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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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Day of Darkness

At the dawn of mankind; titans, monsters, and gods were common place and accepted by everyone. This is when the Earth still had two suns; the world had never experienced darkness. Whenever Apollo would set one sun he would raise the other one. Monster and man lived in harmony together.

After this time of bliss came the opening of Pandora's Box. Everyone now had new emotions and nobody knew how to deal with them. Hate, fear, envy, and all the other evil emotions spread like wild fire. People now began to become prejudice against those who were different. All the monsters were exiled from their villages. They were forced to scatter across the land. Many were hunted to extinction. However, not even monsters were unaffected by the emotions that Pandora's Box had released. Many became hateful and despised all humans.

One race that became particularly bitter was known as the Wilok[1]. They were creatures of magic. When they were exiled, they could not bear to leave their native lands. So they began to live in near by caves close to their old homes. After a few generations, their eyes became accustomed to the darkness and could no longer stand the light of the sun. They were creatures which stood about 8 ft. tall with giant bat like wings stemming from between their shoulder blades. Their ears were pointed with small horns on their heads. They only had thin white hair on the side of their heads. Their skin was whitish with a green tint to it. Their hands were large enough to wrap around a man's waist and their fingers came to points.

On the eve of Saturnalia, while everyone was celebrating, a sinister plot was being prepared by a Wilok named Barcquon[2]. He was devising a magical spell. This spell would cast a blanket of darkness on the world by capturing its suns. He could make humans suffer the same fate as he and his people had all these years. However, the incredible power of the spell required the planets to be in perfect alignment. So he waited two years for the day of reckoning. But finally, it arrived. Although he could not see it, he could feel the elemental forces join for this grand occasion. Magical energy surged through the air. The humans would now be robbed of their light. He began enchanting the magical words:


Ubi orbes caeli iungit ut coniurent

cusum viri de gratia, flammae

Apollonis, dim viri lux, friant mea


Gusts of wind blew through the tunnels of the cave as the sinister monster spoke the incantation. He continued:


et mea sola.  Ignes qui illuminabat

infinitum caelum iam illuminent

finitum spatum meorum carum,

et ammitatur in tempore unius diei.[3]


A flash of bright, white light filled the cave. Barcquon grabbed his eyes and screamed in pain. The light faded and he began to open them again. His vision was still blurred as they were not able to focus yet.

The suns were now enclosed in two wooden cases. The world fell into darkness. Villages everywhere began to panic. For the first time, they were without the light of a sun. The only light they were left with was the flames of the fires which they used to keep warm. People everywhere shouted in terror, "The suns are dead!" "Apollo, why have you forsaken us?" "We are all doomed!"

Apollo looked upon the chaos this caused and decided to go down to the Earth. His intention was to find someone to retrieve his suns. He went to the village of Crylar[4], the nearest town to the home of Barcquon. He disguised himself as an elderly man named Prysus[5]. Then, he gathered all the villagers to the center of town. He announced, "Apollo has not abandoned you. This is the work of another. A monster has trapped the suns in two separate cases. All that you need to do is crack the seals on them to break the spell. However, if the suns are not returned to their rightful place in the sky within one day of their capture, their flames will be lost forever. Now, who will go to the monster's cave?"

However, all of the warriors and soldiers cowered. Doubt filled them all. They wondered what chance they would stand against a monster powerful enough to capture the suns. One man stepped out of the crowd and volunteered. The man was a mere farmer who felt he had nothing left to lose. His wife and son had been killed in a fire three months earlier. This brave man who put everyone else to shame was named Sirus[6]. Apollo gave him a silver medallion of a quarter circle. The medallion was said to have the power to guide him to the location of the suns.

Taking neither weapons nor armor, in fear that it may slow him down, the man began his journey. The medallion guided him to the location of the trapped suns. It grew brighter the closer he got. After many hours, he reached Barcquon's cave at the edge of a cliff. Sirus knew that one day was almost over and that he had to hurry. He crept into the dark and musty cave. There was the foul stench of death in the air. As he wandered through the cave, a cold breeze blew against his back. Sirus continued on. He found the boxes resting on the cavern floor with Barcquon right next to them. However, he was in luck, the monster that everyone feared so much was asleep.

He slowly crept over to the boxes and picked them up. The monster remained sleeping, wrapped in its own wings. Sirus began to leave. He thought it best to destroy the boxes outside instead of risking waking up the sleeping beast. The boxes were extremely hot, almost as if they were on fire. It was then that he realized the magic was the only thing preventing the enclosed suns from destroying the cases.

