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September 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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Blind Warrior O.C.C.

Men of Arms


How long this style has been around remains unknown. The first recorded sighting of one of these warriors was 56 years ago on the human island kingdom of Lopan. A Western noble was staying at one of the spa resorts and had too much to drink. After tearing up much of the spa, he turned his attention to one of the female employees who had actually tried to stop him.

Before the noble could lay a hand on her, a blind man quickly subdued the drunken noble with the use of a staff. In defense of their lord, two guards attacked the lone blind man. In self defense, he fought and managed to defeat both of them while sustaining only minor injuries himself. The blind man left and was never seen on the island again. However, the tale of the blind man who moved and fought as well as any seeing fighter lingered.

Since that day, a handful of other blind warriors have emerged. The numbers of these fighters is still small and it is rare to ever come by one. The chance to actually train under one is even rarer. As more of these fighters appear, more is learned about them. Though the origins of this fighting style are still a secret, it is now believed that it has existed for at least 500 years, most likely longer.

Many find this theory hard to believe as there has been no recorded history before the incident 56 years ago. These skeptics believe that if the art had been around for over 500 years, there would have to be some other record or sighting of it. Several people have come forth with stories of similar incidents. All of these stories can either not be proven, or have been proven to be false.

Despite its origins, the fact remains that the style allows for a blind man (or woman; though no women have ever been known to learn this style) to fight with equal skill to a fighter with sight. These fighters seem to have a sixth sense that allows them to "feel" the motions of their opponent and counter. The exact nature of this sense is a mystery to all but those who undergo the training.

In the last five years, there have been two known occurrences of men with sight learning this style. In order to do this, they have willing given up seeing with their eyes, wearing a blind fold at all times. Even if the blindfold is taken off, the warrior will keep his eyes closed. When one of the men were asked about this he replied, "To see only with one's eyes is to be truly blind."

Note: Players who consider playing a Blind Warrior should strongly consider the disadvantages. Despite their abilities, they still cannot read, see colors, recognize a face, or many other things. Remember, these characters are really blind or have forgone using their eyes in favor of the new fighting style. Their abilities are not a substitute for eyes in everyday life. This should be viewed as a role playing experience, not just a way to get more bonuses or special techniques.


Blind Warriors & Armor

Blind Warriors are men at arms who are trained to fight and can wear any type of armor. Despite this fact, almost all Blind Warriors will chose to wear light armor or no armor at all in favor of more maneuverability and silence. The thick metal, as well as jingling and clanking, interferes with their new senses (see below for details) and is simply uncomfortable. While in heavy armor, the blind warrior will be -3 to initiative, strike, parry, and dodge. These penalties are in addition to the normal encumbrance penalties. Note: All penalties are cumulative.


Life for Blind Warriors

The life of a Blind Warrior is not an easy one. Those who learn it have such a strong urge to fight, that even going blind could not detour them away from it. This does not mean that they are mindless men who will pick any fight that comes their way, just that they enjoy a good fight. Nor are they stupid, just like anyone else, if they realize they are out matched running is always an option. Of course, all actions will depend on the particular individual. Some would rather stay and fight an impossible battle for a noble cause, or simply so as not to risk being called a coward.

Blind Warriors rarely have much gold as it is hard to find work. Even if they are capable of doing a task, more often than not the job will be given in favor of someone who can see. The same applies to work as a mercenary. Most people who look at the Blind Warrior see only a blind man, not a warrior. This causes the Blind Warrior to usually enter a life as a nomad.

Most of the time, a Blind Warrior is forced to wander from place to place trying to get what little work he can. If one is ever lucky enough to find a place that accepts him/her as an equal, that place will usually become home. Otherwise, the Blind Warrior will continue to wander and fight when the heart feels that it is right, even if not getting paid. Even a selfish Blind Warrior will often fight without being paid simply for the joy of fighting; that is enough reason. Of course, the selfish will usually seek payment afterwards regardless of true motivation.


Special Abilities of the Blind Warrior

1. Heightened Sense of Hearing: By focus and concentration, the Blind Warrior has finely tuned the other senses. This allows for hearing the equivalent of a wolfen, or double a wolfen's natural range of hearing. This allows the character to hear a quiet conversation up to 150 feet away. Constant noise such as a crowded room full of conversations has a chance of negating this additional range due to difficulty to focus. 40%+5% per level of experience chance of maintaining focus. Loud and/or irritating noises are twice as painful to this character. Focus is impossible and the character is -3 to initiative, strike, parry, and dodge. Note: All penalties are cumulative.

2. Heightened Sense of Smell: The sense of smell is above that of normal, but not quite to the level of the canine races. Recognize scent of someone familiar: 45%+5% per level of experience. If a member of the canine races simply add 10% to the natural senses. This only applies to someone that the character has had several dealings with, not just an occasional acquaintance. Tracking is not possible. Strong and foul smells can overwhelm the nose and causes a -2 to initiative, strike, parry, and dodge. Note: All penalties are cumulative.

3. Heightened Sense of Touch: Touch is debatably the most important sense to a blind warrior. The ability is more fine tuned than above average and allows the character to recognize an object by feel: 80%+5% per level of experience. Also able to recognize scratches, cracks, dings, imperfections, etc. in textures by touch: 50%+5%. Identify fabric by touch alone: 35%+5%. The blind warrior usually tries to wear loose clothing and keep parts of their skin exposed so as not to ruin their sense of touch. For this reason, even when wearing gloves, the tips will be cut off as to leave the finger tips exposed to the air. If the finger tips and face are mostly covered, whether it is from clothing or from some type of substance, the character is -3 to initiative, strike, parry, and dodge. The exact reason for this is unknown even to a blind warrior, but it is believed to have something to do with being able to sense the currents in the air around him/her. Note: All penalties are cumulative.

