.

While the name Labyrinth is commonly used on the Palladium World, some other worlds call this place by other names such as the Gateway, the Nexus, or even the Underworld. Sometimes these words are combined with a term like Celestial or Dimensional. Regardless of the term, all roads lead to the Labyrinth. Using the Labyrinth adventurers can travel from world to any other without the need to dimensional travel by natural or magical means. This can play a pivotal role in pursuing individuals who can travel to other dimensions with far greater ease, or tracking a demon into the pits of Hades to finish it off once and for all.

Being able to do something doesn't mean being able to do something effectively however. Simply wanting to travel to a specific dimension doesn't mean the characters will ever find the right one. None who dare travel here should ever forget that this place is called the Labyrinth for a reason. In addition to the maze-like cavern, even after an exit is found there is no telling where it may lead. Individuals can spend a lifetime here and may never find the dimension their looking for, at least not without luck or help.

Just because the Labyrinth exists outside of every world does not mean it's uninhabited. Dimensional travelers, such as dragons and demons, can be found here as well as many subterranean races such as bands of goblins and communities of troglodytes. Travelers who've become hopelessly lost may call the Labyrinth the closest thing to a home they have left. Even if they continue to search dimension after dimension, the Labyrinth is the one place the return to time and time again.

Sharing information can help lost travelers get a better idea of where they are in this endless maze of caverns. Of course, not all inhabitants will be helpful and those that are won't necessarily share their information for free, often asking for favors or trade before providing any information. This is of course if they have any useful or accurate information at all. Travelers must also be wary of trading for information without any method to verify it, because like any other place in the Megaverse there are those in the Labyrinth who will sell false information to make a quick profit.


The Palladium World

The entrance to the Labyrinth in the Palladium World is located within a Pyramid of Osiris. In the Timiro Kingdom, on the Nisi Peninsula, stands a pyramid dedicated to the Lawgiver. Most believe this pyramid contains one of the 14 pieces of Osiris, a false temple to throw off looters, or once held a piece that has since been stolen. None of these are true. Within the pyramid, at the base and below all the other levels, lies the entrance into the Labyrinth. In addition to serving as a monument to Osiris, this pyramid helps to serve two main purposes.

The first is to protect the natives from anything that might find its way from the other side. Any monsters finding their way to the Palladium World will find themselves within the pyramid among a myriad of traps. This helps to keep the world safe. The second reason is to prevent random travelers from becoming lost within its maze. With the Labyrinth surrounded by a Pyramid of Osiris, it is impossible for random people to wander into the endless caverns and become lost.

To gain entrance into the Labyrinth, the first task necessary is to learn its location. With the Labyrinth having been sealed off for so long, there are few even rumors of its existence, and fewer telling its true location. Once discovered, adventurers must convince the priests who stand guard over the pyramid that their quest is just. If the quest proves worthy, they may be escorted into the temple and through all the traps by one of the priests. Those who don't prove worthy can always attempt to sneak in, as will many unsuspecting thieves. Choosing this route means having to contend with the traps inside.

See also: The Abiders


Rifts Earth

On Rifts Earth, there are multiple entrances into the Labyrinth. This is believed to be due to the high amount of rift activity on the planet, making it a sort of dimensional crossroads. If this is the reason for multiple entrances into the Labyrinth, this could provide new information and insight into the Labyrinth. Before the Great Cataclysm magical energies and rift activity were low, so this would mean that new doorways are still forming in the Labyrinth, and possibly old ones closing (though at least one doorway always remains connected to a world). This would mean not only is the Labyrinth a virtual maze, but also one that changes over time making it all the harder to map out.

Even though there are multiple entrances to Rifts Earth, in the Labyrinth these entrances are separated from one another. While some may suspect that entrances to the same dimension would be next to each in the Labyrinth, they would be wrong. There are hundreds or thousands of entrances to other dimensions in between them, and there appears to be no pattern to their placement. All indications point to placement of the entrances being random, or perhaps some pattern that no sentient being has yet to decipher.

All the entrances on Rifts Earth have yet to be discovered. There are at least four entrances, but some believe that there is one entrance on every continent. The oldest entrance on Rifts Earth is located on Atlantis. While the Labyrinth serves the Splugorth little benefit due to their mass of technology, magic, and natural abilities, it is believed that the Labyrinth may have aided in the original Atlanteans' accelerated advancement over other humans.

Far more curious is what happened to Atlantis when it disappeared. Did the entrance to the Labyrinth relocate to another place on Earth? Did the Labyrinth entrance stay with Atlantis, and anyone who found the right portal could walk into Atlantis even while it remained in limbo? While the former sounds the most logical, and likely occurred in some fashion, there are stories of raiders and researchers who found the lost city and raided it for information and treasures (be it gold or lost technology). These stories are unconfirmed, but does make one stop and think. Unfortunately, the truth remains a mystery.


The Gargoyles

According to myth, Gargoyles and their kin are the descendants of a failed invasion force that tried to conquer Hades. Defeated and crushed, the gargoyles and kin are now fated to serve demonkind. This is why they're considered sub-demons, and not true demons. But there are doubts to this myth. First, Gargoyles appear only native to the dimension of Hades. While some are found on other worlds such as the Palladium World and Rifts Earth, they always originate from Hades and arrived to those worlds by either summoning or random rifts. If they did arrive in Hades from some other world, this world seems forever lost of them. They could have abandoned this world or it could have been destroyed, perhaps their reason for invading Hades in the first place.

The second problem with this myth comes from the fact that most Gargoyles cannot dimensionally teleport. Gargoyle Mages and Gargoyle Lords may be the exception, but they are rare among Gargoyle-kin and would have trouble bringing in enough troops for a fair sized invasion let alone a full on assault that emptied out the Gargoyle homeworld. There is one possible explanation to this problem: The Labyrinth. If the Gargoyles used the Labyrinth, then they could have moved as many troops as they wanted without restriction. This could even mean that Hades wasn't a deliberate target, merely a random or convenient target that ended up poorly for the Gargoyles.

Despite being sub-demons and considered lower than even the weakest lesser demon, Gargoyles have the largest population in Hades and inhabit their own continent where they are allowed to rule among their own kind (but only on this continent and to other Gargoyles). On this continent rests the entrance to the Labyrinth. No less than six Gargoyles and Gurgoyles guard the entrance to the Labyrinth at all times. Bands of Gargoyle-kin periodically patrol the surrounding area of the Labyrinth, and sometimes far beyond.

There is the possibility that the Gargoyles are planning to use the Labyrinth to plan an escape from their servitude in Hades, or to secretly use the Labyrinth to increase their numbers in secret and out of view of the Demon Lords. Whether the Demon Lords are aware of the Labyrinth's entrance, or any possible Gargoyle machinations, or not remains unknown. It's possible they are unaware, but just as possible they are simply biding their time as they keep a careful eye on the Gargoyles, letting them build hope so that they can crush it later and further break their spirits.