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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

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Alien Races

VUN (Vorshak Unified Nations)

Balgallian: A race that is fairly similar to humans in appearance with a few minor differences such as the strange webbed ears and what can only be best described as a tail extending from the back of its neck. The tail is short and doesn't stretch further than the back of the neck. If done properly, it can even look like part of the hair. It seems to serve no practical purpose, but it has been said that it is a very weak spot and if someone can hit it the Balgallian will be inflicted with tremendous pain. Of course, this is easier said than done, and most would never dare to risk and try it. They are well known for their great reflexes, agility, and speed. This makes them excellent warriors and pilots. Status: Allied. They willingly joined the Vorshak race, and as such, are often treated better than many of the conquered races.

Human: Same as humans from Earth, but from a different system. They were conquered by the Vorshak race. Some humans have been known to develop powers (via Skraypers). System: Bracinar. Status:Conquered.

Porcha: Dark purple skinned aliens with smooth slimy skin and totally hairless. They speak with a series of "plurk" noises. Their race tends to have a natural technical inclination. They are said to be able to do amazing things when it comes to technical work. Status: Conquered.

Teeshian: A dull dirty gold colored race with a hunched back and rock hard spikes extending from its back. Their skin is very tough allowing them to take a severe beating, allowing their skin to "crack" before they even take any serious damage. Status: Conquered. Notes: A little known fact is they effectively have a glass jaw (weak spot). One good hit to the jaw can knock a Teeshian out without inflicting any real damage.

Totorei: Eight foot tall quadrupeds that are part of VUN. They have scaly gray skin. The scales are composed of several octagons that will often peel if touched. Their hands and feet are both prehensile, but neither are exactly designed for heavy use either. Positioning of their legs is evenly spaced along their bodies, and all their hands/feet point out at angles giving them a great sense of balance, much like a table leg, making it impossible to tell which end is which from body alone. Luckily, their heads are easily noticeable as they are shaped like a crescent moon with it arcing back towards the body as opposed to out, making a rounded front (points facing body and cannot be used as an attack). Meanwhile, at the other end of their bodies, there is a stump which suggests the race may have once had a tail, but no longer. It is rumored that they have a telepathic link with others of their race and that if they are not within 10 feet of another (they are always in pairs) that they will die, or at the very least fall into a comatose state. Status: Conquered.

Vorshak: A race of conquerors. They are nearly always at war. They tend to stand around twelve feet in height and are very strong and physically resistant. Their technology, in general, tends to better than the races they conquer as well. However, the races they conquer often are better in a few areas, which are then incorporated into their own making them all the more powerful. It has actually been suggested that the Vorshak conquer for no other reason than to see if they can, effectively testing their limits. It is the joy of being the best more so than wanting to rule the other races. Of course, this is only speculation and has not been confirmed. Status: Conquerors.

Zolemversai: This is another VUN Forces race. They have predominantly black skin with red markings. The skin looks like the breaking ground from a molten volcano. It looks hard like rock, lumpy, and very uneven. Despite the rough and hard appearance, their bodies are actually very soft and mushy to the touch. Even though it reminds many of a volcano from the look, they actually have no fire capabilities, resistance, and their bodies are cool to the touch. This soft body gives them impact resistance against physical damage to the extent it can even nullify the advantage of Vorshak strength, but it offers little to no protection against other types of non-physical attacks. They have decent physical type capabilities, but their technological level is substandard. This is, at least in part, due to their unmotivated natures. Even though they developed space travel, they rarely traveled beyond their own system and their encounter with the Vorshak was purely by chance. As a race, they tend to avoid taking chances and like to stay grounded when possible. This makes them unsuitable for frontline activity.  Though they are not suitable as warriors, they are able to serve the VUN Forces as builders. By spending most of their time building, it keeps them from having to do anything more difficult. In an odd sort of way this works out well for all involved. There are a few unusual, aberrant individuals who wish for something more. It is these deviant individuals which can, at times, be found on the frontlines or piloting. As a race though, they are rarely encountered by the other members of VUN. Status: Conquered.


