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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

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Gods: Detailed Overview

There are some who have studied the myths and legends of the gods (Lore: Religion). Those who do have the benefit of additional knowledge on the gods and the stories that go with them.


True Gods

Terra: The Great Mother

Domains: Goddess of all the land.

Description: Legends of her appearance vary. It is said when the mainland disappeared, she disappeared with it. She is considered dead, if such a thing can ever be said about a god.

Affiliations: First born from the Tree of Life, she is literally the mother of all gods. Until her death, she ruled everything godly and mortal. When a wolf stops and looks, its gaze set upon someone or something, it is said that it is really the spirit of Terra still watching over the world.

Followers: While she still receives tribute by some, she lost most of her followers with her death. As the mother of all gods, her name is still relevant in their hierarchy.

Associations: Staff and wolf.


Chaos: The Father of Monsters

"The Father of Monsters," he is the god of monsters.

Domains: Monsters and chaos.


Affiliations: The eternal enemy of Terra, though no one is quite sure why he hated her so much. Some say it is because she represented order and he chaos.  Some say his power, along with Terra's, was not just more powerful than the other gods, but more powerful than all the other gods combined.

Followers: Though believed to be dead by many, monsters still worship him and believe their prayers will give him the strength to return one day.

Associations: Fire and monsters.


Azure: King of the Gods

Domains: God of the sky, weather, and everything heavenly.

Sub-domains: Creativity, intelligence, and love.

Description: Despite being the eldest of the current gods, he is often depicted as a young, handsome man with blonde hair and clean shaven.

Affiliations: First born of Terra and now, since her demise, King of the Gods. Even though he is King of the Gods, Azure has a strong affinity for everything mortal. He truly loves the mortals, in every sense of the word. He has strong appreciation for their determination, resilience, creativity, and beauty. His exploits with mortal woman are legendary, and one of the main contributors to the existence of demigods.

Followers: The Azure Knights, a group of warriors known for riding winged mounts.

Associations: Shield and eagle.


Sol: Champion of the Gods

Domains: God of the sun, light, and hand to hand combat.


Description: A muscular bronze skinned warrior with dark hair and full beard. He is usually depicted with a sword. In statues he is sometimes quite literally crafted in bronze.

Affiliations: Legends say Sol and Luna were once lovers. Even though Luna has since left him, Sol still loves her deeply. Even to this day he pursues her in the hopes of winning her back.

Followers: Warriors of the Sun, a fanatical group of warriors who hunt evil. They specialize in battling the undead and have the ability to create light from thin air.

Associations: Sword and lion.


Luna: The Dark One

Domains: Goddess of the moon, darkness, and the unseen.



Affiliations: Once she had been the lover of Sol, but legends say he grew too obsessive and she left him. To this day he pursues her, but she is the goddess of the unseen and cannot be found unless she wants to be. Every time he approaches she flees, and only upon his retreat will she come out of hiding once again. This explains why the sun and moon are never seen at the same time. In more recent times she is often associated with Leviathan.

Followers: The patron goddess of thieves and assassins, though there are no indications that she favors these types. If anything she appears to be true neutral, neither favoring good nor evil. Due to her past with Sol she is credited as a skilled warrior and is also the patron of female warriors.

Associations: Dagger and tiger.


Leviathan: Lord of the Waves

Domains: God of water, floods, and chance.

Sub-domains: Strength and vengeance.

Description: A giant even among gods, Leviathan is always depicted as a

Affiliations: During The War, Leviathan fought on the side of Chaos against Terra. Near the end of the war, as victory seemed assured, Azure swept in and robbed him of his greatest triumph. To this day Leviathan has never forgiven Azure for this humiliation and seeks a way to kill the King of the Gods and take the throne, but so far Azure has proven too powerful or too smart for any trap.


Associations: Dolphin.


Knell: The Final Judge

Domains: Goddess of life, death, and the afterlife.

Sub-domains: Beauty.

