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Living the Fantasy is a fan site with material inspired by and for use with Palladium Books Role-Playing Games, the Palladium Fantasy setting in particular.

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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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Reference Scrolls

May 05, 2015

demoSome of the most viewed pages on this site are the O.C.C. List, Race List, and Skills List, all for Palladium Fantasy. This includes material from the various books, along with which book they're located in. This is an invaluable resource for new and experienced gamers alike.

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September 05, 2015

demoWhether you're new to the site or a long time fan but can't find an old favorite, feel free to check out the Sitemap. This is a list of all the pages on this site to help navigate you through your trip into the fantasy.


Living the Fantasy is a fan site dedicated to Role-Playing Games (RPG), in particular Palladium Books and the Palladium Fantasy setting. Even if you're not a fan of Palladium Fantasy, or Palladium Books in general, this site may still provide a useful resource for new information and ideas. I've tried to include basic material, short stories, artwork, and ideas which can apply to many systems and different types of writing. If you don't know what a RPG is or who Palladium Books are, then feel free to check out their website here.

Note: Previously known as World Book: Prysus and Prysus' Homepage. The name tends to change when I do a major overhaul to the site, but some of the same content is here and still run by me.


Recent Changes

June 03, 2016

Greetings and Salutations. There was no update last month. My excuse? I lacked any motivation to do so. Sorry if that disappoints anyone, but it's the truth. On the plus side, this month I had some good inspiration and finally managed to tackle a project that's given me problems for a few years: How to make a good PF Race List? Yes, I've had one in the past, but it always felt lacking because I couldn't figure out a good way to organize it and keep it official. That's been resolved, at least to my satisfaction. I have a new PF Race List designed now, and I discuss how I decided what would go where, which will be easier in the future if it ever needs redesign. I think this new version is much better than the old one.

This also led to a new format for the PF O.C.C. and PF Skill Lists. The lists haven't changed much more than appearance, but worth noting. The reason for this change is the way I'm now keeping record in an Excel sheet, which allows me to easily transfer information onto this website. While this means no new pages this month, I believe the changes make the website better as a whole. I've also started a new "Reference" project. I won't discuss the details at this time, in case I get distracted and lose motivation along the way, but if I finish it I think it's something that will come in very useful for many. I've already done some preliminary work on it and it's proving a bit more difficult than I had planned, but still managable and I remain hopeful. Fingers crossed. Farewell and safe journeys to all.


April 03, 2016

Greetings and Salutations once again. This month I've added only two new pages, one discussing Calendars of the Palladium World and the other adding some new info on Gosai Culture. Neither of them are complete. The Calendars still need names for the months on the Dwarven and the Western Empire calendars. Meanwhile the Gosai Culture only has a few segments complete. Since I'm not intending to publish either of these, I'm posting what I have. They contain useful and complete info, I simply intend to add more details later.

I've already posted most of the large chunks of new content the last couple of months, so hoping you weren't expecting that every month. Now I'll just be posting a trickle of new content as I feel they're ready. Because I often get distracted or lose motivation as I go, I intend to post some articles in segments (like the two above), so you can have the info now. If I finish them next month, great! But if it takes me a year to come back to it, you don't have to wait for what I already have. Farewell and safe journeys.


March 04, 2016

Greetings and Salutations. Okay, so remember that big update I mentioned last month? Well, it's here. There's so much new content that I'm going to have to break it down into sections. There are 20+ new pages. While a few are old ones being reposted again for the first time in years, many are brand new and being posted publically for the first time ever! This also means some rearranging and new options to the left side menu. I've also gone through my "Links" and "Credits" pages, updating a few links that have moved and removing a few dead ones. Hope you enjoy.

World Building: Added new Expanded Rules including Magic Combat, Movement During Combat, Oversized Weapons, as well as expanded rules for Parrying (which goes into factors such as weapon size, giants, and shields) and Simultaneous Attacks (a rule many feel is problematic). I also removed three links from this page and moved them to new pages (see below for details).

O.C.C.: Included the Blind Warrior (Men at Arms), Metal Warlock (Practitioner of Magic), Wild Huntress (Practitioner of Magic), and the 'Porter (Psychic).

Monsters & Animals: Included Sin Spiders and Spirit Boar (added to Spirit Animals).

Training Grounds: An entirely brand new page dealing with Hand to Hand styles. This can expand on the standard four and add a whole new dimension to combat. There are currently only 8 styles included (7 all new, plus one that was previously located on the World Building page), but I intend to add more over the next few months.

Magic Cauldron: Metal Spells (for Metal Warlocks) and Woodland Magic (for the Wild huntress) have been added.

The Armory: (Formerly known as the "Items Chest") Custom Arrows have been added to give archers that added edge of customization. I've also removed from Rune Items from the page and placed them on a new page.

The Rune Forge: All the rune items from the Armory have been placed here. There are no new ones included, just a new page to put them all in one place. I may add more in the future, but I don't care for rune weapons much so this won't be a top priority.

Adventurers' Guild: This is another new page designed to be a one stop location for the adventure material on my site. I've included the "Bounty Board" which is designed to include small little adventures that players can take as side jobs or ignore without affecting campaigns as a while. I finished the "What's Real?" bounty early this morning in a bit of a rush, but I hope stll entertaining and of quality. It also contains two adventures previously on the World Building page. I want to include more in the future, but this is a start.


For older updates: See the Archives page.