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September 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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Agulen (a.k.a. "Essence Drinkers") are a new and unique type of creature to the world of Palladium Fantasy. They actually seem to drink the essence of a dying victim. By drinking the essence, the Agulen are able to increase their skills and talents. They cannot learn anything by studying or through experience, only by stealing the knowledge as they drink the essence of others. Also, the Agulen can use the essence to heal from injuries and recover lost P.P.E. They need to do this because they possess no recuperative abilities of their own.

Despite their unusual method of learning, an Agulen cannot learn psionics. This is due to the fact that psionics are a natural skill that is developed, not a learned ability. Agulen are capable of learning magic as this is a learned skill. However, an Agulen cannot learn any Warlock spells since an Elemental is the true source of a Warlock's power.  The same is true of Witches and similar O.C.C.s.

In order to drink the essence of a victim, the Agulen must be present at the last moments of life. As the character dies, the Agulen may absorb the knowledge or life energy of the victim. At the moment of death, the body is said to emit an essence that can only be seen by Agulen. They drink this by hovering inches from the body and waiting for this essence to rise up.

However, the death cannot be natural. The death must be the cause of some act of violence. The Agulen prefer to be the cause of this death as it makes the essence taste sweeter and allows for more knowledge to be acquired. Despite the vile nature of the way they gain knowledge, not all Agulen are evil (although it may prove difficult to be of a good alignment). Many Agulen only drink the essence of fallen opponents and those already dying from others.

The Agulen begin as creatures with an animal like intelligence and rely solely on instinct. They only gain consciousness after drinking the essence of another sentient being. This is referred to by Agulen as the "First Drink." The being is usually already dying or killed in self defense. The Agulen has a natural instinct to drink the essence, causing their raised awareness. The "First Drink" will usually shape the personality of the Agulen (e.g. a noble knight will create a creature that tries to do good while a cold blooded killer will create a creature that enjoys death).

After entering this new state of elevated consciousness, the Agulen tend to dress in heavy clothing. They prefer to wear long sleeves, thick pants, boots, gloves, capes or cloaks, and something across their faces. The reason for this is unknown, but it is the same with all Agulen. They only pull down their face covering to drink the essence of the dying. Some scholars believe that wearing heavy clothing helps them to retain the essence. Otherwise, the essence can escape through the skin. However, at the present time, this is simply speculation.

Agulen can wear this heavy clothing even in the summer with out suffering any ill effects. They have been known to endure temperatures of up to 100 degrees before becoming mildly uncomfortable. In addition, the clothing they wear is usually relatively thick and can, to a limited degree, provide protection against the cold. Of course, being set on fire or hit with a similar spell will still affect the character.

Note: An Agulen may be allowed as a player character if the GM allows it. If the GM does not feel that an Agulen would be appropriate, I suggest you should abide by the GM's decision and not argue. A player character should begin shortly after the "First Drink".


Alignment: While still at their base intelligence, they are considered Anarchist. After drinking their first essence, they can be of any alignment (usually the same as the "First Drink"). A G.M. may decide to only let a character be of a good alignment to keep the character from going on killing sprees just for new abilities and skills. Of course, if this is truly an issue, perhaps this R.C.C. should not be allowed as a player character.

Attributes: I.Q.: 1D4 (high animal intelligence before the "First Drink") / 2D6 (after "First Drink") / 3D6 (after drinking five essences), M.E.: 4D6+6, M.A.: 2D6, P.S.: 2D6, P.P.: 3D6, P.E.: 3D6, P.B.: 2D6, Spd.: 4D6. Note: The bonuses to intelligence are automatic and do not require the Agulen to use the abilities gained by drinking an essence.

Hit Points: P.E. x 2 + 3D6 (cannot be altered).

S.D.C.: 100 (cannot be altered).

Average P.P.E.: 4D6

O.C.C.s Available to the Agulen: Any, without restriction. The O.C.C. should be that of the "First Drink." Even a P.C.C. may be chosen. However, in this case, the Agulen will only learn the skills, but none of the psychic abilities.  On a few rare occasions, an Agulen has switched O.C.C.s after the "First Drink". All that is needed to accomplish this is for the Agulen to want to change and drink the essence of the new O.C.C.  In order to do this, the Agulen most abandon all previous knowledge learned up to that point (starts with a clean slate). This means the only things that remain the same are the characters base attributes, but all skills and additional knowledge (e.g. spells) are lost forever.