CANE (Central Allied Nations of Eltryon)

Kun Kentell: A white skinned race with navy blue eyes and lips. Other than a few other abnormalities, they have a mostly human appearance. The name of their race translates to "The Children of Kentell." In a recent interview for the Tarvan Festival they admitted that their race is tribal by nature and this tribal mentality has continued even into their journeys into space, though to a more limited degree. In many ways, while the race is divided into several smaller tribes, the race views CANE as a type of larger tribe which they are but one small part. Perhaps even more interesting is that the race developed on two different worlds in the system. Both worlds developed at almost the same culture and technological rate. Even though this happened on two separate worlds, it is considered the same race with the same physical appearance, capabilities, and mentality. For something like that to happen seems to be highly improbable, and yet the race exists as proof that it is. There is some speculation that their two worlds were actually guided in secret by an older race, but there is no reason as of why another race would have done this nor has any race claimed credit for it. Similarly, there are no known races old enough to have played such a role in the early development of the race leaving such possibilities in rumor and myth. As a race, the Kun Kentell openly denounce such beliefs, preferring to believe it is the fate of their race to develop the way they have and destined to be who they are. System: Kentell. Status: Unengaged.

Myrilo: A race which looks like it is based from a flower or tree. They have no feet or legs and their arms are effectively vines. These vine-like arms are capable of growing in size to pick up items or to attack like a whip. The Myrilo can only move through a series of hops, and they tend to make a "Meep! Meep!" sound as they do. This is their own form of communication. Standing at only three feet in height, they are definitely one of the less physically capable forces of CANE, at least in appearance alone. Those who can see passed the cute and unimposing will find they have an enormous strength in their vines and can use them for extra leverage. As a race they are capable of leaping over three times their height straight up, those more physically capable up to five times! This means that one could potentially leap straight up in the air fifteen feet. It is speculated their jumping capabilities are a result of the fact they move everywhere through a series of small jumps. Similarly, what has been witnessed thus far, they appear quite capable of combat. Status: Unengaged.

Niarval (a.k.a. Reflex Aliens): One of the more impressive combat capable races of CANE. They have royal blue skin with black stripes across it, though its underbelly is a light brown, tan color. Their eyes are all black making it difficult to tell which direction they are looking at any given time. The main feature of the race is their speed and agility. Some even suggest it is equal, or can surpass, the legendary flexibility of the Balgallian. This speed is, at least in part, due to their sleek and aerodynamic body design which allows for maximum speed and agility (similar to a cheetah's body structure, though not the same shape). While they run and jump on all fours like a quadruped, they are able to stand and hold objects like a bipedal race. Each of its limbs have three forward claws and one appendage that goes back, causing their hands/feet to be shaped much like a talon of a bird. Their bodies are mostly rounded (not fat, just curved) and it's head comes slanted point. In a recent interview for the Tarvan Festival it was revealed their race has a type of primal reflex that kicks in when they feel cornered. Whenever they feel a high level of danger, it kicks in and increases all their abilities considerably making them all the more fearsome. This ability, along with their already formidable capabilities, often causes them to also be referred to as "reflex aliens." Status: Unengaged.


Other Enemies

Trisectoids: Deadly in combat, they are fiercely strong, fast, and even worse, they can still fight with over 70% of their bodies destroyed! Staring at its enormous size though is terribly intimidating (HF: 12, +1 with armor for 13 total). It has a long trisected body like an insect and six legs total. Its back is arched with its two front legs as arms and/or weapons much like a praying mantis and four wings spread out from its back. The armor it wears is a slick black with a disturbing glare to it. Something about it just sends chills through the spine of almost any who even look at it. This is a Trisectoid, the enemy. Technology: It is unclear if they are so strong and fast because they use power armor or if they are wearing normal armor and the rest is just natural. They do have Energy Facilities to power various technologies they do have. These facilities were discovered to be powered by living and imprisoned creatures. Status: Defeated.

Tarfan: The Tarfan were not a very powerful people and rather slow and sluggish in their movements. They have long drooping light blue fur that hangs down covering most of their features. They are larger than humans and porcha, but not as a large as the Vorshak (Tarfan are roughly 10 feet tall on average). Their race isn't the most powerful, and to simply conquer their people would have been simple enough. Technology: They have mech that stand about 4 dyparcs high (60 feet in height). All of their technology is equipped with a type of destruct mechanism which can be activated at the push of a button making it virtually impossible to take by force. System: Hoolinari. Allies: The member races of CANE, but despite being allies, they are not a part of CANE themselves (by choice). Notes: Tarfan is the name of their race, and Tarvan is the term used in the possessive tense. It is a Tarfan walking down the street, but a Tarvan citizens, technology, food, culture, etc. Saying these two terms improperly is viewed as a great insult. Status: Contested.