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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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Intruder: Segment Three

The two members assigned to clean up the missile lodged in the hull suited up in their contamination suits. A female Entkari was in charge of the assignment. By her looks, she was quite old and most likely a proven veteran. She spoke to the young male suiting up, "So why do you think the captain is doing all of this anyways?"

From his look, he was still a rookie who had probably just joined the forces. He turned to her and responded, "Just being overly cautious I'm sure. This contact with a new race has made us all a bit paranoid."

The female replied, "Perhaps, but I have found the captain is far more perceptive than most give him credit for. Think about it, with over 10,000 soldiers on this ship, he was the one chosen to be captain. Things like that just don't happen by chance you know."

"Yeah, perhaps you're right. But I still think he is just reading too much into this. I tell you what though, this does remind me of a tale I heard about once back in training. This clean up crew went in to remove a missile just like this and then 'BOOM!' It blew up right in their faces. Those things delay sometimes you know."

She couldn't help but laugh out loud at the story. Her reaction caught him off guard causing him to ask, "What's so funny?"

Then she looked at him and smiled, still trying to contain her laughter. "You mean they still tell new recruits that story? I would have thought it had gotten old by now." As she looked at the confused look on his face, she added, "You know who started that rumor, right?"

There was a stunned look on his face as it sunk in, "You mean you?"

She slid on her helmet and then slapped him on the shoulder to snap him out of his shock. "Come on, let's get moving." Then she walked up to the guards standing there. "You better stand back. The breach may have been sealed, but the pressure between the two sections probably isn't synchronized. If we open the doors with you still standing there, you might feel ..." She paused for a moment as she beamed a devilish smile at the guards. "Well, let's just say there might be some slight discomfort for someone not properly suited up."

As the security guards stood back, she let out a slight chuckle. She turned to her partner and said, "Come on, rookie. This job won't fix itself." After pushing a few buttons on a console next to the door, she turned a huge lever releasing the clamps which held the seals in place.

According to the sensor readings, they had nothing to worry about. The hole in the hull was sealed by the automatic response systems. However, those readings were wrong sometimes. That wasn't just some rumor started for fun; she learned it from personal experience. Her mate was killed in that way. She often wondered if it was some type of cruel, cosmic justice for the rumor she started back in training.

Her thoughts caused her hand to hesitate over the button to open the doors. This happened every time she went on one of these missions. She couldn't help but imagine how it must've been for her mate. When he opened the doors, there was still a hole in the hull and he was dragged out into cold vacuum of space to die alone. It had turned out there had been a glitch in the system which registered as sealed even though it wasn't. The problem was said to have been corrected so that it would never happen again, but that fact did little to comfort her. She shook it off and pushed the button to open the doors.




Behind the door was the part of the hull that had once been breached. The readings were accurate and it had already been sealed by the automatic response system. They could see the missile lodged firmly in the outer hull. It still had feet to spare before hitting the next of many other layers of the hull. Power had been cut off to the section. Only life support which they had just barely reactivated was operating. The two moved flawlessly through the dark, seeing in the darkness with the help of their glowing silver eyes.

As they moved towards the missile, she turned to her partner. "So tell me, what are you going to do when we get finished with this?"

He replied, "Well, I was thinking of taking my mate and kid out to dinner." He stopped and flipped open a small tip on the band he wore around his wrist. Beneath the revealed tip was a picture of a female Entkari. "She's been nagging that I haven't spent enough time with them as late. However, if I'm lucky, we will get out of here early. Then I can hurry and go home to them. She won't have anything to complain about then." As he stared at the picture, he said softly, "Just wait my love."

His leader looked at the picture. "She's pretty. I'm shocked one as young as you took a lifetime mate already. So what do you say we actually start to get to work so that we can both get out of here?"

He chuckled, "Right, sorry." The two continued toward the missile. "So what do you intend to do when we're finished here?"

"Me? I'm going to --" she stopped the conversation as she looked closer at the missile. "What happened here? It's almost as if it has been ripped open from the inside."

"Let me se--" he trailed off mid-word.

His commanding officer turned to look. She only saw it for an instant. Her partner was being suspended mid-air by a tentacle type of limb through his torso. That was the last thing she saw as the tentacle continued forward and pierced her skull. It all happened so fast neither of them had time to scream. All that was left was silence.

