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September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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September 05, 2015

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Gosai Culture

How can one learn about the Quorian Culture (Rifter #55; Home Away From Home) without also learning about their ancient rivals, the Gosai? Since their arrival on the Palladium World, the two races and their fates appear to be forever intertwined. The two races are night and day, forever connected and yet always at odds. While the Quorian are a proud race of warriors who thrive on combat, Gosai are the silent assassins who strike from the shadows, favoring precision and accuracy above all else. They seem exotic and spooky, until one truly gets to know them.

Note: The information here is an expansion of the Gosai race as described in Palladium Fantasy RPG Book 9: Baalgor Wastelands. For details on the Gosai such as stats and some culture notes not included here, please read their write-up within that book.


The Homeworld

Before one can truly understand the Gosai one must understand where they came from, because their origins are the buildings blocks of who they are as a people. They are a tree-dwelling people that come from a world with tall trees that soared high into the sky. This made them well-suited for the original jungle and forest environment of Baalgor before it became the wasteland it is today. The Gosai would live their entire lives within the tree tops, leaping from branch to branch to reach whatever their destination.

Below the towering trees lurked an all consuming shadowy darkness that engulfed the ground and the lower tree line. Few who fell from their sunny treetops and into the abyss beneath ever returned, and those that did spoke of unfathomable horrors. Within the rolling black waves below crept beings as dark as any shadow and whose hearts were far blacker. To miss their next branch meant to fall, and to fall meant death. So the Gosai learned precision, as just a single miscalculation could spell doom. Their Pop-Hinge knees allow for them to jump great distances, and the chance to recover by quickly adjusting their course at a moment's notice.

This looming darkness is the reason Gosai have no particular desire to return home. Instead they've come to accept their lives and place within the Palladium World. What manner of being lurked within the shadows beneath the trees remains unknown, but it's suspected that they may have been Shadow Beasts and their kin. Whether this means the Gosai originate from the same world as Shadow Beasts (perhaps an Elf opened a portal to summon a Shadow Beast, but found a fallen Gosai instead?), some other connection (another group of natives who summoned Shadow Beasts and destroyed themselves, but the beasts remain?), or if they were some other type of monsters entirely remains a mystery. The Gosai do not personally care, as they have no intention of returning to find out.



Gosai are a people of few words, literally. The Gosai are known for being quiet, and this is in part because they so rarely speak. When they do talk they tend to say only a single word instead of an entire sentence, as if that word conveys all that's needed. Their native language consists of just over 100 total words, as they believe actions show more than simple words. However, the Gosai language is still a difficult one to learn. While the words themselves can be easily memorized, actually being able to communicate an entire thought with just one or two words is something few can learn effectively.

Instead of just speaking, Gosai rely on hand signs, gestures, and body language to help communicate. The reason for this is believed to date back to their homeworld, where they feared making too much noise could alert potential predators to their location. As such they learned to communicate using as few sounds as possible. Gosai sometimes learn languages such as Elven to speak with other races, but find it distasteful as it (and other languages) focus too much on "wordiness." Few other races can learn Gosai effectively, and there's no guarantee a Gosai will be versed in any of the Palladium tongues. Using the Sign Language skill is usually the most effective method.

Despite not speaking many other languages, most Gosai become literate in at least one language, typically Elven. The native Gosai language has no written form, but they've found elegance in it since their arrival on the Palladium World. Silent, and yet can be transmitted quickly over long distances. Writing is also very important in contracts. Before accepting any type of job, Gosai like to sign contracts stating the specifics of what is and is not acceptable.

Gosai hold the language of contracts as an unbreakable law. If the terms of the contract state that a Gosai must do something, no matter how undesirable, then the Gosai is honor bound to do so. Personal feelings have no bearing on the matter. This undesirable act is not even the fault of the contractor, but on the Gosai for not stating clearer terms. Though Gosai hold contracts with great importance, a contract can prove an unwanted nuisance for employers who only want a simple task and/or to avoid any evidence that can be traced back to them.


Emotions and Revenge

Gosai are known to remain cool, calm, and collected even in the tensest of situations. They do not rattle easily and don't show emotions, causing many to view them as cold and heartless. The truth is they're a passionate people, but they internalize most of their feelings. This is a survival tactic from their homeworld, where in such a dangerous environment reacting emotionally lead to almost certain doom. Those that panicked died, and those that learned to remain level-headed survived to breed. Today, even after thousands of years on the Palladium World, this trait is a part of their very being with the continued mentality that emotions remain the greatest of enemies.

Internalization of their feelings has also made them effectively immune to psionics and magic designed to illicit emotions, such as Empathic Transmission. Though the abilities themselves may still influence the character, they're ability to suppress the outward reactions allow them to remain in control on an intellectual level. This means even though the Gosai may feel sorrow or hate or love, the character can continue to act without penalties or other impairment. Note: This also grants the Gosai their Save vs. Horror Factor (see the racial write-up for details).

Even though they show no emotions, Gosai have been known to hold grudges for decades. Sometimes grudges (or matters of honor) can even span generations, being passed down from parent to child. This can lead to Gosai taking revenge on a descendant totally unaware of the crimes of their ancestors. Such a grudge is responsible for their racial disdain of Quorian, and there's even a case of a Gosai family that's been plotting revenge against a dragon for over two thousand years! Holding onto a vendetta for so long seems insane to most races, but to a Gosai it is more than just revenge, it is about justice.


Duels of Honor

Gosai do not offend easily and rarely enter into duels, but when they do the body count can add up quickly. While most races duel with a direct fight between the two parties, with Gosai things are handled a little differently. When a conflict between two Gosai arises and requires a duel, the two enter into a competition of killing. Duels can be decided by who can kill more targets, kill a target with greater difficulty such as more guards or castle defenses, or a race between the two to kill a single target and whichever does so first is the winner.

Keep in mind that Gosai favor stealth and precision. Dying in the process is not a victory, nor is becoming a wanted criminal as a result of leaving so much evidence or many witnesses. Killing innocent bystanders (i.e. non-targets) is another negative as it indicates sloppy work, but might be viewed as acceptable, especially if the duel is about the number of victims.