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September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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First Contact: Segment Two

Two days after the Entkari flag ship 'accidentally' blocked the sun from the Kalarin continent, Ish Lani headed to the quarters temporarily assigned to the Entkari ambassador, Tuubarz. As he approached the room, one of the large doors opened up a crack. He paused and lightly pushed on the door. The door slowly swung open, but could see nothing. It was completely dark except for the fragments of light shining in from the hallway.

This reminded him of the dark passageway he saw in the Royal Temple just before the incident. He didn't like the similarities, nor did he like the fact that the Entkari ambassador was in the area both times. However, this time it was even more unsettling because the ambassador's quarters had a window to the outside, but there were no signs of the sun shining in. Once again, he adjusted one of the hallway mirrors to reflect directly into the room. The room lit up brightly.

Ish Lani was still unable to see the ambassador inside. Cautiously, he stepped inside to look around for him. He noticed that the window had been covered up to avoid any light coming in. It was strange that the Entkari ambassador would not be there, he had sent word of his desire for a meeting and no doubt the sensors in the hall alerted Tuubarz to his approach. Also, someone had to have opened the doors. Then he heard the deep voice of Tuubarz above him say, "Do not be alarmed my dear speaker, I am here."

Ish Lani looked up and saw the Entkari ambassador lying on the ceiling leisurely. He could not help but show his surprise. Tuubarz seemed to get some pleasure out of seeing the shocked expression. He then slithered across the ceiling, down the wall, and then across the floor to where Ish Lani stood. His silver eyes stared intensely at the Ashralli Speaker, almost as if peering into his very soul. "I did not mean to alarm you. I was merely laying up there for a nap. I wanted to be rested for our meeting and it seemed so much more comfortable up there than on those things you call 'beds.'"

Ish Lani did not allow himself to be disturbed by the ambassador's stare. "Forgive my shock, I simply did not know your people had that ability," he responded as he thought to himself: And an ability I won't forget either.

Though Ish Lani wouldn't admit it openly, he felt as if the Entkari ambassador was testing him with all these games. He didn't like the feeling of being toyed with and he liked what it could imply even less. The Entkari no doubt heard some tales of the man who they were going to meet at the negotiations for the alliance of their two races. If he was right, then it probably would lead to another war. Once the Entkari gathered enough information on new race and learned as many weaknesses as possible, it would begin. Ish Lani was going to be on his best guard to make sure that they didn't learn much.

Tuubarz asked, "So tell me Speaker Ish, how are your people doing now?"

"They are ... shaken up. But as a race, we will recover."

"That is good to hear. So tell me speaker, what brings us to this visit?"

"My people, after much debate, have decided to continue talks in the hopes that an alliance could be made. I am here as their representative yet again."

"So we start today what we should have begun five days ago."

"If that's how you want to look at it, fine. But I assure you, it has only been two days since we last talked."

Tuubarz stroked his chin. "Ah yes, you Ashralli have a strange sense of time. It no doubt has to do with your two confounded suns." He makes a hissing noise after sun. "Bah, what horrible things they are."

Ish Lani tried hard to conceal his enjoyment. "Then I take it you don't like the light? That would explain the covered up window."

"My people grew up on a world of eternal darkness. It is unsettling for things to be so bright." Tuubarz then slithers over to a chair. "Now let us move to more important matters of discussion. Sit, relax, and we can talk of the possibilities of our two races becoming allies."




Above Elarri, onboard the Koororant, a small vessel is picked up on sensors. Not only was it small compared to most space vessels, it was dwarfed all the more by the enormous size of the Koororant. The communications officer contacted the captain, "Sir, we have a craft approaching on an intercept vector."

Lokkash, the ship's captain, rubbed his eyes. It was a stressful time for all. They were making contact with a new race and hoping that it could result in a colony of their own, someplace other than the ship to call home. He grew up onboard the Koororant and lived his whole life there. For a long time he wished to experience the joys of feeling fresh air instead of the same recycled air of the ship, even if it did mean putting up with two suns.

Perhaps in reality there was no difference, but he had heard stories from some of the older Entkari onboard and wished for nothing more than to find out for himself. The fact that none of those who told the stories were actually old enough to have experienced the wind blowing against their faces personally didn't detour his desire any. He was already a part of the fifth generation born on the ship and he wanted his grandson on the way to get the chance to be born in the fresh air.

However, since the destruction of their world, they had been hesitant to deal with other races. For the first time, they were taking a chance and he planned to do everything in his power to make these talks go well. This was a rough time on everyone to make sure things went smoothly, him especially. It was the first time in a long time that he was able to catch some sleep and now it was interrupted by this new situation. None the less, he had a job to do. He tried to brush off his fatigue as he headed to the command deck.

Lokkash slithered onto the command deck and was quick to action, "What are we dealing with? I want details."

The sensor officer responded, "Sir, a small craft is approaching quickly. It is of unknown configuration and is currently on a collision course with us. If it continues at its current speed, it will hit us in 10 minutes and 53 seconds. It will be within range of our main cannon in 5 minutes 12 seconds and in range of our secondary weapons 2 minutes thereafter. We are unable to detect any weapon or power systems, so threat remains unknown."

"I see," Lokkash replied. "Communications, try to hail the ship. I want to find a peaceful way out of this if possible."

The communication officer responded, "No response, sir."

Lokkash paused and debated. It was possible the Ashralli could shed some insight on this craft; it was their space after all. However his people were not in the habit of asking for help, especially from other races. Time was important though and he had little time to think. He wanted this alliance to work, and he was willing to let his pride fall to the wayside to see that it did. "Very well, we have no choice. Make contact with someone on Elarri."

