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September 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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First Contact: Segment One

Year: 106; Age of Rebuilding


Ish Lani, Speaker of the Ashralli race, walked down the long halls of the Royal Temple. He was headed towards the southeast wing balcony where the meeting with the Entkari ambassador was designated to take place. The passage in front of him was cloaked in darkness. It was an unusual sight for darkness to be found anywhere on their continent, but especially rare in such a sacred place as the Royal Temple.

He glanced around the hall at the many mirrors. With great care he adjusted one of the mirrors an inch to the right. The mirror then reflected the light from the sun and bounced it off a series in a chain reaction which lit up the once dark passage. With two suns orbiting their world, and a clever use of mirrors, there was never any need for any artificial light on the entire planet.

He now stared at the mirror which was out of place. Someone must have bumped it, but one of the hands at the temple should have been more attentive and fixed it immediately. Allowing darkness to fall within the Royal Temple was an insult to the gods. After his meeting, he would have a talk with someone to make sure such an oversight did not happen again.

As he stared at the mirror though, he caught a glimpse of his reflection. It was something he avoided looking at these days. In truth, he couldn't stand looking at himself in a mirror for the past couple hundred years after everything that had happened. This time, as he caught sight of himself, he noticed how dull and faded his green scales had become. His yellowish eyes no longer burned with the same fire as they did when he was young and his once long white hair was now almost all black and barely long enough to call the small two holes on the side of his head which mark the location of his inner ears.

From the look of things, he had already had his final shedding. Soon he would be at his end. More than likely he only had a couple more suns before he shed his mortal form and transcended into the next life. In his heart, he thought it for the best in that way. But for now, he was had other matters to attend. He continued towards the balcony. Now, even more so than before, he wondered if he was too old to be making the first physical contact with a new race.

Ish Lani finally arrived at the balcony and looked around, but the Entkari ambassador was nowhere to be found. He stared up at the sky, the second sun hung high overhead. In all actuality, he didn't even feel his people were ready to meet a new race. It has been only a little over a hundred years since the War of Niikataru ended. A war that resulted in the death of billions of his people, billions of billions of would be more accurate.

The war was started by a race they once considered their first "true allies." Whether or not the incident was intentional was still left to much debate. However, whether accidental or on purpose, a brutal and savaged war was started which scarred his planet for over a thousand years. It raged across the entire galaxy, destroyed entire worlds, brought an entire race to extinction, and almost killed his people as well.

Due to the atrocities they committed, most of the other races they knew in the galaxy cut off contact and avoided their race. Since its end, they had not tried to reestablish contact. This was in part to give them time to rebuild, but also there was a hesitation to deal with other races after the last incident. This was a decision that Ish Lani agreed with, and he didn't like that they were changing their policies now.

He had stressed his point of view strongly during the debates before the final decision was made, but the desire to travel back into the galaxy was strong among the others and his words fell upon deaf ears. Regardless of his personal feelings, his opinion didn't matter anymore as it was his job to be the voice of the Ashralli people and they had made their choice clear.

As he stared into the sky, the bright orange sun began to be blackened out. A giant figure was blocking out light. Darkness fell upon the planet of Elarri. Ish Lani had heard a legend about one of their three moons sending the world into darkness over one hundred thousand years ago. However, there was no reference as to how this happened or why. More than that, something didn't seem right about it. He couldn't explain it, but he was sure that this was something else, something unnatural.

Behind Ish Lani, a voice began to laugh. It was deep and had a sinister tone to it. Ish Lani turned to look in the direction from which it came. With the darkness blanketing the planet, he could not get a good look at the individual. The only thing he could see was two glowing silver eyes shining in the pitch blackness.




Two young Ashralli children walked down the streets of Patarus, the city of Elarri where the Royal Temple on the continent of Kalarin was located. They were discussing some of the new advanced calculus solutions they learned on their first day of their third day of school. Both their scales were a nice bright green and their long white hair stretched down to the ground.

Hak Illa had trouble understanding the last technique the teacher used before class was over. Her friend Youb Osh on the other hand understood it very well. His mind was great when working with numbers. He tried to explain it to her the best he could, but even though he understood it he had trouble putting his thoughts into words. The best method he could figure to help her was to give her a problem and try his best to help her through it.

As young Hak Illa tried to think of the answer, she looked up to the sky as if it was going to give her the answer. However the sky did not give her any answers, only a new question that had nothing to do with calculus. She couldn't help but ask out loud, "What is that Osh?"

Osh looked up at the sky and could see that something was moving in front of the sun and beginning to block out the light. He didn't have an answer for her question, but tried to think of something to comfort her. In his most confident voice he responded, "I'm not sure Illa, but I know everything will be alright." He looked at her and smiled, "Trust me, okay?"

Before the last flickers of orange light shone as the sun became completely concealed, she was able to see him smile. She found it reassuring. His smile made her honestly believe everything would be alright. He was her best friend and has never lied to him in the past, she was confident that this time would be no different.

"What is that?!" "What's going on?" "What have we done to anger the gods?!" These shouts, along with several similar others, were heard from various people on the street. As they looked at the sky, they could see nothing but darkness. There was great panic among the people. Never having experienced darkness before, they were at a loss for what to do. The citizens of Patarus began to push and shove. "We need to find shelter!" "I have to find my family."