Description: Knell is always depicted wearing a mask that covers most of face, revealing only her mouth.  A bell is usually included in the imagery somewhere and she's often depicted wielding a long pole arm, typically a catch pole. Her body is clearly feminine, often with exaggerated proportions in some imagery. Though her face remains covered, many legends say she is beautiful even for a god. Her reasons for wearing a mask remain a mystery. Some speculate that she is trying to protect her beautiful looks from harm, but this doesn't match with her indifferent attitude towards everything else.

Affiliations: Knell has no personal relations, and is the epitome of indifference. Ringing a bell is required to summon her and her minions, often heard in processions of the dead as well as in ceremonies to speak or raise the dead. Her power was second only to Terra and Chaos, and she even possesses the power to hold a god in the afterlife. She doesn't seem to care what you do in life, even if it's against her, for in death all must face her judgment.

Followers: Reapers, a group of other world beings that collect the souls of those deceased and deliver them to Knell.

Associations: Bell and raven.



Aquarius: Ebb and Flow

Domains: Goddess of balance and harmony.


Description: Always pictured as a young, beautiful woman pouring water on the night of a full moon. In this way she is related to both water and the moon, demonstrating the balance and harmony demonstrated between the ocean and the moon.

Affiliations: Daughter of Leviathan. There is an unconfirmed, but generally accepted, legend that Luna is her mother.


Associations: Whip and horse.


Twilight: The Shining Goddess

Domains: Goddess of the stars.

Sub-domains: Goddess of hope.

Description: Always depicted as a young girl with white hair and white dress. She is the symbol of purity and innocence.

Affiliations: Daughter of Luna. There are also tales suggesting a connection to The Black Dog, who some also suspect as her father. Myths suggest she made a pact with The Black Dog so she can be granted the power to grant wishes. Unlike The Black Dog, her wish granting ability comes at a price. To grant a wish she must sacrifice a portion of her life essence. For a god this may sound limitless at first, but even a god has limits. Each time she grants a wish a star falls from the sky. It is said that one day there will be no stars in the sky, and it is that day all will know she has passed.

Followers: Lost travelers and the innocent.



Chrono: Master of Time

Domains: God of time (past, present, and future).

Sub-domains: History, news, and prophecy.


Affiliations: His top priority is to the preservation and order of time. Unconfirmed, many believe he is the son of Knell. This is largely due to a very similar attitude of indifference. Still, he seems to show more interest than her and can be swayed by moving arguments, even arguments that defy logic.

Followers: Templar, warriors with limited time manipulating capabilities.

Associations: Hourglass and ghosts.


Squall: God of Angst

Domains: Storms at sea.



Affiliations: Legend tells that Leviathan, determined to destroy Azure, sent his daughter to kill the King of the Gods, using a woman to get passed the wily god's defenses. Aquarius, the faithful daughter, agreed to see Azure. Luna, angry that Leviathan would use their daughter this way, warned Azure of the threat. In exchange, Azure agreed to not harm Aquarius. Instead, he seduced the young godling. From the union of Azure and Aquarius, Squall was born. Furious at the results, Squall receives no end of grief from his grandfather, Leviathan. No matter how hard he tries, nothing he does is ever good enough for Leviathan. For some reason Squall continues to seek his grandfather's approval more than any other.

Followers: The Tekkers pray to Squall to leave their island alone. In turn they pay tribute to him with special items of their creation, often upon his request. They are his favorite mortals and always spared his wrath.



Eclipse: The Trickster God

Domains: Deceit and trickery.



Affiliations: Once an ally to Sol, Eclipse betrayed the sun god and the two have since been enemies. He is often portrayed as enemy to both Sol and Luna, cleverly manipulating their demise behind the scenes. While his overall power is weak, he is one of the most feared gods due to his ability to manipulate any situation through deceit.




Atlantis: Dues Ex Machina

Domains: Technology.

Sub-domains: Sea warfare.


Affiliations: Son of Leviathan.

Followers: While the Tekkers may fear Squall, they are considered a testament to the very being of Atlantis.

Associations: Trident.


Psion: The Mind God

Domains: Wisdom.

