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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

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Staff of the Crying Demon

Mosaic Artifact


The burning village set the night sky ablaze. Amidst the flames stood the demon, towering twice the height of any man. It let out a laugh, the shrillness of which pierced my ears. I swear that would be the end of me, the end of us all, because how could anything stand against something so evil, so powerful? Then he appeared, the light within the darkness.

As the demon spoke I cowered, even though it spoke not to me nor hear I its words. I cowered, as any sane man would. Yet this god among men stood there, unwavering, and as he did I swear the demon's size shrunk in half for it was not as large of body as the last I gazed upon it.

The demon spoke again, this time I heard it. "If you will not cower before me, then you will die!" Then it lifted its mighty sword, a blade which I saw with mine own eyes cut three in twain with a single passing. When the enchanted steel touched the ground, its magic ruptured the earth beneath where the man stood. Crackles of mystic energy and exploding debris filled the area. Surely no one could have survived, not even one as brave as he.

If you who read this believes the same as I, then you too would be just as wrong. When dared I to open my eyes yet again, I saw the man standing toe to toe with the demon with nary a scratch. With a swipe of his staff, this hero of heroes brought the demon to its back.

The demon shrieked at its better, but our champion did not flinch. He simply brought down his staff, that frail bone staff, and touched it to the demon's head. Then all I could see was a bright mystical light consuming them both.

When I could see again, the man, the man who'd I'd soon learn to be a traveling monk, stood alone, the demon gone and banished. Only a single tear of blood remained as proof it ever existed at all. Though I'd see him repeat such feats again, never in all my years with him would I forget this first time I laid eyes upon him.

- Chronicles of Bexor, Monk of Ra


In the midst of the Elf-Dwarf War, while the hatred of both races for each other overrode any sanity or concern for other races, a Warrior Monk traveled the lands trying to purge all the demons these races had unleashed on the world. His name was Bexor ('x' pronounced with a 'sh' sound), monk of the Gods of Light and devoted to Ra in particular. Little is known about him other than what's written in the Chronicles of Bexor, a book written by a companion who had followed him on his quest. Bexor is described in the book as neither elf nor dwarf, but his exact race never described. In his journeys he used a frail looking bone staff to banish demons: The Staff of the Crying Demon.

Whether or not Bexor ever existed or not is a matter of some debate. There are those who read the book, finding discrepancies and things never explained, believing the story contained within is nothing more than a fantasy, a story told of someone trying to do the right thing during a very dark time. Then there are those who believe its true, attributing any discrepancies to the fact it was written after his death and any lack of details a result of faulty memory or an outside observer not fully understanding what was going on.

One point of contention for those who suspect it's a fantasy is that the Staff of the Crying Demon has never been found nor mentioned in any other works. The believers argue that the staff could have just as easily been destroyed during the Millennium of Purification that followed. The Staff of the Crying Demon is real though, and still exists to this day. It's crafted out of the bone of an actual demon. As such it possesses remarkable strength, durability, and mystic potential.

This staff was created by a legendary Mosaic Mage who crafted several magical items, though he alone perfected this form of Mosaic Magic and his process lost when he died. The Staff of the Crying Demon is one of these legendary items, though it doesn't truly banish a demon. Instead, it channels the wielder's energy (P.P.E.) into an attack that transforms a demon into a Sealing Stone/Summing Eye. These Sealing Stones take the form of a ruby in the shape of a tear, sometimes called Tears of the Demon or Crimson Tears.

The chronicles say that upon his death Bexor gave his companion, the author of the chronicles, instructions to return his staff to the temple where he was trained. Though many readers have tried to discern from the readings where that temple might be, as of yet no mortal has succeeded. A group of demons did, however. The temple had become one of the many casualties of the Elf-Dwarf War, already abandoned, but the staff remained, and heavily warded and protected against evil and demons.

Even if it had not been warded, the Staff of the Crying Demon held too much power and too dangerous for any demon to dare touch, not even to move it. For even without a master, demons fear the staff may hold the power to seal them away for all of eternity. Instead, the demons constructed their own traps around the temple ruins, hoping that no one, especially not the forces of good, could ever find their way into the temple again.


Type: Long Staff, crafted from a single piece of demon bone.

Damage: 2D4 plus P.S. bonus to mortals, Creatures of Magic, and any non-supernatural being, per a normal long staff. If a demon or supernatural being, it inflicts 1D4x10. This damage is magical in nature, affecting a demon who even dares to touch it! Damage can be dealt if a demon attempts to pick it up, or even if it parries without a weapon. Due to the damage being mystical and not physical, P.S. bonus is not applied to supernatural beings.

Powers: The ability to create a Summoning Eye without a ritual. All that's required is placing the tip of the staff upon the demon's body and activating the power (50 P.P.E., from the character's personal reserve channeled through the staff). This effectively costs two melee actions, one to make contact and a second to activate the power. To be effective, it helps to immobilize the target so it can't just parry the staff before it makes contact or knock it away after so the power can't be activated. Allies and techniques that cause an opponent to lose attacks are beneficial in such an endeavor.

Sealing a supernatural being in this way turns the body instantly into a ruby-like stone in the shape of a tear, often called Tears of Blood due to the passage in the Chronicles. These Tears of Blood also are the basis for the name of the Crying Demon. The same as with Sealing Stones, the defeated being cannot be summoned until it's spent enough time to form a new body. If summoned from a Tear of Blood, the demon or other supernatural being appears with a glowing blue-white mark where the staff touched and sealed them. This brand appears as a circle and a cross overlapped. Bexor is said to have always touched the staff to the demon's head, as if ensuring all would be able to see its shame.

Note: The staff is effective against supernatural beings in combat, but its most powerful ability has a high P.P.E. cost (50). As such it's most useful in the hands of a practitioner of magic or Warrior Monk with a high P.E. attribute.

Plot Hooks: In the Eastern Territory, there's a "mad mage" (Summoner) who's read the Chronicles of Bexor, Monk of Ra many times. He's become obsessed with finding the Staff of the Crying Demon and spent a small fortune sending out search parties. He's been studying the Chronicles closely, and he believes he's close to discovering its true location. If he ever does find it, he intends to start summoning demons, and sealing them one by one with the staff. Demon after demon after demon until he can cleanse Hades of every last one of them!

His intentions may be in the right place, but his plan is clearly insane. Sooner or later things will go wrong, and once they do it'll end badly for more than just the Summoner. There will be active Summoning Circles to bring in more demons, the ones already present can run the streets red with blood, and the Staff of the Crying Demon risks falling into the hands demons. The player characters may be hired by him to help him obtain the item, or learn of his plans and be forced to stop him.