While his mind was distracted with the heat of boxes, he wasn't paying attention to where he was walking. He stumbled over a rock. Though he quickly regained his balance, he had knocked a small pebble down a deep chasm. It caused an echo throughout the caverns as it bounced off of the chasm edges.

The noise caused Barcquon to awaken. The giant hulk of a creature looked around and noticed that his boxes were missing. He let out a monstrous roar. Even the cave walls shook in terror. He leaped up and took off in pursuit of the one who had dared to violate the sanctity of his home. Not only would he take back the boxes, but he would make the one who invaded his sanctuary suffer.

Noticing Barcquon, Sirus began to run. However, Barcquon was faster and began to close the gap between them. Sirus began to run faster, but it wasn't fast enough. He quaked with fear. A shiver began to run up his back and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He was just hoping that he could outrun the creature long enough to make it back to the town. With the help of the other villagers, he figured they could defeat the monster.

Then, he remembered the words of Prysus, "If the suns are not returned to their rightful place in the sky within one day of their capture, their flames will be lost forever." At that moment, he knew what he must do; he had to free the sun before worrying about himself. He stopped and smashed the first box against the ground.

He hit the box against the ground as hard as he could. However, it was no good. The box was unharmed. He looked at it and wondered what to do next. He had used all his strength and nothing happened, not even a scratch. The box remained motionless on the ground as he tried to think of a plan. He looked back; his lead was almost completely gone now. There was no doubt in his mind that his next action would be his last. He picked up a rock and brought it over his head. Then, with everything he had left, he slammed it against the box.

Barcquon wrapped his huge hand around Sirus, pinning his arms to his side. He screamed in pain from the monstrous grip. The rock in his hands fell to the ground. Despite his efforts, it seemed he had failed. The creature drew back its other hand, its razor sharp nails ready to impale the human clutched in its grasp. Sirus struggled to get free, but it was useless. He had used every ounce of his strength in that last attempt. He closed his eyes preparing to accept his fate.

Unbeknownst to both there, the last strike by Sirus had cracked the seal on the box. Shards of light began to come forth from it. The crack on the seal began to grow in size until the entire box broke into pieces. The spell was broken and one of the suns was free. It flew into the sky and began to shine once again.

With the shining light, Barcquon was blinded. He let go of his victim and grabbed his eyes. He clawed at his own eyes, trying to end the pain of the light. Trying to flee from the blinding sun, he stumbled around trying to retreat to the security of his cave. As he stumbled around, he fell off of the edge of mountain's cliff. Barcquon fell down the cliff and slammed against the cliff's edge. The jagged rocks ripped apart his wings and his flesh. He did not survive the fall.

Sirus had done it; he had saved the world from an eternal darkness. However, in all the excitement, he had forgotten about the second box. Remembering, he smashed the rock against the second case, breaking its seal. But, it was too late. Its flame was dead. The glowing core and a bunch of ashes were all that remained of the once bright sun. The core flew up into the sky and took its new name, the Moon. With its new name, it received Diana as its goddess. The ashes flew up into the sky and took their new name, the Stars. The spells had been broken, it was all over. The world had suffered a day of darkness and was now free.

When he returned home, there was already a huge celebration going on in his honor. There was a feast, music, and dancing. He was declared a hero by all of the people. However, he didn't care about any of it because he had no one to share it with. He walked passed it all and to his home.

There, he was greeted by the disguised Apollo. As a reward for his services, the gods gave him one wish. Without stopping to think, he answered he wanted his family brought back to life. The gods said that it was a difficult task to accomplish, but it was possible. However, in order to do this, there was a price that he would have to pay.

A part of his life force would be needed in order to rekindle theirs. There was no hesitation; he agreed to do it willingly. He offered his entire life if it meant that they could be brought back. However, only a small part was needed for each. Then, the next thing he saw was his wife, Rila[7], and his son, Kinkard[8]. The two stood before him alive and well. His heart was at ease. At last, they were together again.



Pronunciation Key


[1] Wilok  (wil´ ok´)

[2] Barcquon  (bärk kon´)

[3] The spell was written in Latin (the best I could), this is the English translation of it:

When the spheres of heaven unite

To conspire man's fall from grace,

Let the flames of Apollo, once mans'

Light, become mine and mine alone.

Let the fire which lit the infinite sky

Now light the finite spaces of my cases,

And be lost forever in one day's time.

[4] Crylar  (krī´  lär´)

[5] Prysus  (prī´  s's)

[6] Sirus  (sī´  rus´)

[7] Rila  (rī´ lä´)

[8] Kinkard  (kin´ kärd´)