The crew looked stunned. They were shocked the captain made such a request. Lokkash didn't hesitate long before giving the order again. His voice was firm and they knew to follow it quickly. Lokkash did not like his orders being questioned, but he could understand their reaction under the circumstances.

"Sir," responded the communications officer. "We have Uran Yakmiar planet side. He wishes to know what this is in regards to."

"Ask for their ..." He hesitated before continuing as the next word stuck in his throat, "... assistance. Send them the information on the unknown vessel and see if they know anything."

"We're sending the information now, sir." Everyone on the command deck waited impatiently to see what would be the reply. Time was quickly passing and the ship was entering weapons ranger. They still had no clue to its intentions or capabilities. However, the last thing they wanted to do was to blast a ship out of space only to find out it was a possible Ashralli vessel of some type or another friendly vessel that could cause a rift with their new potential allies.




"We're getting a response from the Ashralli," announced the communications officer eagerly. The rest of the crew waited for to hear the message relayed. "Sir, they saw they have no knowledge of the ship's configuration or its intentions in this sector. They leave it to our discretion."

Lokkash sighed. "So be it. Bring the main cannon online."

The weapons officer replied, "It will take one minute to charge the main cannon to full capacity."

"Start charging. Keep secondary weapons active. Keep trying to hail that ship until then." The next minute seemed to take an eternity. There was complete silence on the command deck. The ship was not answering hails and everyone waited to see what would happen.

The weapons officer finally broke the silence, "Sir, main cannon charged and ready to fire, awaiting the order."

As Lokkash was about to give the order, the sensors officer interrupted, "Sir, the ship has stopped and is now holding position."

Lokkash asked, "Is it doing anything else?"

"Negative sir, it is simply holding position. What are your orders?"

Lokkash gave the matter much thought. He looked at the weapons officer, "Hold on firing for the time, but keep that cannon charged."

"It can only remain charged for two minutes before its charge will threaten structural integrity," responded the weapons officer.

"Understood," Lokkash answered as he now turned his attention to the sensors officer. "Continue to scan that ship. Tell me everything you can about it. Let me know the moment anything changes." He couldn't help but wonder what the ship was doing. The last thing he wanted to do is destroy it if it posed no threat.

The sensors officer suddenly shouted, "Sir, the unknown vessel has just fired a volley of missiles in our direction!"

"Missiles at that range?" questioned Lokkash.

"Aye sir, they are moving fast and will hit in the next minute."

"Fire counter-measures. I want those missiles intercepted. Now!"

The weapons officer fired the counter-measures.

The sensors officer kept the captain informed with up to date reports of the situation. "Sir, counter-measures are intercepting the enemy missiles now. All missiles have been ... wait! One has gotten through. It is going to hit the hull in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... it has hit the outer hull. We are showing a minor breach. The missile did not detonate. It is lodged in the outer hull and holding. The breached section has already been sealed off by the automatic response system. We are reporting no casualties."

Lokkash looked relieved. "Okay, that's enough of this. Fire the main cannon."

"Sir, unable to do so," responded the weapons officer. "I am unable to lock onto the target."

The sensors officer followed up on the report, "Sir, the vessel is ... gone. It has simply vanished from sensors."


"Sir, there was a brief distortion around the vessel and then it disappeared. I have no explanations."

Lokkash was slightly worried, but tried not to show it. Realistically, such a small vessel shouldn't pose a real threat to the Koororant, but something about this unknown vessel didn't act according to typical conventions. "Send out a camera to that sector and tell me if you can get any visuals. Keep a fighter squadron on standby. I want them to be ready to go at a moment's notice. Meanwhile, keep sensors active. If you so much as think you see a distortion for even a second, I want to be informed immediately."

He moved to exit the command deck and then paused, "And send out a clean up crew to the outer hull. I want that missile out of my ship." He then slithered off the command deck still looking proud and confident. However, once in private, he let go of his false bravado. He was worried. There was something more to that ship than what they knew. It had some hidden motive; of that much he was sure. It was important that he figure it out quickly or it would mean trouble.




Lokkash entered his quarters and lied down. Despite his lack of sleep, he really doubted he'd be able to rest well until he knew the true motivations to that ship. He stared up at the ceiling of the room. Granted there was no ceiling in the typical sense as it was in space and the ship itself was circular, so there was no actual ceiling in the typical sense. He knew this fact, but it made him feel better to stare at what he could convince himself was upward.

As he tried to relax and put his mind at ease, a dark thought flashed through his mind. He was deeply afraid that his thoughts might be right. It was probably nothing, but it would help to settle his mind if he was sure. Lokkash moved over to a panel and raised the command deck, "Has the clean up crew up reached the outer hull yet?"

The communications officer responded, "Sir, they are just finishing restoring life support to the sealed sector. They are getting ready to move in now."

"Before they enter, make sure their fitted for a level 5 bio-hazard. And make sure there is a security team standing by. I don't want to take any chances," ordered Lokkash.

"Aye sir, I'll take care of that right away. Over and out."

Lokkash returned to staring at the ceiling. He was hoping that he was just being overly paranoid, but in truth he doubted that very much. If he was right, it could very well mean disaster. One way or another, he would soon find out. He realized though there wasn't anything he could do until they contacted him again. Until then, he had done all he could.

With everything having already been set in motion, all he could do is wait. He decided that it would be best to use this little bit of free time by trying to get some sleep. After all, if things did go badly as he feared, then the ship would need a well rested captain who could make quick decisions on a clear head. He then closed his eyes and tried to rest.




Onboard the unknown vessel, the one in charge of the other ship was being briefed on the situation by one of his underlings. "As expected, most of the pods have been shot down, but one has breached the outer defenses of the Entkari ship. The next phase of the plan should begin any moment now."

The clawed hand of their leader continuously tapped one of the panels. "Excellent. All is going according to plan."


[end segment two]