Sub-domains: Psychics.


Affiliations: Daughter of Azure.

Followers: Favored among scholars and psychics.

Associations: Owl.


Cloud: The Dreamy God

Domains: Clouds.

Sub-domains: Sleep and dreams.


Affiliations: The son of Azure. He is said to have inherited his father's good looks, though not his father's "love" of mortal women.




Lady Frost: The Ice Queen

Domains: Divine Beauty.

Sub-domains: Winter, cold, and snow.

Description: Always a beautiful woman with long white hair and a cold, dispassionate expression. Legend tells that any man who looks upon her will instantly fall in love, and there are no exceptions. She is not just the goddess of beauty, but of divine beauty, a level of beauty even the gods envy her. Every tale describes her as a woman whose personality is as cold as her name suggests. Some tales suggest that this is because she does not understand mortals while other tales suggest she's just conceited and feels above everyone, and other stories suggest her emotions are as strong as any other mortal or god, maybe even stronger, but if she were to ever smile or frown it would rob her of her beauty.

Affiliations: The daughter of Azure and twin to Jack Frost. Though no known legends tell the tale, it is generally accepted as fact that Knell is the mother. For a time Lady Frost trained under Luna. The reason for this is unclear, but at least one tale suggests that this is part of the deal for Luna helping out Azure after Leviathan sent Aquarius to kill him. Luna gave her daughter into the hands of Azure, and in exchange Azure had to give his daughter into the hands of Luna for a time. As a result of this training, Lady Frost is considered a powerful warrior. Since she is not a true god her power can never rival that of Luna, but it is said her skill surpasses even that of the warrior goddess.

Followers: Those who seek beauty or wish to be beautiful worship her and pay her tribute. She is also worshipped by select groups on the Northern Continent who deal with the cold on a regular basis.



Jack Frost: Strife of Hearts

Domains: Heartbreak.

Sub-domains: Winter, ice, and blizzards.

Description: An attractive male with short spiky white hair that resembles icicles. Even though he is the twin of Lady Frost, his beauty is said to pale in comparison to hers. Due to his connection with heartbreak he is often depicted with harsh and cruel expressions, though this is a misconception. In truth he shows far more emotion and compassion than his twin, some tales suggest this is why he's also not as beautiful to the eye. He does not cause pain of the heart, despite the common belief, but helps numb the pain of the loss.

Affiliations: The son of Azure and twin to Lady Frost. Though no known legends tell the tale, it is generally accepted as fact that Knell is the mother.

Followers: One or both parties after a messy break up tend to pay tribute to him, either to help get over the pain or to seek retribution on the one who break their heart. He is also worshipped by select groups on the Northern Continent who deal with the cold on a regular basis, but ranked second to Lady Frost.



Atlas: The Great Navigator

Domains: Maps, compasses, and all navigation devices.




Followers: Most commonly worshipped by travelers (including sailors) and navigators.

Associations: (weapon), (animal)


The Monster Gods

The Hydra Wolf

Domains: Guardian of the afterlife.


Description: A large, multi-headed wolf. How many heads he has various in depictions, usually ranging between three and nine.

Affiliations: One of the nine canine children of Chaos. He is considered an ally of Knell since he helps her guard the gates to the afterlife.

Followers: Hydras, dragons said to have been transformed and granted powers by worshipping the Hydra Wolf and serving his will.



The Void Wolf

Domains: The void.

Sub-domains: Things that can't be remembered.

Description: So dark and black that it cannot be seen in the darkness, but cannot exist in the light.

Affiliations: One of the nine canine children of Chaos. He is said to exist in the void that exists between the moon and the stars.




The Black Dog

Domains: Wishes.

Sub-domains: Pacts.

Description: Charcoal black dog surrounded by smoke.

Affiliations: One of the nine canine children of Chaos. He is said to have connections with Twilight.




The Dog Whisperer

Domains: Hunting.

Sub-domains: Stealth.

Description: The form of a monstrous canine, he is rarely seen as he has the power to completely blend into his environment and become invisible. In depictions, he is represented by a set of footprints.