4. Blind Penalties/Bonuses: The usual penalties that apply to being blind do not apply to the blind warrior. Instead, only a -2 penalty is applied to initiative, strike, parry, and dodge. This is not including any other penalties that may be applied due to loss of one of the three heightened senses. On the plus side, due to the character already being blind, there are no added penalties for fighting invisible opponents. Note: All penalties are cumulative.

5. Mystic Sight: Through much training and discipline, the Blind Warrior has learned to feel the presence of anything moving around him/her. With the ability to sense moving things, the ability of the blind warrior to parry and dodge arrows is reduced to a penalty of only -4. Unfortunately, stationary things cannot be sensed leaving the blind warrior to simply walk into a wall, trip over a log, or fall into a hole if not careful. This is the second reason that a blind warrior will almost always be seen holding a staff, if for nothing else other than to help guide. Estimating distance: 70%+5% per level of experience, estimating speed and direction: 60%+5% per level of experience, estimating exact location and general size: 50%+5% per level of experience. Range: 50 feet radius.

6. Combat Circle: The blind warrior can call upon their inner strengths to feel everything around them. This includes inanimate objects as well as actually being able to identify those within the circle. This is a much more clear vision of the individual to the point that a person can be identified one another and their actions seen clearly. Well known friends and enemies, as well as occasional acquaintances, can be told apart from one another. +4 on initiative, +3 to strike, parry, and dodge. Range: 4 foot radius. P.P.E.: 10 per melee round in use.

7. Juggling (special!): In training to use all the senses, the blind warrior practices juggling. It starts off simple with only throwing one object in the usual motion. The character slowly moves up to juggling 3 objects, but never anymore. The object is never a weapon. Remember, this is training. Using a weapon could cause serious injury. 50% base skill that does not increase. For each item over three juggled, a -10% penalty is applied. The juggling skill may also be selected, but will suffer from the -20% penalty (-30% if secondary) as listed below.

8. Superior Sense of Balance: The character is accustomed to being careful of how he/she steps and lands. This allows for a sense of balance that is typically higher than someone with sight: 70%+5% per level of experience.

9. Other O.C.C. Bonuses: +10 S.D.C., +2D6 P.P.E., immune to all horror factors that are purely sight based. +1 to save vs. horror factors that are based on any of the other 4 senses.


Blind Warrior O.C.C.

Alignments: Any, though it will often reflect that of the mentor.

Racial Restrictions: None, only the possible prejudice of the mentor.

Attribute Requirements: M.E. 12 and P.P. 12 or higher and a strong desire to fight. A high I.Q., P.S., and P.E. are helpful, but not a requirement.

Multiple O.C.C.s are only possible if changing to the Blind Warrior. Once a Blind Warrior, a character cannot switch back or to a new O.C.C. Learning the way of the Blind Warrior becomes a way of life, not just another O.C.C.  Any previous bonuses from hand to hand skills or skills like boxing or wrestling are lost. Those are fighting techniques which simply cannot be used with the new hand to hand learned that helps utilize the senses of the blind warrior.

O.C.C. Skills:

Athletics (general)

Languages: Native tongue at 98% and two languages of choice (+10%)

Lore: One of choice (+10%)

Prowl (+10%)

Public Speaking (+5%)

Streetwise (+10%)

Wilderness Survival

W.P. Staff

Hand to Hand: Blind Stick Fighting

Hand to Hand: Blind Stick Fighting can be changed to Hand to Hand: Blind Fighting for the cost of two O.C.C. Related Skills. No other Hand to Hand skills are available to this O.C.C.

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select four other skills at level one, plus select one additional skill at levels three, six, nine, and twelve. All new skills start at level one proficiency.

Communications: Any (+10%), except Literacy or Writing.

Domestic: Any (+5%)

Espionage: Escape Artist only.

Horsemanship: None.

Medical: First Aid only (-5%)

Military: Interrogation Techniques and Recognize Weapon Quality only.

Physical: Any, except Boxing and Wrestling (-20% were applicable)

Rogue: Any

Science: Basic Mathematics only.

Scholar/Technical: Breed Dogs, History, Lore, Rope Works, and Sculpting & Whittling only* (+10%)

Weapon Proficiencies: Any, except Archery, Crossbow, Modern Weapons, Mouth Weapons/Blowguns, Siege Weapons, Targeting/Missile Weapons, Throwing Weapons.

Wilderness: Dowsing, Preserve Food, and Skin and Prepare Animal Hides only.

* - See Communications for Languages

Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select four secondary skills from the previous list at level one, and one additional skill at levels two, four, seven, ten, and thirteen. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonuses listed in the parenthesis. In addition, any skill with a penalty receives an additional -10% to proficiency. All secondary skills start at the base skill level, except when a penalty is indicated. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list.

Starting Equipment: Two sets of clothing, hooded cape or cloak, piece of cloth folded to cover eyes, boots, a pair of open fingered gloves, belt, bedroll, backpack, one large sack, two small sacks, water skin, dried meats and fruit equal to food rations for 1D4+1 weeks, and a tinder box.

Armor: Suit of studded leather (A.R. 13, S.D.C. 38).

Weapons: Starts with a non-magical staff of choice, and two other weapons of choice. All are basic S.D.C. weapons of very good quality. Magical weapons and additional items must be acquired later.

Money: The character starts with 110 in gold, which can be used immediately to purchase more equipment or saved. Additional money will come from payment for jobs and/or booty.


Experience Point Table: Same as the Mercenary Warrior.