O.C.C. Skill Notes: Since the Agulen only siphon these abilities from another, they are not as skilled in them as the original. The Agulen begins only with the O.C.C. skills (half normal bonuses), only two (2) "Other" skills and one (1) Secondary skill.

Horror Factor: 6 from physical appearance, increased to 12 when others realize how they acquire their power (the thought of drinking essences is terrifying to most individuals).

Physical Appearance: Tall and slender bodies, with no hair at all. Their skin is a pale white. The most notable feature about an Agulen is their eyes. Their eyes are one solid color and begin as a pale blue (almost white) color.  However, the more essences they drink, the darker their eyes become. The most powerful Agulen have dark blue (almost black) eyes.  This is the equivalent of a level 15 character.

Size: 7 to 9 feet tall (2.1 to 2.7m.); 6 feet plus 4D6 inches.

Weight: 200 to 250 pounds (90 to 112.5 kg.).

Average Life Span: 60 years; some have live up to 75. However, usually half of their lives are spent in their animalistic stage.

Natural Abilities:  The Agulen have excellent day vision (equal to a human), Nightvision 60 feet (18.3 m.), immune to possession, the ability to sense when someone is dying and to drink their essence.

Sense Last Breathe: Agulen are able to sense when someone within 10 feet (3 m.) is about to die.  This sense is only activated seconds before death occurs and allows the Agulen only two melee actions to find the individual.  If it takes the Agulen longer than that, it will be too late to drink the essence.  Unfortunately for the Agulen, this sense is unable to predict the exact location, only that the individual is within a 10 foot (3 m.) radius.

Essence Drink: The Agulen is able to drink the essence of the dying. The Agulen most hover inches from the individual and have its mouth exposed. When the individual dies, the Agulen is able to drink the essence that is said to rise up from the body. This requires one full melee round. The Agulen can use this essence for one of several purposes.

1) To acquire one new skill (the victim must be the same O.C.C. as the Agulen and know the skill desired).  This skill starts at first level proficiency.

2) To raise one skill up one level (the victim must be the same O.C.C. as the Agulen and know the skill desired).

3) To learn one new magic spell (the victim must be the same O.C.C. as the Agulen and know the spell desired).  This spell begins at first level strength.

4) To raise one magic spell up one level (the victim must be the same O.C.C. as the Agulen and know the spell desired).

5) To heal 4D6 Hit Points/S.D.C.

6) To recover 2D6 P.P.E.

7) To maintain health. The Agulen must drink one essence a week (no abilities can be gained from this experience). Many Agulen will drink more than one in this way simply for the enjoyment of drinking the essence. This does not allow the Agulen to go for extended periods without drinking essences. It is only an indulgence that some Agulen take. Note: This essence can be taken from a large animal (the size of a deer or larger). However, the Agulen must still drink it in the same way.

Bonuses: +2 to Save vs. Horror Factor.

Magic: By O.C.C. only.

Psionics: None.

Enemies: Akumin and Agulen are natural enemies. This is in part because they tend to view each other as competition for essences, but also because the two don't agree with the others method for acquiring the essence. Also, most other races will view the Agulen with suspicion and hatred because of the way they acquire their abilities and skills.

Allies: The Agulen have no allies naturally. However, they will often try to associate with the allies of the race from the "First Drink". They also view Changelings sympathetically, as they too understand being persecuted by the other races.

Habitat: Agulen are native to the Yin-Sloth Jungles. However, after the "First Drink", they usually travel out of the jungles and to other parts of the world. The only land avoided is the Western Empire as it has gone through great lengths to destroy all of their kind. The main reason for this is that the Western Empire was plagued by Akumin about one year ago. Now, the Western Empire destroys either race whenever found.

Favorite Weapons: Usually the same as the "First Drink". They are afraid of rune weapons and any other type of weapon (or object) that possesses some form of intelligence.  These types of weapons will be avoided at all costs.

Other Notes:

1. Usually do not worship any type of deities.  However, if the faith of the "First Drink" was strong enough, Agulen have been known to worship that deity.

2. Often wears armour for added protection.  They avoid wearing metal types as, for some unknown reason, it interferes with drinking essences.  This interference has no actual effect in game terms, but it annoys the Agulen and is therefore avoided.

3. Does not need to eat or drink in the typical sense.  However, the Agulen needs to consume one essence every week to maintain in top physical condition.  After going a week without drinking an essence, the character begins to suffer from hunger.

4. Personality and habits usually reflects the O.C.C. and R.C.C. of the "First Drink".