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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

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Enchanted Paintbrush

Magic Item


The enchanted paintbrush is an animated construct that responds to the owner's will. To make this work, the owner must concentrate for 2D4 melee rounds, visualizing the image he/she wishes to paint. Once completed, the paintbrush will leap off the table and begin to paint, as if controlled by an invisible hand. The enchanted paintbrush can paint up to six hours within a 24 hour period. This time can be used all at once, or broken up over multiple periods within the day.

The main advantage to using an enchanted paintbrush is that it allows the owner to do other things while the paintbrush creates art. This means the owner can go to the store, cook dinner, or even paint a different picture at the time. With multiple enchanted paintbrushes, a single talented artist can create several masterpieces all at once! One enchanted paintbrush can be controlled for every 5 points of the M.E. attribute (round up). This means an owner with an M.E. of 9 can control up to two paintbrushes, while a M.E. of 22 can control up to five.

Anyone who attempts to use more enchanted paintbrushes than they can mentally control (see M.E. attribute limit) will find their paintbrushes running amok. The enchanted paintbrushes will start to paint walls, windows, floors, ceiling, and even other people or nearby animals. These objects aren't painted with any skill, merely streaks and blotches of paint wherever the brush goes. Once out of control the enchanted paintbrushes will no longer respond to their owner's will. The only way to stop these errant brushes is by waiting for their magic to run out (six hour limit), capturing them and locking them all up (waiting until they return for more paint is a good strategy), or casting some type of Negate Magic or Anti-Magic Cloud to break the active magic animating them.

There are a few restrictions to note. 1: The owner must remain conscious. Sleeping or being rendered unconscious will cause the enchanted paintbrush to sleep as well. 2: An Art skill check must still be made. While the enchanted paintbrush is doing the work, it's the artist's skill that determines the quality of work. 3: Just because it's an enchanted paintbrush doesn't mean it'll finish a masterpiece in a single sitting. Quality still takes time. What this item does is allow a user to be more productive during that time.

Cost: 10,000 gold; poor availability/uncommon. While during the Age of Elves these items had been a common magical item, time has brought them into obscurity.