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September 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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Darsh Belmont (Psychological Profile)

File #00159836

Subject:  Darsh Belmont


In the most recent session with the subject, it is this doctor's report that the subject is unfit for duty.  Since the disappearance of Colonel Franklin Farrell, the subject has become distant from human contact.  It is this doctor's opinion that the subject is suffering from a form of depression caused by the loss of what he viewed as a father figure.

In addition to the subject's increasingly anti-social tendencies, there has been his more recent insistence on the fact that the mecha he has recently been issued is alive.  Not only does he insist that it is alive, but also that it is sad and lonely.  The subject is clearly projecting his own feelings upon an inanimate object in an attempt to avoid dealing with his own feelings.

The subject is also becoming afraid to take chances.  He believes that if he takes a chance, that others will be hurt.  The exact nature of this fear is not yet understood and requires further study.  However, the effect seems to be quite clear.  He is beginning to suffer from the early signs of a syndrome known as the "downward spiral."

In simple terms, the "downward spiral" syndrome is what occurs when a subject starts to second guess their own actions.  If left unchecked, the syndrome will soon develop to such a degree that the subject will soon be unable to perform even the simplest of tasks out of fear.

One possible cause for the subject to be suffering from this syndrome is the reoccurrence of a particular nightmare he refers to.  The dream is said to be virtually the same each time.  The subject reports of having an uncontrollable urge to kill in the dream which is then followed by the slaughtering of several people.  Each time he awakens as his hands are wrapped around a different person's throat.  Though this may not indicate psychopathic behavior, there are several other implications this dream provides.

The subject claims that this was a nightly dream from his childhood.  Though the dream disappeared after the first invasion of the bug forces, it has since resurfaced shortly after the disappearance of Colonel Franklin Farrell.  Though he does not report having the dream every night anymore, there is the chance that it will become more frequent with time.

If the subject is not removed from duty soon and given proper psychological treatment it is the opinion of this doctor that he will become self destructive.  Not only will he be a danger to himself, but to all those around him.


Recommendation:  The subject should be removed immediately from any and all duty for extensive psychological counseling.




Helen Suthers