Their lifeless bodies went limp. Without conscious thought, their bodies were no longer able to cling to the ground and floated into the air. The black blood which dripped from their wounds surrounded their bodies. A small drop drifted and landed on the small picture of the lifetime mate of the young and inexperienced Entkari.




A female Entkari was busy making dinner in her quarters. She matched the Entkari in the picture. She cooked dinner for her young daughter. Though her mate promised to be home early and take the two of them to dinner, she knew better. He was a workaholic and wouldn't be out until late. When he finally did get home, she would end up making him something as well. It was true she nagged him about being home more, but that was only because she missed him. None the less, she knew his work was important to him.

The daughter sat at the table eagerly awaiting her meal. She cheered on her mother, "Come on mommy, faster."

Her mother looked at her and smiled, "Just a little bit longer dear." She thought how great it felt when she was a child awaiting dinner. It almost made her feel young again. After finishing, she put some food onto a plate and started to slither over to the table. Suddenly she dropped the plate. Her face went blank as if she had just seen a ghost. There was a sinking feeling in her chest that something was wrong.

"What's wrong mommy?"

"Nothing dear, nothing at all." She wanted to shield her daughter from worrying, especially if it was nothing other than an active imagination. However, in her heart, she knew that her mate was no longer alive. A tear streaked down her face.

The little girl looked at her mother. She knew something was wrong, but had no clue of what it could have been. "Mommy?"

Her mother completely broke down and wept uncontrollably. The little girl went up to her mother and hugged her. She was unsure if the hug would help, but she could tell her mother was sad and wanted to make it all better, "I'm not sure why you're crying mommy. But if it has to do with the food, don't worry. I don't mind that it hit the floor. We can just make more."




As one of the security guards fired his laser pistol at a strange creature outside he shouted, "What is this thing?!"

A green gel-like creature quickly bent and maneuvered its body to move around the blasts. The guard fired frantically, but it didn't help. No matter how many blasts were fired, the creature seemed to be always able to twist and manipulate its body to just avoid the attacks. It then wrapped its body around the guard's arms to avoid him from firing anymore.

Once he was contained, the creature then warped its body to completely consume the guard. The distorted figure of the Entkari guard was all that could be made out as the sound of bones cracking were heard. Signs of the guard struggling to get free could be seen, but it was no good. Soon the guard stopped moving entirely. The gel moved off of him and towards the next guard. The lifeless body of the guard floated off the ground.

That was the third guard it had taken out. There was now only two left. They were both trying to defend their position which was clearly a lost cause. The one in charge drew the large and bulky laser rifle which had been strapped across his back. He turned to his only living comrade and ordered, "Contact command! They have to be informed. I'll try to hold it off."

The other guard quickly slithered over to a communication console while the commander fired his laser rifle at the creature. This shot was much larger than the standard laser pistol blasts. The creature seemed unprepared for the different type of shot and did not completely avoid the first shot allowing part of its edge was singed. That part turned a dark and dull brown, then crumbled and fell to the ground.

The commander continued to fire more shots at it forming a small barrage. This assault was difficult to avoid, but somehow the creature did exactly that and was unharmed by any of the other shots. As it moved forward it sent out a part of its body shaped like a tentacle which sliced through both the commander and the rifle in one swift motion.

The last remaining guard was hailing the command center. He had barely begun the message when he was cut off by the creature moving over his mouth. It then used another part of its body to deactivate the communication. As the guard continued to try and struggle to get free, the gel-like creature sent a part of its body down his throat. He died slowly of suffocation.




The communications officer contacted Lokkash in his quarters. He hadn't gotten much sleep, no more than ten minutes at best, but it was enough to help. "Go ahead."

"Sir, we have just received a communication from the security team that was sent to oversee the clean up crew."

Lokkash knew that it couldn't be good if they woke him up so soon. "Very well, play it back."

The security guard's voice came over the speaker. He sounded hysterical as he said, "There was something in the missile! We are being --" The message ended there.

Lokkash sighed. As he suspected, the missile wasn't meant to damage them, merely to get something onboard. His first thoughts had been that it was some type of toxic gas or virus, but he wasn't exactly surprised about this either. He headed out of the room and stopped. He took a deep breath. "Then let it begin."


[end segment three]