The two young Ashralli children were knocked back and forth. Osh held firmly onto Illa, "Hold on. I'll protect you."




Ish Lani stared at the two glowing eyes, "Who are you and what do you want?" He tried his best to remain calm, but his words came on instinct and carried great authority. They demanded response.

A voice responded. It was deep and foreboding, "My must humble pardons Speaker Ish for not introducing myself earlier. I am Ambassador Tuubarz of the Entkari."

Ish Lani shouted back, "What is the meaning of this?!" His anger began to show more and more clearly in his words. He did not like the idea of greeting aliens to his world and this made him all the more certain that he was right. From what he had learned of the Entkari through the reports given to him, the Entkari were creatures of the night. If they were to try and invade under the cover of darkness, the Ashralli people would surely lose. None the less, he was not prepared to accept defeat. After everything else his people had been through, he was not ready to accept it ending at that moment.

Tuubarz laughed. "My apologies dear Speaker, we did not realize the arrival of our flagship, the Koororant, would cause such a commotion. I will correct the problem immediately." Ish Lani could not see what was occurring, but he heard two rapid beeps. Then he heard Tuubarz begin to speak, "Iquran Mogri Shikown. Groshtu."

Ish Lani watched the two glowing eyes. He did not trust the Entkari ambassador in the least. Though there was an apology, the words sounded empty. "What did you say?" His tone sounded more like an accusation than a question.

Tuubarz laughed more. "Do not worry. I merely told the crew of the Koororant to reposition it so that it will no longer be blocking your sun. That -- is all."

The giant ship which had once been blocking out the second sun of Elarri began to move away slowly. Shards of light began to shine down upon the city once again. Soon, the ship was completely out of the way and the light to the city was restored.




In the city of Patarus, sanity began to return. The Ashralli stopped panicking. They now stopped and looked around. On the ground several Ashralli laid on the ground, trampled to death. There was a moment of silence to grieve for the loss of life. The silence was broken quickly by the cries of a single child. Everyone turned and looked.

A young Ashralli was kneeling near the lifeless body of another child crying. The crying child was Hak Illa. She was looking down at the body of Youb Osh, tears streaming down her face. During all the commotion, he was knocked down. In his last action, he had pushed her to the side. She had hit her head on the wall, but it was that action which saved her life. However, he was not so lucky. His small body could not stand up against the stampeding feet of the panicking people.

The others watched on in silence. This was more than just a moment for the respect of those passed on; they were now feeling true remorse for their actions. If they hadn't panicked and acted so rashly, that young boy would still be alive. It was all of their faults that he had died. None of them were exempt from blame this day. This was a shame that they would all be forced to live with for the rest of their lives.

While the others felt remorse for what they had done thinking about how foolishly they had acted, little Illa could only think about how brave her friend had been and how he protected her with his life. She rested her head on his chest as she cried. Her voice cracked as she spoke in grief, "Why? Why did you die? You said everything would be okay. How can everything be okay if you're dead?! You lied to me. You can't die with the last thing you said to me being a lie. So you can't be dead, you just can't. Wake up, please wake up."

She continued to plead, hoping upon hope that her friend would be somehow okay. Any moment now she kept hoping that he would simply just pop up and say it was all a joke. However, her pleas went unanswered. Osh wasn't playing, he was really dead and there was nothing anyone could do to change that fact.




Ish Lani stared at the Entkari ambassador. He had never seen such a creature before. The creature was covered in what appeared to be a crimson stone shell. Small horns protruded from his brow. His hairless head and pointed ears on the outside of the head gave him a foreign look compared to the Ashralli. In addition, his entire lower half was that of a serpent. Tuubarz positioned himself on the tip of his tail-like body which caused him to tower over Ish Lani, who looked rather short even standing at 8 feet tall. Tuubarz seemed as if he scanned over the city from his elevated position.

He then slunk back down and coiled his tail until he was at eye level with Ish Lani. "I am sorry for the troubles my people have caused. It -- it is most regrettable what has happened as a result of our carelessness."

Ish Lani looked over the edge of the balcony. As he looked down, he could see the chaos that had been caused. It was a horrible sight, something that he had wished he saw the last of after the end of the war. More of his people were dead. He closed his eyes and fought back the tears. His fears were coming true. Contact with other races was once again causing the death of his people.

With a cold look in his eyes, Ish Lani stared at Tuubarz. "Is this what you call correcting the problem? All those people dead, how do you intend to fix that?" Despite the harsh tone and anger evident in Ish Lani, he held back much of what he had wanted to say due to his responsibilities as Speaker of the Ashralli.

The deep voice of Tuubarz responded, "I cannot. My people are not gods."

Ish Lani paused for a moment, lost in thought. "We will have to postpone this meeting until another day. Right now, at this moment, my people need me."

Tuubarz closed his eyes, "Very well, I understand." He then turned and slithered off the balcony and into the Royal Temple.

Ish Lani watched as the ambassador left. There was suspicion in his eyes. For a while now, he had the feeling that something bad was on the verge of happening. It now seemed that his premonition of dark and bloody times falling upon his world again would soon come to pass.


[end segment one]