Affiliations: One of the nine canine children of Chaos. It is said that he can move so silently that he could sneak up on even a god.

Followers: Hunters.



The Blood Fox

Domains: Protecting the home.

Sub-domains: Loyalty and blood.

Description: A fox covered in blood and gore.

Affiliations: One of the nine canine children of Chaos. He is known to protect homes and crops, but it is said that his help will always come at a price. The Blood Fox rarely interferes unless he's summoned and is appeased. Once he decides to help though, he is known to become loyal and continue to help. The only time he appears without being summoned first is when one family member murdered by another family member. This murder must be committed by a blood relative. He and The Child Bearer are known to come into conflict when the murder involves a parent and child, either in direct conflict of their codes or in competition of which has the rights of vengeance.

Followers: Often worshipped by farmers, and The Blood Fox is easily appeased with the sacrifice of a few live chickens.



The Nine Tails

Domains: Untamed power.

Sub-domains: Magic.

Description: A beautiful fox with nine-tails, at times it is surrounded by a radiant blue flame.

Affiliations: One of the nine canine children of Chaos.

Followers: Kitsune, multi-tailed foxes with magical powers. Also sometimes worshipped by woodland shamans and enchanters, though rarely "civilized" practitioners of magic.

Associations: Cat O' Nine Tails.


The Child Bearer

Domains: Protecting children.

Sub-domains: Delivering babies.

Description: Always depicted covered in a cloak or blanket with only a muzzle and tail uncovered.

Affiliations: One of the nine canine children of Chaos. Anyone who intentionally harms a child risks the wrath of The Child Bearer. Entire armies have been torn to shreds in the defense of a single child. He is also said to deliver orphaned children, typically newborns, to loving families who desire a child but cannot have one.

Followers: Children, and couples not capable of having children.



The Fire Hound

Domains: Revenge.

Sub-domains: Rage and fire.

Description: A large hound that is completely engulfed in a raging inferno.

Affiliations: One of the nine canine children of Chaos. He is said to have inherited his father's temper.




The Lightning Hound

Domains: Messenger of the gods.

Sub-domains: Speed and lightning.

Description: All his fur looks to be made of golden needles point behind it, and when he moves there are streaks of lightning in his wake.

Affiliations: One of the nine canine children of Chaos. There are legends that the mortal hero known as The Lightning Rider once tracked The Lightning Hound and trapped him. He then used The Lightning Hound to cross an impossible distance for an important mission. After the mission was complete, he released The Lightning Hound once again.

Followers: Messengers often worship The Lightning Hound hoping to be granted just a small fraction of his speed on their way.




Domains: Wrath of Leviathan.


Description: A giant, monstrous water serpent.

Affiliations: When Leviathan sends his wrath upon a ship, island, or coastal city he sends Loch. Because of their close association, Loch is often confused as Leviathan in serpent form. According to some legends, Loch was once a clever and resourceful snake that crossed Chaos. Chaos, angered, turned the snake into Loch and forced him to serve Leviathan as punishment.





Domains: Mazes.


Description: The head of a bull.

Affiliations: Child of Chaos.

Followers: Minotaurs.




Domains: Bad dreams.


Description: An all black horse with a fair mane and tail. Some myths have just normal fire, while others have skulls and the anguished cry of souls coming from the flames.

Affiliations: In some versions Nightmare eases the bad dreams of the innocent and inflicts them upon the evil and those who caused the bad dreams in the first place, while in other stories she's just random and causes bad dreams on a whim or because she thinks it's funny.




Gods: Hierarchy of Power

1. Terra (deceased)

2. Chaos (deceased)

3. Knell

4. Sol (pre-Eclipse betrayal)

5. Azure (at full potential)

6. Leviathan

7. Azure (at normal potential)

8. Sol (post-Eclipse betrayal)

9. Luna

Note: Godlings and Monster Gods are not listed. Their power levels vary greatly and often dependent on the value of their specific talents, but none surpass those listed above.